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Phoney war between drivers during calm before storm in Abu Dhabi
Phoney war between drivers during calm before storm in Abu Dhabi
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Nov 2010   |  4:49 pm GMT  |  414 comments

Before we got here this week Yas Marina Circuit was hit by a powerful sandstorm, which bent the trees backwards and dumped tonnes of sand on the track. This being Abu Dhabi they have a machine for sucking up the sand, so the racing will not be affected.

I’ve been at plenty of championship showdowns over the years. There is nothing like being here to look the contenders in the eye and see how they are coping with the pressure.

There have been some stormy ones, I recall Jerez 1997 for example and ten years later the acrimony at McLaren in the final race. But today we had a phoney war between the contenders in the press conference. Perhaps it is because this is not a duel for the title, but a battle between four contenders (albeit one with a slim chance) it seems to diffuse the tension. None of the drivers was giving anything away. Webber was subdued, not about to hand any more hand grenade quotes to journalists. Vettel was relaxed and bouncy, he has nothing to lose and he’s enjoying “teasing” the media about whether he will let Webber through if the points dictate it.

Alonso: Fourth title showdown in six years (Darren Heath)

This is the fourth time in six seasons that Alonso has been in the showdown, driving three different chassis, which tells its own story. He’s got the head for this, but he’s behaving in a very reserved way so far.

Everyone is talking about the possible permutations on Sunday, with most insiders expecting Sebastian Vettel to be out front waiting to see what kind of line up is behind him. In press briefings with drivers and with team principals, every scenario under the sun has been discussed, but until they go out ot qualify on Saturday no-one really knows.

My hunch is that Vettel will get pole and control the race and that the battle between Webber and Alonso for second place on the grid and into the first corner will decide the championship. Webber has struggled to match Vettel for pace since Monza, albeit some times he’s been only a tenth off in qualifying. He needs to raise his game and go out and take it this weekend, otherwise Alonso will have him.

The last two years’ champions, Hamilton and Button, have needed a fifth place to clinch. Ironically that is the result Vettel wants for Alonso this year, as it would allow him to keep his race lead and take the title.

Many feel that the championship has one more twist in store for it; a reliability issue, perhaps another engine failure for one of the contenders. Let’s hope not.

Red Bull confirmed today that Vettel’s failure in Korea, which dealt a body blow to his chances, was caused by a con-rod problem. The engine had done 1600km. Webber’s engine in Brazil had a radiator issue which caused it to run hot and the team won’t risk that engine this weekend. Alonso is on race three with the engine which won Monza and finished third in Brazil.

Meanwhile a group of us sat on the rooftop of the Red Bull hospitality this evening as darkness fell, talking tactics with Red Bull boss Christian Horner, who said that if the points dictate it he cannot imagine Vettel not letting Webber through, however he underlined that it would be “a gesture by the driver, not an instruction from the team.”

It would be a supreme irony if this season, which has been all about teammate rivalries and expectations, should end with Vettel handing the title to Webber. But we will have to see.

I also took in a visit to Michael Schumacher, who was pouring over the balance sheet of his season. A misfiring comeback, in many ways, the season has not turned out the way he or any of us expected.

He said he was not happy with some things this season, but was happy that he’d been able to get more out of the car recently not because of development, because they stopped that some time ago, but simply by learning more about it. He compared the way he feels today, “Really very good” with the end of 2006 when he retired, “Completely empty and overloaded.” He will be back next year, he said, because “I’m having fun.”

Further down the pit lane, the team currently known as Lotus threw in a curved ball by announcing that next year they will race in black and gold, the hugely evocative colours of Lotus at the time of the John Player Special sponsorship. For anyone 35 or over this is the car of their childhood.

Tony Fernandes is thinking on his feet as it looks increasingly likely that he will not be able to call his team Lotus next year due to licencing issues with Group Lotus, who are lining up to sponsor the Renault F1 team. Whether unwittingly or not, Fernandes’ move will irritate Renault F1 owner Gerard Lopez as I’m reliably informed by a French colleague that Lopez’ favourite toy as a child was his JPS Lotus and that it gave him a life long love of the brand..

