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Predict the lap time for Mercedes & McLaren in final Barcelona F1 test
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Predict the lap time for Mercedes & McLaren in final Barcelona F1 test
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Mar 2011   |  11:30 am GMT  |  215 comments

The final test session of the 2011 pre-season continues this morning in Barcelona. The test lasts five days, of which the teams are allowed to do four days running with a single car.

It’s a crucial test for both Mercedes and McLaren, who would normally expect to be competing against Red Bull and Ferrari, but who appear to be behind after the tests so far. With extensive updates to their cars, this has to be the week when they close the gap to the pace setters.

McLaren was on track yesterday and will have a break tomorrow, while Mercedes hit the track today for four days of running.

Predict the fastest lap time by a McLaren or Mercedes car this week and win a signed copy of the JA on F1 2010 yearbook. We only have a few copies left, so if you didn’t get one yet, now’s your chance. The first person to accurately predict the fastest time by a McLaren driver and the first person to guess the fastest Mercedes time of the week, both will get a signed copy.

Put your guesses down in the comments sections below. Will they be going for a lap time on new tyres and low fuel, or will they lay their cards close to their chests?

For reference, McLaren did a 1m 22.910s lap yesterday, while Mercedes’ fastest from the last Barcelona test was 1m 23.168. Meanwhile Red Bull has set the fastest time of the test so far with 1m 22.544s.

Entries close at 8am UK time on Saturday 12th March 2011, when the final day’s testing begins.

To see the new Mercedes exhausts and lots of other up to the minute stuff check this out – storifyaabarcelonaatesting

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  1. Galapago555 says:

    McLaren – 1m 21.560
    Mercedes- 1m 21.951

    1. Chris says:

      Mercedes: 1 day 17 hours 1 minute 22.842s
      McLaren: 1 minute 22.542

      Where’s my book?

    2. JJ MUPPET says:

      Mclaren – 1m 22.490

      Mercedes – 1m 22.660

      Great Idea This :<)

      If I win I am getting Mark to also sign mine, I can not wait for the Brit GP & Monaco, I can not get to the far away races though :<( too expensive.

      Now let us all pray Mclaren are sandbagging???

    3. James Allen says:

      Check this out for VERY latest from testing, including pics of Mercedes new exhausts http://storify.com/jaf1tweets/storifyaabarcelonaatesting

      1. Rich C says:

        That is just a bizarre-looking contraption!
        And I note with amusement that while it has all the proper logos on it, the one you really see is *Merc!

    4. JJ MUPPET says:

      Lost my times James?

    5. David says:

      Mclearen: 1min 26.2sec
      Mercedes: 1min 25.8sec

      if it rains :-)

  2. adrian calmis says:

    McLaren – 1m 22.300, Mercedes GP – 1m 22.500

  3. John Nicholas says:

    McLaren: 1:22:303
    Mercedes: 1:22:480

  4. Ben N says:

    Hi James,

    I’ll be brief but thanks for another competition!

    McLaren – 1m 22.301
    Mercedes – 1m 22.452

    Random figures to round off the times – but who knows!


  5. Mclaren 1m 22.387
    Mercades 1m 22.832

  6. David Kent says:

    I predict that McLaren will end up with a fastest lap of 1m 22.693

    1. David Kent says:

      and Mercedes in 1m 22.896

  7. Mee says:

    Mercedes: 1:22,672
    McLaren: 1:22,354

  8. Doug says:

    McLaren 1.22.136
    Mercedes 1.22.418

  9. type056 says:

    Mclaren: 1m.22.363s
    Mercedes: 1m.22.638s

  10. W. B. Churchill says:


  11. AlexD says:

    McLaren 1.22.345
    Mercedes 1.22.650

  12. callum Ryan says:

    Mercedes 1m 23.120s

    Hope I win! :)

  13. Pierre says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.247s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.612s

  14. Michael T says:

    OK, I’ll get the ball rolling with a
    1m 22.879s

      1. Michael T says:

        Ooops!! Merc!

        McL – 1m 22.409s

        Cheers James!

