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Win tickets to F1 Rocks – David Guetta gig in Valencia
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Jun 2011   |  7:51 am GMT  |  46 comments

F1 Rocks returns to the Grand Prix circuit next weekend with a concert on Friday night by electronic musician David Guetta. And we’ve been given two pairs of tickets to the gig to give away.

F1 Rocks started as an adjunct to Formula 1 Grands Prix in 2009 at Singapore. The idea is to bring together music stars and F1 stars, sprinkle a bit of showbiz glamour onto the F1 scene and a TV highlights package is produced and distributed around the world. It’s all part of an outreach programme to take F1 to a younger audience and to try to attract more female fans.

Guetta is a well known producer and artist, with a producer credit on the classic “I’ve got a feeling” with Black Eyed Peas among other highlights.

If you are going to Valencia this weekend and want to attend the gig put your name in the comments section below and we’ll pick a couple at random on Sunday night (19 June).

Although it’s a great city, the Grand Prix Valencia has been one of the dullest races on the calendar in recent years, but this year with the DRS wing and Pirelli tyres promoting overtaking, perhaps the F1 Rocks gig will not be the only thing livening up the occasion.

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  1. Peter says:

    I hope Valencia is good this year. If the DRS, KERS and Pirelli tyres can’t help it then I think the powers that be should reconsider the value it brings to the season and spectacle of F1. I would hope so, anyway.

    Also, based on past form, Valencia wouldn’t be my choice of venue to try and get the attention of new fans. Then again, if any new potential fans find it interesting they will find the rest if the season epic by comparison!

  2. stafford says:

    Great idea James!
    Put me in the draw please!

  3. Emma Westwood says:

    Looking forward to heading out to Valencia on Tuesday! This would make it even more exciting!

  4. Paul Williams says:

    Will be at the F1 in Valencia with a mate (1st time for both of us) and we would LOVE to win tickets to see F1 Rocks!!!

  5. Craigy J says:

    Sign me up!


  6. Dave Scull says:

    Valencia shouldn’t be boring this year! Overtakes, pit stops, penalties, and hopefully a gig too!

  7. Gus Higgins says:

    I’ll be in Valencia for F1 and would love to win some tickets to see Guetta!

  8. joe says:

    I’m not sure it’s fair to say that last year’s Valencia GP was dull – the safety car Hamilton/Alonso controversy, Kobi in the Sauber doing really well, Mark Webber performing F1 acrobatics… (Plus, where else can you go to the beach between practice and qualifying? :-)

  9. Yasser AlMansour says:

    you couldn’t imagine how excited I was when i saw this blog post James.

    I am one of the very few F1 fans in Saudi Arabia , I was going to attend my first ever F1 GP in Bahrain this year , unfortunately it didn’t happen .

    so I decided along one of my dearest friends to take a 2 week vacation and head on to Valencia for this years GP , yes it might be “dull” but it’s the only one that fits with both our schedules, we’re Truly excited about it , and to top it with the Tickets to David Guetta’s Concert will be almost a dream .

    I’ve been a big fan of him since that awesome song he did with Akon ,, ( not sure I can mention it’s name here :) ). I really hope we can get the chance to see him perform live .. I’m sure it will be an unforgettable night.

  10. Konstantin N says:

    smooth idea, James! Race + Guetta tickets could be great))

  11. Steve O'Keeffe says:

    Heading to Valencia on Wednesday, woohoo!! Can you put my name in the hat for the gig tickets…. Thanks

  12. Nacho says:

    I love f1 and david guetta, it would be my dream!

  13. Luis says:

    Sign me, i’d like to have best weekend ever.

  14. Terry Saliba says:

    Although we love f1 the chances of us being drawn to win are very unlikely!

  15. Ralph says:

    If F1 wanted to attract more female fans, it should loose the ‘pit girls’.

    The only time women are really visible in the sport is when they are holding signs and politely clapping the winners. As an F1 fan, it’s pretty embarrassing when my friends see this outdated tradition.

  16. Matt Horsham says:

    Put me in the draw.

  17. Ben m says:

    Please include me in the draw.


  18. Sam Coleman says:

    I’d like some of that action too please James!

  19. John Stark says:

    I fancy a shot James, top notch DJ.

    Also, is it double DRS for Valencia?

  20. Martin Gladysz says:

    David guetta live experience would be a compensation for that Rober Kubica is not in Valencia
    I would be very pleased for the David Guetta Tickets.

    Thanks Martin

  21. Richard Khan says:

    Hi James,

    Great idea and I’d love a chance to win tickets!!!

    I think Valencia will be a great race this year and I hope Schumi gets onto the podium!!!


  22. Ignacio says:

    Guetta will play the music for a fantastic gran prix, one more reason to be in Valencia!

  23. Ben Brouard says:

    This looks great!!

    Looking forward to hopefully/probably the best grand prix in Valencia since it was on the calendar!

  24. Keith Price says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  25. Daniel Woosey says:

    Would love to get the chance to go to this.

    Thanks James

  26. Hamilton might just sneak this one. No reason other than I Gotta Feeling.

    Then again, after all of the sheningans in Montreal the top teams might knock each other out and will.i.am might win a grand prix.

    However, with these poor puns I might as well guetta life….

  27. Nullius says:

    An F1 race on the Med can’t be *that* boring, surely… Besides, this year’s races have mostly been spectacular.

  28. dan orsino says:

    Is that Rod Stewart in the photo?

  29. Natalie gleed says:

    I’m a girl and i love f1. I’d like it even more if i could go to this after Friday practice

  30. Jaime MARGARETO says:

    I’d love to be there. Put me in the draw please! Cheers! Jaime

  31. Pauline says:

    Looking forward to my first Grand Prix and would love to go to F1 Rocks too!

  32. Greg Barton says:

    yes please!!

  33. David says:

    Hope this year the DRS and tyres help the show. Put me in the draw. I would be a good oportunity to visit home and listen to David Guetta!

  34. Rich says:

    Great prize, would top the weekend off nicely!

  35. Adam Codony says:

    F1 + David Guetta = best combo ever!!!!

    Please include me in the draw.

  36. Anand says:

    Thank you, James for choosing us in the draw.
    /Anand + 1

  37. daniel says:

    It will be my last night in VAL. Free tix would make it a wicked way to end my trip

  38. Robin says:

    Name in the hat, fingers crossed.


  39. Ania Machaj says:

    Best track on the world+ Best producer on the world.Amazing!!!!

  40. Patrik Beyls says:

    I’m in…


  41. Adam G says:

    I’m in, if i’m not too late lol

  42. danny says:

    Want to take my buddy!! Please Pick me if its not too. Late!

  43. Vince says:

    Yeah, David Guetta live at Agora!Must see!!

  44. Andreas says:

    I am an exchange student in Valencia and I am really looking forward to the race this weekend, going to David Guetta would make it even better :D

  45. Abuzar says:

    I would love to go to Valencia as I’ve never been before, and I’m a die hard David Guetta fan, so would be AMAZING!

    1. James Allen says:

      This was last year’s competition


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