Ferrari announced that Jules Bianchi will be the test driver, but stopped short of saying “reserve” driver, the spare man role at races currently carried out by Giancarlo Fisichella.

To celebrate the launch of James Allen on F1 2010 : Five Rivals One Champion, (due to be published November 29th) I’m going to give a signed copy of the book away in a predictions competition. Guess the margin in qualifying between Alonso and Webber (specifying who’s faster) to win a signed copy of the book. Leave your predictions in the comments section below. If there is more than one correct answer, the first one left on our system will be the winner. Entries close when Qualifying 1 starts at 5pm Abu Dhabi time

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  1. Mart says:

    Webber is faster by 0,236 seconds.

    1. RickeeBoy says:

      Mark by .1

      Alonso / Webber / Vettel All have done enough to be worthy champions – I’m happy if either of these 3 win. The season been so good and if 2 were to end on the same points – ( then count-back to 4th place just doesn’t seem fair ) Wouldn’t it be good to have a year with 2 World Drivers Champions because ACTUALLY they both deserve it..

    2. Andy from Newport says:

      I believe Alonso is on a fresh engine. He is using the one he switched out in practice in Bahrain. Under FIA rules he had to wait until the final race before he could use it.
      I would imagine a fresh engine has got to be worth a couple of tenths of a second?

      1. James Allen says:

        That is not correct. I checked on that that with Ferrari and they said there is no way they will risk it here. It had suspected pneumatic problems and the FIA rules do not allow them to run it on the dyno.

      2. Andy from Newport says:

        That is not what I wanted to hear as a Alonso fan.
        I appreciate the “real skinny” on the engine situation.

    3. Robert Gunning says:

      Alonso will be faster 0.129

  2. Nathan says:

    I think Webber will be faster than Alonso by 0.2 secs

  3. Garry says:

    Webber in front with a gap of 0.081 seconds

    1. Steve L 1973 says:

      Webber is faster by 0.319 seconds

  4. AP says:

    I think Alonso will be faster than Webber by 1/10th of a second.

    By the way James, which are the 3 showdowns Alonso has participated, before this year? I can only count 2006 and 2007….

    1. James Allen says:

      He contested and won in 2005 with a race to go

      1. AP says:

        OK, but i thought a “showdown” means a championship decided in the last race.

        In addition, Brazil 2005 was 2nd last race, Japan followed that Kimi won and China that Alonso won. Right?

    2. Trent says:

      One way or another, Alonso has experience in this situation, and that may count.

      Can’t believe we’re at the end of the season. It seems like yesterday that we were waiting anxiously for Bahrain. This season has flown – no doubt because it’s been a great one. Hope we can finish on a high.

      We should savour this 4 way showdown…who knows if we’ll ever see it again!

      1. Nathan says:

        Vettel to retire on lap 26 while leading. Webber takes over the lead with alonso in 2nd. Alonsos engine will five up on lap 32. Webber now leading with Lewis second. Lap 37 webber has a puncture and goes off. Lewis crosses the line first and wins the championship!!!!!

  5. Marc B says:

    Alonso in front of Webber by 0.136 seconds.

  6. tank says:

    Alonso ahead by ~0.05 seconds.

    And I’m routing for Webber in the race.

  7. crespo says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by less than a tenth in quali… .07s is my guess.

  8. Manos says:

    Alpnso faster by 0.125 sec.

  9. Elliot says:

    Alonso > Webber margin: 0.168 seconds

    Many thanks!

  10. Erik says:

    Vettel by 0.4 secs.

  11. Richard M says:

    Alonso to be 0.014 secs faster than Webber.

  12. Al (21prods) says:

    Superb post, James, as usual!!

    You know I rarely have anything to say (unless Max Mosley has anything irritating to say), but I admit that the contest has really forced me to participate. So here I go: Alonso faster than Webber by 0,234 secs.

    I will add: On Saturday, Alonso P1, Webber P2 and Vettel P3. Same results on Sunday. Everybody is giving Vettel’s win on Sunday for granted but I just have a feeling that it will not be the case. Let’s wait and see it!