  15. Rich Green says:

    McLaren 1m 22.355s

  16. 1m 21.666s for McLaren & 1m 22.666s for Mercedes (GP that is) – quite simple but I’ll get it wrong anyway.

  17. Silverstone79 says:

    Mclaren 1.22.657
    Mercedes 1.22.765

  18. Henry says:

    Mclaren: 1.22.388
    Mercedes: 1.22.867

  19. martin_tf says:

    McLaren 1m 22.400

    Mercedes 1m 22.600

  20. Mclaren: 1m.22.564s
    Mercedes: 1m.21.952s

  21. **Paul** says:

    McLaren: 1:21.901
    Mercedes: 1:22.242

    1. **Paul** says:

      OOps misread the question, in which case my answer is McLaren with the above time.

  22. Novikov Konstantin says:


  23. Paul says:

    McLaren 1:21.993

    Mercedes 1:22.320

  24. CARLOS L S says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.347s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.112s

  25. Scott says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.077s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.237s

  26. Dave says:

    Mclaren: 1:22.435
    Mercedes: 1:22.613

  27. Ben Manojlovic says:

    Mclaren 1m 22.525s
    Mercedes 1m 22.345s

  28. Andrew Dobb says:

    McLaren 1.23.545
    Mercedes 1.23.623

  29. Dave says:

    Ok worth a shot:

    McLaren: 122.351
    Mercedes: 122.646

  30. Danny says:

    Mercedes – 1m 22.563

    McLaren – 1m 22.749

  31. Nathan Norman says:

    The Mclaren lap time: 1m23.124

    The Mercedes lap time: 1m23.586

  32. Latsi says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.037s
    Mercedes: 1m 21.965s

  33. efBir says:

    McLaren: 1:22.088
    Mercedes: 1:21.956

  34. Leon says:

    Mclaren: 1m22.714
    Mercedes: 1m22.823

  35. McLaren: 1m 22.731
    Mercedes: 1m 22.967

  36. McLaren: 1m22.263
    Mercedes: 1m22.614

  37. Mark Slavin says:

    McLaren – 1m 22.560
    Mercedes- 1m 22.651

  38. pluisje says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.380
    Mercedes: 1m 22.860

  39. David Brown says:

    McClaren 1m 22.421
    Mercedes 1m 22.721

  40. John tsoutis says:

    McLaren 1:22.733
    Mercedes 1:22.956

  41. Adam Taylor says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.019
    Mercedes: 1m 22.446

  42. Joakim H says:

    Mercedes 1m20.995
    Mclaren 1m20.870

  43. snafuracer says:

    Mclaren – 1m 22.540
    Mercedes – 1m 22.890

  44. Vittorio 84 says:

    McLaren: 1:22.502
    Mercedes: 1:22.650

  45. Luke A says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.437

    Mercedes: 1m 22.237

  46. Socratis says:

    Here’s my guess
    McLaren: 1m 22.510s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.100s

    Thanks James, keep up the good work.

  47. Michal says:

    McLaren – 1m 22.010s
    Mercedes – 1m 21.968s

  48. Snowy says:

    McLaren 1:22.141
    Mercedes 1:22.843

  49. Brian F says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.732s
    Mercedes: 1m 23.232s


  50. Abdoul says:

    McLaren: 1:22:296
    Mercedes: 1:22:327

  51. Mclaren 1m 22.635
    mercedes 1m 22.857

  52. Clay says:

    1:21.796 Mac
    1:22.203 Merc

  53. Stephen says:

    Ill go against the trend and say

    Mercedes 1:21.80

    McClaren 1:22.30

    I’ll predict a late 1:20.80 from Redbull as I still think they can go a lot faster before the end of the final test.

    James, have you a prediction on Redbull’s fastest time this week?

    1. James Allen says:

      High 1m 21s, is my guess.

