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Senna: Check out the new UK movie trailer
Senna: Check out the new UK movie trailer
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Mar 2011   |  2:45 pm GMT  |  274 comments

I’ve managed to get my hands on the new trailer for the Senna movie due to go on general release in the UK on June 3rd.

It captures the spirit and feel of the film and its haunting soundtrack by Antonio Pinto, which is one of the elements that lifts it to the status of a “classic” in my view.

Last night, at the official Grand Prix Party downtown, I saw Bianca Senna, Ayrton’s niece and she spoke about the family’s happiness with the finished film and the effect it seems to be having on its audiences.

It’s destined to live long, as great films do.

I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away as a prize for the May 3rd screening in London at the Curzon Mayfair with some of Senna’s mechanics and other of his contemporaries in aid of Grand Prix Mechanics Trust, in association with TAG Heuer, where fans will get to hear the inside track from the film makers on how they put the film together.

Senna started six times on pole for the Australian Grand Prix (in Adelaide). To win the tickets post a comment below predicting the gap in seconds between the fastest McLaren and pole position in tomorrow’s Australian GP qualifying.

If you think a McLaren will be on pole put “Pole”. One prediction per person, entries close at the start of Q1 on Saturday. First entry with the right answer gets the prize.

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  1. Gavin Burns says:

    0.8 seconds

    1. Christian O'Brien Carlsen says:

      0,765 after pole.

      1. Jo Torrent says:

        6,9 seconds

      2. rebecca bragg says:

        0.001 seconDs (a close one!)

    2. Tom Bartlett says:

      I think the fastest McLaren (Ham) will be 0.572s behind the pole sitter. Which, for another guess will be Vettel over alonso by 0.23 seconds. I’ve I’m right about both a I want to high-5 a Senna!

    3. Tom Woodward says:


  2. Amit Mandalia says:

    0.4s behind Pole

  3. Charles says:


  4. The Apricot says:


  5. Graham Hutcheson says:


  6. Jess C says:


  7. Angela Stenson says:


  8. Dan Taylor says:

    0.367 seconds

  9. ash says:

    0.347 secs.

    Every trailor I see gives me a lump in my throat. Going to need some tissues for the film itself…

    1. Galapago555 says:


      In Spain the film opens on May 20th. Saving money for the tissues.

  10. Matt P says:

    0.35 seconds

  11. James Kirkham says:


  12. timo says:


    Thanks James, great prize.


  13. Fender Meister says:

    0.457 secs

  14. Hannah Fry says:

    0.4 seconds.

    Really looking forward to the film!

  15. Tom Hayward says:


  16. Simon Russell says:


  17. OK, I’ll say they’ll be 3 tenths off.

    Just for fun, the fastest McLaren driver will be Lewis and the pole man will be Vettel…

    1. Peter C says:

      Don’t you mean 5.0 secs Galapago?

      After all, it’s a McLaren we’re talking about.

      1. murray says:


    2. Peter C says:

      Q3 McL 2nd
      ” 4th

      Ferr 5th
      ” ?
      What will the race bring?

  18. Louiselle Dufresne says:

    Mc Laren will be on Pole.

  19. Jodum5 says:

    Very cool. I still think their decision to spread the release over the course of many months was pretty foolish (why not time it with the Brazil GP last year or the start of the F1 season this year?). Will catch it in theatres or torrents, whichever comes first.

  20. Osteogeek says:


  21. mash says:


    Fingers crossed!

  22. Ben says:

    +0.706 sec

  23. Matthew Hoare says:

    HI James

    I predict that a McLaren will be on ‘Pole’

  24. Alastair says:


    1. Galapago555 says:

      Wow… are they timing 1/10,000 sec this year?

      1. Nick Lange says:

        No just 1/1000′s :P

      2. Galapago555 says:

        “.3685″ –> that’s 1/10,000s isn’t it?

  25. Mark Hillyard says:

    0.484 seconds

  26. James Mc says:

    Mclaren 0.314 seconds behind pole position.

    Fingers crossed for Webber!

  27. Joe says:

    What’s the alternative? I say No Pole. WOuld be great if they could mix it up though.

  28. William says:

    0.114 seconds

  29. Paul Taylor says:

    Gap: 0.57 secs

  30. El Shish says:

    1.15 seconds between whoever is on pole and the fastest Mclaren.

  31. Aaron says:

    Best McLaren to finish 0.627s off pole.

    Really can’t wait to see this…

  32. Phil Lythell says:

    0.4 seconds

  33. Paul Rayner says:


  34. Michael T says:


  35. Jeeep says:

    0.433 seconds between pole and a Macca.

  36. Nick says:

    The gap back to the fastest qualifier from the polesitter, will be 0.582secs.

  37. Jay B says:

    Wishful thinking: POLE.

  38. f1aroo says:

    0.254 sec behind pole
    I can’t win because I expect to be nonambulatory on May 3

  39. .543 seconds off pole


  40. Carl 21 says:

    1.318 seconds.

  41. YuppieScum says:


  42. Peter Baudains says:


  43. Richard Head says:


  44. Clive Crossman says:


  45. 0:00:00.00 – Pole!