    PS. I must admit I had never been so anxious before a final race, but this one has just got under my skin.

    PS2. James, I would appreciate it very much if on Sunday morning (for example, before the race anyway) you could write a post explaining who, in you opinion, the favourite driver is to win the WDC and who you would like wins it. I know you try to play neutral, but I’m sure you must have your preferences. Thanks anyway!

  13. Viper S says:

    Indeed James, the baffling irony this weekend probably will be that Webber wins the title thanks to Vettel handing it over to him on a plate. The man he probably dislikes the most. And Webber has to live with that, so will his fans who are anti-Vettel to the extreme.

    I think Vettel will actually feel good about it, in a humorous way, that it was thanks to him and Webber has to acknowledge that. And Webber has to remember this next season too of course…

    Win-win situation for Vettel, no matter what happens this weekend.

    I do not see Alonso coming close to the RBR cars. And I do not see Webber being faster than Vettel.

    Or will it be a race with totally ridiculous surprises and Hamilton grabbing it? I am ready, let’s go!

  14. Galapago555 says:

    Fernando faster than Mark by .209 secs

    (I do hope so… :-D)

  15. malcolm.strachan says:

    So I heard that if Mark Webber wins the title, he’ll marry his girlfriend… just like he suggested Button would do last year.

    Any truth to that, James? Do you think Button or Hamilton will bring it up? ;-)

    1. JimmiC says:

      If that’s true, the service should be conducted in a two-seater F1 car, with the vicar relaying the vows to the bride and groom via the pit-to-car radio.

  16. David Newsome says:

    “This is the fourth time in six seasons that Alonso has been in the showdown, driving three different chassis”.

    James, have any other drivers contested championship finales for three different teams (Schumacher only Benetton and Ferrari, Senna only McLaren, Prost only McLaren and Ferrari?). Is he unique in the modern era?

    Personally, I hope Alonso wins on Sunday (the race and the title).

    1. Jonathan L says:

      Not really that recent, but I think Prost was in championship contention with 4 teams (Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and Williams).

    2. steakbearnaise says:

      He probably is unique, although you could argue that Senna was in contention in 1986 for Lotus. In 1986 with five races to go he was in 2nd in the champ standings, whilst Prost who won the championship was down in fourth. Two mechanical failures in the next two races in Austria and Hungary meant Senna was too far behind at the very end of the season. In 1987 he finished third, but if his car hadn’t been disqualified in the last race (when he finished 2nd) he would have been second in the championship, albeit 10 points behind Piquet.

      1. David Newsome says:

        Yes, I mean specifically still in contention in the last round of the Championship. Speaking of Senna and Prost, I’m reading Malcolm Folley’s “Senna versus Prost” now. Great stuff.

  17. Webber faster by .225 of a second

  18. ragonte says:

    Although I have only posted once I follow this unique site(I think this is the word that best defines what this blog is) on an hourly basis. Congratulations James, there is no other place to go for clear and unbiased information on f1.

    I just wanted to post that in my opinion Alonso is definetively going to be the next WDC. He has got all the neccesary tools in his hands:

    If the F10 is competitive then he can go for a victory or a 2nd place.

    In case it is not, let the bulls fight for the victory and maybe we have another Turkey. In case this does not happen and Vettel is leading, all Alonso has to do is drop to fifth place, let Vettel win the race ala Massa 2008 and then do a Hamilton 2008 and overtake car in fourth position, cross the line and become the new WDC!!!


    1. Limbo says:

      Seems crazy but this is an interesting thought…
      Vettels wins, Webber 2nd, then Alonso slows down from 3rd to fourth… Then he´s the champion ahead of the german for two points… Wow!
      Could be possible Ferrari will take that in consideration if such scenario happens?
      Will that be illegal? Immoral? Brilliant?
      I´m laughing with the idea..

    2. DK says:

      I agree, that will be a tricky situation … Vettel leading in the last lap, Webber second but Alonso is right behind the the gearbox of the 4th place car ….

  19. David Newsome says:

    P.S. Alonso quicker than Webber by 0.084.