      1. Chris Hobbs says:

        James – Seb’s already put in 1:21.865 by lunchtime today. Could we see mid-1:21′s…

  54. Ben says:

    McLaren 1:21.654
    Mercedes 1:21.987

  55. john g says:

    mclaren: 1m 22.647
    mercedes: 1m 22.286

  56. Ash says:

    Mclaren 1.22.135
    Mercedes 1.22.883

  57. bobby2timer says:

    Mclaren 1m 22.495
    Mercedes 1m 22. 501

  58. Geckzr says:

    McLaren : 1m22.030
    Mercede : 1m22.651

  59. Nandan V says:

    McLaren 1.21.770
    Mercedes 1:22:100

  60. El Pilluli says:

    McLaren – 1m 21.801
    Mercedes – 1m 21.950

  61. Hutch says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.239
    Mercedes: 1m 22.565

  62. Chris says:

    Mclaren – 1m 22.178

    Mercedes 1m 22.267

  63. C Man says:

    Mclaren 1m 22.247
    Mercades 1m 22.642

  64. fROSTY says:

    McLaren Fastest Time will be 1m 22.321 secs.
    Mercedes will not beat this.

  65. Lilla My says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.236
    Mercedes: 1m 22.562

  66. Richard says:

    McLaren 1:22.051
    Mercedes 1:22.391

    How much precision is going to be required to be deemed “correct”, James? Nearest hundredth?

    It seems to me that any finer than that and the best strategy would just be to wait until the end of today, enter the actual times, and hope that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the Circuit de Catalunya.

  67. David McVey says:

    Mclaren 1.21.9
    Mercedes 1.22.0

  68. kenny5 says:


    1. James Allen says:

      Which team is this

  69. fROSTY says:

    Sorry , forgot to add Mercedes time of
    1m22.543 secs.

  70. Chris W says:

    I think McLaren 1m 22.500s

    Mercedes GP 1min 22.900

  71. Jason Ting says:

    McLaren: 1m 21.845s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.017s

  72. jeff says:

    mclaren 1.21.326
    mercedes 122.563

  73. Chi Lieng says:

    Mclaren: 1m 21.968s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.116s

  74. Rob croydon says:

    McLaren 1.21.5
    Merceds 1.21.7

    They will both go for low fuel super soft runs I think

  75. Axel says:

    McLaren:1m 22.304
    Mercedes: 1m 22.217

  76. Pawel says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.120s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.440s

  77. Mike says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.237s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.621s

  78. Don M. says:

    McLaren 1m 21.911
    Mercedes 1m 22.366

    Does this close today? It will get easier each day. Can we enter more than once?

    1. James Allen says:

      No, only one entry.

  79. Jamie M says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.507s
    Mercedes: 1m 22.823s

  80. iceman says:

    McLaren: 1:21.404
    Mercedes: 1:21.959

  81. DB says:

    McLaren 1m 22.467
    Mercedes 1m 22.555

  82. sam w says:

    Mclaren – 1:22.400
    Mercedes – 1:21.900

  83. Fausto Cunha says:

    Mclaren – 1:22.180
    Mercedes – 1:22.430

  84. Tubbs says:

    Mclaren: 1:22.408
    Merc: 1:22.326

  85. marco pizzuti says:

    Mclaren 1.21.106

    1. marco pizzuti says:

      please disredgard this post

  86. David says:

    McLaren: 1.21.908
    Mercedes: 1.22.210

    Or so I hope!

  87. Grzegorz says:

    I predict:
    McLaren: 1:22:402
    Mercedes: 1:22:613

  88. marco pizzuti says:

    sorry i wrote the wrong time

    Mclaren 1.22.106
    Mercedes 1.22.985

  89. Luke A says:

    James, I just thought, there should be a rule to stop people posting a time that McLaren have actually set, after it has been set. As lets say Hamilton sets a 1.21.305 later on today, it would be unfair if someone then posted that exact time as their entry, even though they might go quicker on Friday or Saturday, it would still possibly be their fastest time and thus would entail an unfair entry in my opinion.


    1. James Allen says:

      I understand the point, but the entries close at 8am Saturday before the last day’s testing and you don’t know whether they’ll go faster or not, that’s the guess you have to make. Also the standard of prediction is so high here that there’s a chance that if someone waits until a time has been set to write it down, it could already have been logged by someone else.