  46. Toby Davies says:


  47. Matt Devenish says:

    0.388 (Lewis ;-))

  48. Redstar11 says:

    0.294 sec behind pole (inevitably a Red Bull)

  49. Natalie says:

    0.131 seconds

  50. Benson Jutton says:


  51. Ian H says:


    I’m think that the Red Bulls are going to lock out the front row with possibly the ferraris not far behind so I’m predicting that the fastest McLaren will be 0.283 seconds off pole position time

  52. Mike Dawson says:

    0.460 seconds off pole

  53. mmmmMike says:


  54. UncleZen says:

    0.678 of a second

  55. Mark Roberts says:

    0.754 (and I reckon Button will out qualify Hamilton).

  56. Andrew Woodruff says:


  57. Robert Lujan says:

    Beautiful. Simply that. I can’t wait to see it.

  58. Goldfinger says:

    0.823 secs from pole position.

  59. Peter de Brito says:

    0.4 seconds

  60. Andy says:

    0.123 seconds off pole

  61. Guy says:

    Thank you James.



  62. Chris Q says:

    +0.38 seconds

  63. irish con says:

    i just wish i was older to have been around to see senna live.

  64. Rob says:

    McLaren on Pole.
    Can’t wait to see the film, from all accounts it’s an amazing watch.

  65. simon everett says:


  66. Greg Harrison says:


  67. Ollie Holland says:


  68. AlexD says:

    the gap between the fastest McLaren and the P1 is going to be 0.187. McLaren not on Pole.

  69. Phil Hutt says:

    0.258 seconds

  70. DanielH says:

    1.732 seconds

    1. Steve L 1973 says:

      finally someone with a sense of realim. I can’t believe everyone before this thinks less than a second. I’ll go for 1.834 seconds.


  71. Pierre says:

    0.576 s

  72. Liz Hnat says:


  73. Sean Fitzpatrick says:


  74. ahead says:



  75. Chris McKenzie says:


  76. Martin says:


  77. paul martin says:

    the gap will be .658

  78. Robin says:

    Great prize James.

    I’ll go for a 0.0189 gap between pole position and the fastest McLaren.

  79. Chris Hobbs says:

    0.323 secs

  80. Andy Knight says:


  81. Padeepa Manoj says:

    Hi James,

    Prediction is 0,35 sec gap.


  82. Adam Taylor says:

    Awesome, if the trailer is like that, I cant wait for feature length feature

  83. John Nicholas says:

    The gap (and I’m surprised how small it could be considering their testing woes) I predict will be 0.402s

  84. Tracey Hopkinson says:

    0.65 Secs gap from Pole to 1st McLaren

  85. Spansda says:

    I believe that the fastest Mclaren will be .310 of a second behind the pole sitter.

  86. CMTHEPHOENIX says:


  87. Simon says:

    0.7 seconds

  88. Andy Staniford says:

    Pole :o)

  89. sw6569 says:

    0.231 to pole

  90. John Vooght says:


  91. Harvey Yates says:


    Let’s hope the film is as great as everyone seems to say it is.

  92. Darren Sherwood says:

    My guess for the gap is .479

  93. Phil Bishop says:


  94. Russell says:


  95. Richard Pinchbeck says:


  96. Grant says:

    Fastest McLaren +0.523 away from pole

  97. Chris Bird says:


  98. Kevin Kinsella says:


  99. Gareth Ludlow says:

    I think the gap will be 0.107 seconds.

  100. Dominic Biddlestone says:


  101. Jake says:

    .549 (hope its pole but i don’t think theyre there…yet)

  102. Alex Lee says:


  103. Jeroen says:


  104. Tommy says:

    My estimate? That the fastest McLaren will be 0.247 seconds slower than the pole position lap.

    Cannot wait to see the film.

  105. Allan Wood says:


  106. Owen Rees says:

    0.127 Secs gap from Pole to 1st McLaren

  107. Luke says:

    My guess is .138

  108. Will.Gooding says:

    0.179 Seconds behind pole.


  109. Chris says:

    . 88

    Think the rb’s still have big surprises in store !! Boo hiss :)

  110. Rupert W says:


  111. Dom says:


    Great trailer :-)

    Can’t wait to see the film.

  112. Conor says:

    Mclaren 0.648

  113. Daniel Neves says:

    Jenson – Pole.

  114. Mad Marz says:

    I hope Mclaren will get pole and for a bit of fun
    I think Lewis will get pole by 0.18 over Vettel.

    I really can’t wait :)

  115. Bill Nuttall says:


  116. 0.3 secs off pole.

    *wipes away tears*

  117. Paul J says:


  118. Skanda says:

    Lewis = Pole +0.543

  119. Thomas says:


  120. Oliver says:


  121. Johnny87 says:


  122. For Sure says:

    As a die hard Schumacher fan, every time I see his name, the first that kicks into my mind is that “Oh no not again”. Because his fans are going to bash the guy. But I wouldn’t allow myself to get carried away and appreciate the greatness of Senna. I can’t wait to see this film. As much as some of his fans are annoying, the guy is the heart of the sport and you wouldn’t want to miss that if you are a true F1 fan.
    And no Mclaren won’t be on pole.

