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Picture 13
Picture 13
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Feb 2011   |  6:58 pm GMT  |  5 comments

Picture 13

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  1. Robert in San Diego says:

    This car looks stonking! I hope it goes as well as it looks. I want to see Jenson and Lewis fighting for the championship between them.

  2. andy j says:

    wow.. if that thing goes as fast as it looks everyone else better give up now!

  3. phil p says:

    Revolutionary or ridiculous? 2011 will answer this, im an RB7 and Mark Webber fan but this car looks very very interesting and i cant wait for round two of testing to see where it stands.

  4. mo kahn says:

    The best looking and the most innovative car of 2011. None look half as worked hard as this one.. and the most interesting part of the car must have to be the U-shaped Radiators which is to allow better airflow to the rear, which is crucial since the double diffuser is banned this year. Previously the Mclaren has struggled with its rear, now they have seems to sorted it out with a vengeance. The already have the best driver line up on the grid. So, it looks the most lethal package of 2011.

    Would’ve loved to see Ayrton Senna drive this though :(

  5. Jack Semmence says:

    this really does look like it should have machine guns. I really hope they do it this year, maybe the potentially revolutionary car explains why they faded so much at the end of last season?


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