  90. Sath says:

    Mercedes faster than McLaren
    Mercedes : 1’22″315
    McLaren : 1’22″420


  91. Chris Hobbs says:

    McLaren 1m 21.903
    Mercedes 1m 22.276

    Go Jens & Nico…


  92. Qiang says:

    MacLaren 1:22:499
    Mercedes: 1:22:501

  93. Alex says:

    I predict:

    Mclaren: 1:21.986
    Mercedes: 1:21.793

  94. Radi Baldzhiyski says:

    McLaren 1:21.780

    Mercedes 1:21.511


  95. Chau says:

    McLaren 1m 22.408
    Mercedes 1m 22.168

  96. Rossco says:

    Hi James

    McLaren 1m 22.2
    Merc 1m 22.3

    What are your predictions???

  97. Matt M says:

    McLaren – 1m 21.545
    Mercedes- 1m 21.606

  98. Niall Quinn says:

    McLaren : 1m 22.823s
    Merc : 1m 23.441s

  99. Niall Quinn says:

    McLaren : 1m 22.823s
    Merc : 1m 23.441s

    I’m adding this extra dummy text because the error message suggested my comment might be too short.

  100. niall quinn says:

    McLaren : 1m 21.782s
    Merc : 1m 22.112s

  101. Wayne S says:

    McLaren: 1:21:803
    Mercedes: 1:22:264

  102. Rodrigo Lamas says:

    Mclaren – 1:21.888
    Mercedes – 1:22.111

  103. tom says:

    I predict

    McLaren 1.22.173
    Mercedes 1.22.731

  104. Lan Pham says:

    McLaren 1:22.946
    Mercedes 1:22.784

  105. Manor says:

    I’ll go with

    Mclaren: 1’21.761
    Mercedes: 1’21.865

  106. Simon says:

    Mclaren 1.22.711
    Mercedes 1.22.911

  107. Phil says:

    I predict that McLaren will end up with a fastest lap of 1m 22.684

    Mercedes will get a fastest lap of 1m 24.453

  108. Oliver Langford says:

    Mercedes 1.22.158
    McLaren 1.22.301

  109. jamie fox says:

    I predict the following

    Maclaren 1:22.84
    Mercedes 1:22.950

  110. nacho f1 says:

    Mclaren 1:22:180
    Mercedes 1:22:511

  111. maximo Perez says:

    Mclaren 1:22.450
    Mercedes 1:22.855

  112. Grant says:

    Excellent bit of fun for all of us, James.
    What a nightmare to manage. Good luck to the person managing all these posts and numbers.

    I choose to wait untill McLaren have completed their Thursday work before predicting.

    The book is as good as mine.

    1. James Allen says:

      Good strategy – Failing that you could always buy one of the last remaining copies.

  113. Tom says:

    macca: 1:21.982
    merc: 1:22.223

  114. unoc vII says:

    McLaren 1:21.403
    Mercedes 1:22.112

  115. Colin says:

    McLaren 1.21.009
    Mercedes 1.21.889

  116. Aliaksey says:

    1:21:800 both teams

  117. brendan says:

    Mercedes. Glory run.1:20.90

    McLaren. 1:21.45

    Meaningless I know, but possible, I think.

  118. jef says:

    Mclaren 1.21.945
    Mercedes 1.22.809

    wish me Good luck.

  119. Kurtis says:

    Mclaren: 1:22:408
    Merc: 1:22:634

  120. josias says:

    McLaren – 1m 21.880
    Mercedes- 1m 21.641

  121. Jeremy J says:

    McLaren: 1.22.701
    Merc: 1.22.924

  122. Nick says:

    mclaren – 1.22.983
    mercedes – 1.23.034

  123. Kenny says:

    McLaren: 1’21″748 Mercedes: 1’21″444

  124. equeny says:

    Mclaren – 1:22.123
    Mercedes – 1:22.5

  125. downforce says:

    McLaren: 1:22.123
    Mercedes: 1:22.423

  126. McLaren 1:21.555
    Mercedes 1:22.987

    1. please ignore, see other post. thanks :)

  127. McLaren 1:21.555
    Mercedes 1:22.187

  128. B Martin says:

    Mclaren: 1.21.5
    Mercedes: 1.21.5

  129. sean cleary says:

    Maclaren: 1 min 22.00 sec
    Mercedes: 1 min 22.105 sec

    Cant wait for the book!

