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Picture 54
Picture 54
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Dec 2010   |  12:43 am GMT  |  25 comments

Picture 54

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  1. Phil says:

    Alonso: “Danmit, I’m seventh in line again. It’s like Abu Dhabi all over again.”

  2. Dylan says:

    Pic 1:

    Montezemelo “Now all we need is Peewee Hermann and this scene is complete!”


    Massa to Alonso “I’ll give you three months mate and you won’t even need that fake white beard to be a proper Santa”
    Alonso to Massa “Give me three months mate and I’ll be re-passing you into the pit straight in Bahrain”

  3. Mr G says:

    Montezemolo ” I thought I was not going to get into politics, handing out gifts ???!!!!
    The blue mouse to the yellow mouse ” I thought we had only 1 Father Christmas in the world and he had a white beard not a white bib !!!!
    Massa is dreaming of what he asked to Father Christmas, coming before Alonso next season.
    Alonso is thinking how to ruin Massa’s 2011 once again.
    Fisichella is looking into the distance thinking, was I that bad this year with Ferrari ? Yes I was

  4. sw6569 says:

    Massa: Because i’ve been a good boy this year, i’ve asked father christmas for 6 tenths

  5. theothercoldone says:

    Ferrari’s new drivers’ overalls appear to need a little work still, while in other news the prancing horse mascot appears to have been replaced by a gurning mouse…

  6. number says:

    i got only one caption.


  7. theothercoldone says:

    Ferrari driver lineup caught in compromising position. All attempt to manfully look the other way as Tea Stilton strikes a pose…

  8. Maurice A says:

    Alonso – Is 30 million really worth it? Woossaaa!!!!
    Massa – Get the sleigh and send me back to the hungarian hospital.
    Montezemolo – “Thank god i’m the president

  9. is alonso the one with the big ears ?


  10. F1 dingo says:

    red bull drivers go undercover in an attempt to infiltrate ferrari’s 2011 plans….

  11. Thaicook says:

    When saying ‘Cheese’ gets you much more than you bargained for

  12. Douglas says:

    Proof that there is no such thing as badly construed publicity.

  13. sixtenths says:

    Looks like they pitted the Elves a lap too early !

    All sense of self respect and integrity clearly obeyed team orders and crashed into the wall the moment Luca lost it and called the costume makers.

    Thanks for all the Ammo guys ! This will going for years…. ROFLtastic

  14. Chris says:

    Alonso: “I know we had to remove the Marlboro logos but this is going too far”.

  15. BiggusJimmus says:

    Ho. Mouse. Ho. Ho. Ho. Mouse. Ho. Ho.

  16. Hairs says:

    “Ferrari assign their drivers’ finishing order for next year’s races.”

    “Massa reveals Ferrari’s real second string drivers in desperate attempt to shore up credibility”

  17. the donjonnellan says:

    “Blue Mouse….
    Yellow Mouse is much more entertaining than you… do you understand?”

    1. Courant Cramoisi says:

      THIS one made me laugh OUT LOUD. Bravo. BRAVISSIMO!

  18. Alexis says:

    “Just think of the £10,000 you’re getting for this…”
    “Just think of the £10,000 you’re getting for this…”

    “Just think of the £50,000 you’re getting for this…”
    “Just think of the £50,000 you’re getting for this…”

    1. Courant Cramoisi says:

      Also pretty dang good! :)

  19. Sergio says:

    Yes I agree. It is a tremendous gift for English press. Enjoy “journalists”.

  20. Carl says:

    Mouse Costume?
    Rat Costume?
    Christmas Pixies?

    Where is the Goose?
    Second From The Right

  21. Carl says:

    ” Hey – I think the big yellow rodent farted?”

  22. My Tuppence... says:

    Alonso: Why does being so nice and unselfish have to be so much hard work? “Hey Luca, aren’t I supposed to be the #1 driver here? I should be keeping all the presents”


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