  20. Terry M says:

    Ok, let’s get the ball rolling.
    Webber faster by 0.010 seconds.

  21. Red5 says:

    It’s been a championship to savour.

    Do any of the teams have 2011 spec cars, KERs + adjustable wings, ready to run Pirelli tests?

    1. James Allen says:

      No, they will be ready for Feb 1

  22. Neil Williams says:

    0.232 seconds

    1. Neil Williams says:

      That would Webber over Alonso!! Teach me not to read the instructions properly!

  23. Alexx says:


    Alonso ahead of Webber 0.239

  24. William McCone says:

    Webber faster by 0.147

    Kills me to say it, but “we’ll” destroy him in the race! :)

  25. Jo Torrent says:

    Alonso ahead of Webber
    GAP 0,269

    PS : I’m not sure about the 9/1000 though

  26. DanielH says:

    Webber faster by 0.456 seconds.

  27. Jo Torrent says:

    Did someone among the media ask Horner why so much hypocrisy. There’s no way Vettel will let Webber through willingly. Not as a competitive racing driver, not after what Webber said last year and not after what he said this year.

    We know it’s a team order and I have no problem with that, it’s the way it should be because the title isn’t Webber’s or Vettel’s it for hundreds of employees developing and preparing this car.

    1. JF says:

      I agree: I am one of those that believes F1 to be a team sport and as such am not bothered by “team orders”. I prefer them to be in open as Ferrari does rather than hidden in engine codes, fuel saving modes and pit stop delays etc. None of these drivers would have a chance without the teams working overtime behind the scenes. One bad part or loose screw and the race is done. I suspect many mechanics/engineers work much harder than the drivers for substantially less reward.

  28. Jonathan De Andrade says:

    Alonso faster by 0.260s

  29. Jo Torrent says:

    Everybody’s looking for a free copy of your book James, I’ve never seen so many posts in so little time.

  30. RA109 says:

    The final race can’t come soon enough!

    Qualifying prediction: Webber ahead by .201s

  31. Rungs says:

    Webber faster by 0.321 seconds

  32. Enigma says:

    Alonso by 0.398 s

  33. Ashish Sharma says:

    Alonso will be slower than Webber by 0.111 secs

  34. Esteban says:

    Hey, I’m “only” 33 and that black/gold Lotus is the car of my childhood!

    1. theothercoldone says:

      I’m only 37, but remember the Black and Gold, and even the way the Jps emblem looked. How’s that for iconic?

    2. P Dant says:

      I’m 70 (i.e. in the “anyone 35 or over” category) and that isn’t the car of my childhood!!

    3. Trent says:

      Yep I’m with you.
      I started watching in 1986 at the age of 10, and I was immediately a Senna fan based on the colour of the car and the helmet.

      I was rather disappointed when the Lotus turned yellow for ’87!

  35. Jewan says:

    Webber will be faster than Alonso by 3/10th.

    And hope he wins the championship!

  36. Chris Bird says:

    Webber will out qualify Alonso by 0.189

  37. Jo Torrent says:

    The one who comes with the worst estimation of the gap should pay the book twice the price ! What do you think of the idea James ?

  38. Stuart says:

    Webber in front of Alonso by 0.317

  39. JR Orlando says:

    I would guess Webber by .4 Sec

  40. Ross Evans says:

    Alonso quicker by 0.160s

  41. Alonso by 0.104

    or else…

  42. Peter Stroia-Williams says:

    Webber will be 0.352 seconds faster.

  43. Ed says:

    Webber by 0.240 seconds

  44. michael Gladwin says:

    Weber by .02sec

  45. brad says:

    Webber in front of Alonso by .189 seconds in quallie.
    Cannot wait for my book.

  46. TKS says:

    Webber ahead of Vettel
    Gap 0,097

  47. Pedro Parrilla says:

    0´135 secs

  48. David Cundell says:

    Webber faster by 0.329 seconds.

  49. William Wallace says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.167 seconds.

  50. Pedro Parrilla says:

    Sorry i forgot to say who´s faster. Webber faster by 0´135 secs

  51. SD says:

    Webber faster by 10 sec

    1. SuperOsnola says:

      Oh my God… ¿Alonso running on 3 wheels?