  130. Marc says:

    McLaren 1m 22.314
    Mercedes1m 22.117

  131. Rich C says:

    Coming outa nowhere in the last moments of the day McL will blow the doors off with a 1:22 flat.

    Merc will limp in at 1:22.5

  132. McLaren = 1:21.948s
    Mercedes = 1:22.354s

  133. Richard D says:

    Mclaren: 1:22.081
    Mercedes: 1:22.472

  134. Born 1950 says:

    I’ll wait until the end of Friday testing before submitting my predictions.

    I’m assuming everyone can only have one guess, James? If so you lot wouldn’t make very good strategists; generally it’s wise to leave decisions as late as possible in order to maximise data-gathering.

    BTW thanks for the link to the pics of the Mclaren front-wing active test rig, James. IMHO there’s a lot going on under that cist on the nose! It won’t surprise me at all if they don’t come out top in this testing, but then suddenly improve by half a second on their predicted times in Australia.

    1. Born 1950 says:

      Oh and BTW! Is there any on-board footage available of the Maclaren running with its FW test rig? A long shot I know, but I’d love to see what they’re doing. Clearly the front and rear stays on each wing-end enable them to twist it to change the angle of attack. Fascinating stuff!

    2. James Allen says:

      Ah but the winner is the one who gets there first..

      1. Born 1950 says:

        Agreed – but if we’re going down to thousandths (as it seems many have) there’ll need to be a lot of entries before we run out of unique times. I suppose if I decide to be really anal, I could produce a list of all the predicted times and then put my prediction bang in the middle of the biggest gap in the most likely area. However, maybe this is not sporting, and it does require a bit of work on my part, so I probably won’t.

  135. Jiten Mistry says:

    McLaren – 1:22.765
    Mercedes – 1:22.489

  136. Baghetti says:

    McLaren: 1:22.119
    Mercedes: 1:22.629

  137. Seán Craddock says:

    Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes 1:22:632

    Mercedes Petronas GP 1:22:947

  138. Gav says:

    McLaren – 1m 21.480
    Mercedes- 1m 21.652

  139. Roni says:

    Mac: 1:21.584
    Merc: 1:22:011

  140. Richard says:

    Mclaren 1:22:888
    Mercedes 1:22:001

  141. zizou says:

    mclaren 1 22 180
    mercedes 1 22 220

  142. nick says:


  143. Nebulus von Hoxenberg says:

    I predict: Mercedes 1.22.405
    McLaren 1.22.642

  144. Biggles209 says:

    McLaren 1m 22.407s
    Mercedes 1m 22.508s

  145. Double says:

    Mclaren 1m 22.268
    Mercedes 1m 22.683

    You all, stop guessing !
    I just won ! :)

  146. George Shamtani says:

    McLaren 1:22:050 (7 fastest by team)
    Mercedes 1:21:850 (5 fastest by team)

  147. Michael Prestia says:

    Mclaren – 1:21.940
    Merc – 1:22.345

  148. herald says:

    mercedes 1.21.211
    mclaren dnf

  149. Yang Tang says:

    McLaren 1m 22.510
    Mercedes 1m 22.823

  150. Amit Sangwan says:

    Mclaren 1m 21.6307
    Mercedes 1m 21.734

  151. Jimmy Le says:

    Mclaren 1m 22.354
    Mercedes 1m 22.890

  152. TeeJay says:

    McLaren: 1m 22.333

    Mercedes: 1m 22.489

  153. Vinoo says:

    Mclaren – 1:22.350
    Merc – 1:21.950

  154. RG says:

    Mercedes – 1:22:36
    McLaren – 1:22:24

  155. DPM says:

    McLaren 1m 21.75
    Mercedes 1m 22.15

  156. benny boy says:

    1:21.996 Mac
    1:22.403 Merc

  157. Alex Attard says:

    McLaren 1m 21.678

    Mercedes 1m 22.023

  158. Denis says:

    McLaren: 1m 21.987
    Mercedes: 1m 22.614

  159. Steve Carney says:

    McLaren 1m 22.310

    Mercedes 1m 22.696

  160. AndrewB94 says:

    McLaren – 1.22.222
    Mercedes – 1.22.075

  161. Mike says:

    Mclaren: 1m 21.500
    Mercedes: 1m 21.800

  162. Toby Bushby says:

    McLaren: 1:22:435
    Mercedes: 1:22:267

  163. JJ MUPPET says:

    I will say again.