  123. Bryan Ratzlaff says:


  124. Isabella says:


  125. James D says:


  126. Ben N says:

    I actually think a McLaren will be on pole, but as I won’t say anything for saying that now, I’ll say +0.134seconds.

    What an amazing trailer, it made me very excited not only for the film but Sunday as well!

    Thanks again for this James!

  127. Dino says:

    0.421 seconds behind Pole; and it’ll be Hamilton rather than Button ^^

  128. Rafael L says:

    0.458 behind pole

  129. Richard D says:

    0.387 seconds

  130. Gary Powell says:


  131. Gary P says:


  132. efi says:

    Lewis + 0.946

  133. Peter Spiers says:


    Good luck Jenson and Lewis

  134. jake says:

    .565 seconds!

  135. Matt batt says:

    I reckon that a Mclaren will be 0.275 behind pole position

    Thanks James

  136. Nathan Bradley says:

    0.324 seconds behind

  137. Gota says:

    0.242 seconds behind

  138. Marc says:

    1.010 secs

  139. Richard Baldry says:


  140. tom says:

    0.173 seconds behind pole

  141. Richard says:


  142. Jason Evans says:

    0.142 seconds

  143. Steve Arnott says:


  144. Andy W says:

    0.564 seconds!

  145. szymonw says:

    0.578 off pole

    1. Andrew Sly says:

      0.327 behind pole

  146. Ralf F says:


  147. Christian O'Brien Carlsen says:


  148. zoe hamilton says:


  149. Andy Geering says:


  150. Phil Snell says:


  151. Nick h says:

    0.344 behind pole

  152. Greg says:

    0.392 off pole

  153. Femi Akinz says:


  154. akan says:

    0.666 behind pole.


  155. Alan Revitt says:

    0.481 off pole

  156. Manor says:

    0.216 seconds off pole

  157. Tomh says:

    0.111 seconds

  158. Kieran says:

    Someone has probably beaten me to it, but here goes ….

    .76 of second off Pole.

  159. David says:

    +0.687 off pole :)

  160. John S says:

    0.209 seconds off pole.

  161. Sam says:

    0.214 off pole

  162. Mark Doughty says:


  163. Ryan says:

    1.658 seconds

  164. Ryan Bayliss says:

    0.369 seconds

  165. Joni Bayliss says:


  166. Doc Ric says:

    0.612 sec

  167. David Hatton says:


  168. Aaron Maas says:

    1.400 seconds.
    P.S: Geat work on One HD yesterday James, you have to be one of the most knowledgable F1 journo’s, enjoyed your comments.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks. We’re on all day today and tomorrow too. 21 hours live across the weekend!

      1. Steve L 1973 says:

        where where where?

  169. Mal says:

    0.047 sec

  170. anil par says:


  171. Mat Clothier says:


  172. Stgeorge74 says:

    0.384 secs

  173. Julian Carr says:

    1.08 seconds off pole

  174. Jez butwell says:


  175. Will N says:

    0.478 behind pole

  176. Francesco Lanza says:

    0.239 tenths from pole

  177. Richard Nunney says:

    0.373 off pole.

  178. Edward Valentine says:

    I think the gap will be 0.477 seconds off pole position.

    Judging from the clip it looks like the film has all the hallmarks of a true classic.

  179. The Artful Codger says:


  180. Conrad M. Sathirweth says:


  181. Roger Hoyes says:

    1.012 sec

  182. Pete Schnabel says:


  183. Jo says:

    0.143 seconds

  184. Patrick Byrne says:

    0.374 slower than pole

  185. MyTuppence says:


  186. Buck61 says:


  187. murray says:

    I’d almost forgotten. Spine-tingling.

    .13 off pole.

  188. craigdaly77 says:

    +3.865 and fail to make q3 after just scraping to q2

  189. Jeremy says:

    1.24 sec

  190. RickeeBoy says:

    .532 Cheers James

  191. CJ the 2cnd, probably... says:


  192. Alex Bos says:

    0.285 behind pole

  193. Ross says:

    +1.630 off pole.

  194. unoc vII says:

    Actually make that .678

  195. Alex Maunders says:

    1.45 seconds

  196. Snowy says:

    +0.774 sec

    1. James Allen says:

      You are the closest! 0.778 was the actual amount. Well done! Two Senna tickets are yours!

  197. Stigg says:


  198. Anton says:

    +1.574 from pole position

  199. Matt M says:

    Thans James


  200. Julia Pardoe says:


  201. John says:

    Looks like a really good film! Although it’s pretty much free advertising for Philip Morris…

  202. Julian says:

    Hi James,

    Do you have anymore information on the guests who will be attending this event?



      1. Julian says:

        Hi James,

        Thanks for getting back to me,we were just wondering who you meant by some of Ayrton’s contemporaries?

        Thanks again for arranging this, we’re massive Ayrton fans and are still pinching ourselfs that we’ve got tickets, thank you so much!


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