      1. SD says:

        Not on three wheels but just like what just happened to Massa’s car !!
        It stopped .(FP2)

        May be he spins somewhere and loses few seconds…

        Mclarens looking good here.

      2. SD says:

        Okay that won’t happen just heard on the radio massa saying NO FUEL !!

        That was weird why would you go on radio about it.

        Anyways matter of a day w’ll see i know Alonso is mentally very strong but Red Bull seems very fast.

  52. Leigh says:

    Weber 0.127 seconds faster than alonso

  53. SD says:

    Alonso crashes out web faster by some laps

  54. Dirk S says:

    WEB ahead of ALO by 0,372 secs.

  55. Karen Heath says:

    Webber faster by 0.236 seconds.

  56. Krystian says:

    I predict Webber faster than Alonso in quali by 0.13 seconds.

    Have really enjoyed your tweets and articules this year James, great work and many thanks =)

  57. azac21 says:

    Alonso faster by 0.144s.

    Race start should be gripping! And hopefully everybody’s engine will holp up for a GRANDE race finale!

  58. Nathan says:

    “Many feel that the championship has one more twist in store for it; a reliability issue, perhaps another engine failure for one of the contenders. Let’s hope not.”

    Speak for yourself James! Some of us have vested interests lol!

  59. Charles says:

    Webber faster by 0,197 seconds.

  60. bob s says:

    on present form you’d have to webber will be faster 0.459 but i think alonso will be champ at end of race …vettle to beat weeber as well i think ..

  61. Jon Schofield says:

    Webber faster by 0.112 seconds.

  62. I’d say Webber ahead of Alonso, by 0.687s.

  63. Mark Vincent says:

    Webber / Alonso +0.432 seconds

  64. Shane says:

    Webber faster by 0.023 seconds

  65. Feli says:

    Alonso faster by 0.008 sec

  66. grant says:

    Webber faster by 0.305

  67. Daniel Hoyes says:

    Webber in front, as no time set by Alonso due to technical failure (I hope not for the chamionship’s sake, but just trying to think outside of the box).

  68. Omar Kamal says:

    Alonso Faster by 0.221 sec

  69. Douglas says:

    Re Lotus racing in black and gold – I had a Dinky of that car in the 70′s and can’t wait to see it on the grid. Are John Player Specials still made? If yes, how do they get around the subliminal tobacco advertising message – like the barcode Ferrari removed?

  70. Nicholas Thornton says:

    webber faster by 0.264 seconds

  71. Stephen says:

    Webber by 0.378 although I think it could be more. Ferrari were poor last year.

  72. Luke says:

    Alonso to be in front by 0.138
    I’ll be happy whatever the outcome – hoping for a great race!

  73. Andy says:

    0.429 second advantage to Webber vs Alonso for quali

    1. Fuller says:

      Webber by 0.154

      it’s a shame but I would bet money on all 3 of them not making the end, possibly even a tangle of some kind!

  74. Sylew70 says:

    Webber by 0.076 

    Vettel WDC 

  75. michael blane says:

    alonso by 0.121 secs.

  76. Helen D says:

    Really can’t wait for qualifying, I’ve taken the trip out to Abu dhabi and i’m still crossing my fingers for a mclaren victory :-)

    I reckon the red bull will keep up it’s amazing quail pace and I say webber quicker than Alonso by 0.35 seconds.

  77. phong says:

    webber to be faster than alonso by 0.263 seconds and mark to win the championship

  78. Marty McSuperfly says:

    I’m going for the unlikely repeat of the 1997 Jerez qualifying. 0’000 s difference. Webber in front as he set it first.

    1. malcolm.strachan says:

      I was thinking the same! You beat me to it.

  79. Lale says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.123 seconds.

  80. Aliaksey says:

    Webber ahead with gap of 0.3 sec

  81. Richard T says:

    Webber faster by 0.164 seconds

  82. Tom says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by exactly 1 second.

  83. sw6569 says:

    webber faster, 0.128

  84. Paul Stevens says:

    Webber by 0.342 seconds!