    If I win I will add Webbers signature to the book.

    Bring on the Brit GP & Monaco.

    Mclaren 1m 22.490

    Mercedes 1m 22.610

  164. AdamKlukF1 says:

    McLaren: 1:21:962
    Mercedes: 1:22:326

  165. Steve says:

    McLaren: 1:22.528
    Mercedes: 1:22.369

  166. Ron says:

    Mclaren: 1:22:634
    Mercedes: 1:22:212

  167. Darshan Bhatia says:

    Merc: 1:21:928
    McLaren: 1:22:024

  168. J. Singh says:

    McLaren – 1m 22.400s
    Mercedes – 1m 22.700s

  169. Jonathan Kelk says:

    McLaren: 1:21.551
    Mercedes: 1:21.423

  170. Daniel Hoyes says:

    I hear it might rain…

    McLaren: 1.24.634
    Mercedes: 1.25.379

  171. Pujan says:

    McLaren: 1:22.217
    Mercedes: 1:21.987

    1. Pujan says:

      Sorry, editing my guesswork..
      McLaren will stick to a 1:22.217, but Mercedes changes to a 1:21:737

  172. YL says:

    McLaren 1.22.6
    Mercedes 1.22.7

  173. Adeel Rahman says:

    mclaren 1m 22.447s
    mercedes 1m 22.230s

  174. Mario says:

    Mclaren 1.30.000
    Merc 1.30.500

    Now I’m starting rain dance.

    1. Mario says:

      Just realized they wanted the fastest times for the week, not for the last day of the week.

  175. Double says:

    Mclaren 1m 21.724
    Mercedes 1m 21.819

  176. Racyboy says:

    Mercedes 1.22.122
    McLaren 1.22.221

  177. thomas_b says:

    McLaren 1:21.992
    Mercedes 1:22.121

  178. Claire says:

    Mercedes: 1:20.8
    McLaren: 1:21.0

  179. Robert N says:

    Mercedes 1.21.268
    McLaren 1.21.581

  180. Zhenya says:

    1m 22.400 for McLaren and 1m 22.650 for Mercedes, I guess.

  181. CC says:

    McLaren 1m22.888s
    Mercedes 1:21.249

  182. Amit says:

    Mercedes 1m 20.987
    Mclaren 1m 21.435

  183. Ibrahim Patel says:

    mclaren, 1.22.888

  184. Grant says:

    McLaren 1.22.131
    Mercedes 1.21.268

    1. B Martin says:

      James, perhaps since rain was due for Sat, you should have made sure people had to pick the time before it happens. Otherwise the first guy to copy and past Friday’s time wins.

  185. Rika Churchill says:

    Mercedes: 1:21.268
    McLaren: 122.132

  186. Vic says:

    Mclaren 1.22.458
    Mercedes 1.21.213

  187. richard palmer says:

    McLaren 1.42.00
    Mecedes !.41.00
    Have you the wheater forecast

  188. Born 1950 says:

    Well, I reckon ‘CC’ has won it — unless someone predicted those times before he did. However just in case there’s a window of opportunity tomorrow before the rain sets in I’ll go for McLaren 1:22.793.

  189. Mark Hillyard says:

    Hoping for a dry final day so i’ll go for:

    McLaren: 1:22.672
    Mercedes: 1:21.053

  190. Robert Gunning says:

    Fastest Mercedes time: 1:21.249
    Fastest McLaren time: 1m22.888

    No records will be broken on the final day, as heavy rain is forecast.

    1. Richard says:

      Sorry, I had already predicted the McLaren time after the Wednesday session. With them already planning not to run on Thursday and the forecast already suggesting it was going to be wet from Friday lunchtime it seemed like a safe bet.


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