  85. Steven N says:

    Webber faster by 0.385s.

  86. Mike says:

    Webber by 0.354

  87. Dave B says:

    Alonso will beat Webber by 0.377 seconds after Webber makes a mistake on his final run.

  88. Roonmastor says:

    Webber ahead by 0.241 seconds

  89. George says:

    Webber to be 0.218s faster than Alonso.

  90. Sangeen says:

    Alonso just edges it by 0.06 seconds..

  91. Taylor says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.301s.

  92. BlackGoldLotus says:

    My moniker rejoices. Today is a great day and I cannot wait to see the black and gold lotus back on track!

    Webber beats Alonso by 0.083 seconds. Alonso beats him to the first corner, though.

    1. Trent says:

      I wonder how it will look – after all it won’t be JPS, and it was the gold thread of the JPS packet that really set that livery apart in my opinion.

      I actually heard they will pick a fan-designed livery?

      One can only hope they capture the feeling of the old livery. They did a great job with the green and yellow, so let’s cross our fingers.

      1. BlackGoldLotus says:

        It’s a good question, but I cannot see them leaving out the gold thread. Otherwise it’ll just look like an inverted Renault and become a monumental blunder. I am hoping they use all shiny black (none of that HRT mate) and then the number and the edges in gold, plus the name of the team in gold also. If they’re forced to be called 1Malaysia or AirAsia or something like that, there won’t be an issue with logo requirements by sponsors. I don’t know how they’ll address the subliminal tobacco advertising accusations, though. And I even wonder whether they’ll get into another legal fracass with JPS for it.

        Yup, also heard about the contest for a fan-designed livery. Should be interesting…

        Fingers firmly and repeatedly crossed indeed!

  93. Allan B says:

    Webber over Alonso by 0.042

  94. El Shish says:

    Webber to be ahead of Alonso by 0.211 seconds

  95. Andrew says:

    Webber faster by 0.402

  96. Martin says:

    0.162 Alonso faster

  97. Henrik says:

    Webber will be faster by 0,089 s.

  98. Nilesh says:

    “Lotus threw in a curved ball”

    Knowing you come from the land of cricket, it’s interesting to see you use an essentially American baseball reference. :D

  99. Jay B says:

    Webber faster by .387

  100. Drumzii says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.138 seconds

    Vettel winning the race but Alonso coming second and winning the championship

  101. Colin says:

    Webber faster by 0.222 seconds

  102. malcolm.strachan says:

    PS. Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.458 sec.

    PPS. I’ve been an F1 history buff since I was a kid… so even though I’m 26, Ronnie Petersen’s JPS Lotus 72 was part of my childhood! My father had a large scale model of it, and I’d imagine Ronnie on/over the limit with those huge rear slicks leaving giant black marks around every corner. Others were Gilles’ Ferrari and Mansell’s FW14 (the last year of the awesome wide tires… and it helped that I had a 1/43 scale model of it to gingerly play with!).

  103. Fred says:

    I predict a close one with Webber edging it by 0.05 seconds.

  104. Marco Cot says:

    I guess Webber leading Alonso by 0.348s

  105. Aaron says:

    Webber to beat Alonso by 0.326 seconds

  106. Zack says:

    Alonso ahead of Webber by 0.33s.
    Judging that Alonso was ahead of Webber by quite a margin in Singapore (about 1/2s I think), and that Abu Dhabi is similar and won’t suit Webber.

  107. Declan says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.196.

  108. cjf says:

    Hi James,

    Having watched the behaviour of the back markers after the restart last week it occured to me that Vettel moving over may not be the only team play occuring this weekend, do you think it’s possible that Torra Rosso may help/impede the Redbulls’/Alonso respectivly if they find themselves lapped?

    I recall Peter Sauber (with his Ferrari engines)telling how he was pressured by Jean Todd to employ similar tactics in the past.

    On a differant subject, what do you make of McLarens decision not to have it’s race drivers present at the Pirelli test next week (even though Button wanted to attend), seems crazy to me.

  109. John Page says:

    Weber ahead by 0.377 seconds.

  110. Mario says:

    Webber by 0.177

  111. Ashley says:

    Webber faster by 0.197s

  112. Martin Vincent says:

    Webber will be faster by : 0.082

  113. Brian says:

    Alonso by 0.300 seconds.

  114. JF says:

    Alondo Faster by 0.169

  115. Pierre says:

    Alonso faster by 0,154 s.

  116. Chris says:

    Hi James, Alonso faster 0,2 s.

  117. Peter says:

    Webber 0.327 seconds in front of Alonso

  118. Jackel says:

    I think it is funny that most seem to count Vettel out of the championship all together and suggest that the only role he has to play in Abu Dhabi will be to either spoil Webber’s Championship or hand it to him.

    If Vettel wins and Alonso DNFs, Seb wins the title. Even if Webber finishes 2nd they will be level in points. The decider would be that Seb will have 5 wins and Webbo 4. Vettel is going to Yas Marina to win his own Championship and the way he has driven the past three GPs I wouldn’t put it past him to pull it off.

  119. JoyDenham says:

    webber faster by 0.127 secs
    i reckon he’ll get pole too!!

    1. JoyDenham says:

      meant to say 0.0127

      1. SuperOsnola says:

        That’s not possible, it must be 0.012 or 0.013

      2. JoyDenham says:


  120. Danny says:

    Webber beats Alonso by 0.311 seconds

  121. nda says:

    Webber to be ahead by 0.126

  122. David S says:

    Both will fail to get into Q3, take each other out in the fight through the field and Vettel’s engine will let go in the race…leaving Hamilton and Button with a 1-2 formation finish.

    On Tuesday night Lewis was 100/1 to take the title so i’m fully expecting to pickup £1010 in winnings on Monday morning!!!

    Win or bust is an ideal scenario for him…all the others will be second guessing each other.

    Bring it on….

  123. Luke says:

    Hi James, great article as usual. Have you heard about David Hunt’s comments on the Lotus name fiasco he made today? The long and short of it is he’s certain in his mind Group Lotus have no right to stop Fernandes using Team Lotus, and Fernandes reassured Hunt a few days ago he is still pushing to use Team Lotus next year.

    Full article on Crash.net: http://tinyurl.com/2upcepy

    Anyway, back to your article: I’m going to predict Alonso ahead of Webber by 0.250 seconds.

  124. Simon Lord says:

    ‘For anyone 35 or over this is the car of their childhood.’

    I’m over 35 and the Lotus cars of my childhood were definitely green and yellow, not black and gold. To see those cars and colours again in profusion this year at Hampton Downs and the Goodwood Revival was a wonderful experience. Tony Fernandes is to be congratulated for bringing the green and yellow back to the F1 grid, but it looks as though he has either lost the Lotus battle or used it as a negotiating tool for some other purpose.

    Yes, the black with gold pinstripes was a great livery, but it was very controversial at the time because of the accompanying name change of the cars from Lotus to the American-sounding John Player Special and the launch of the cigarette brand bearing that same name. It made the former Lotus 72 look marvellous, but that was as much a reaction to the appalling Gold Leaf Team Lotus red/gold/white mess as anything. It also popularised the pinstriping craze, which was definitely a mixed blessing.

    If the new black/gold livery does the same, invest in masking tape manufacturers now – and look out for whiplash aerials as the next big thing!

  125. Luke Potter says:

    Webber faster by 0.791.

  126. Bene says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.139s.

  127. Federico says:

    Webber out in Q2.

  128. ronmon says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.239s

  129. Richard T says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.213 secs

  130. Divesh says:

    Everyone thinks Seb’s pole is a foregone conclusion, I predict Mark takes pole and Alonso takes 3rd, with Vettel splitting the two.

    I think Webber will be ahead by 0.310. Alonso will be ahead in the first corner though.

  131. Flintster says:

    Alonso faster by 0.126 seconds – and on to take the title…

  132. R Martin says:

    Alonso in front by 0.058 seconds

  133. Annabelle Ng says:

    webber beats alonso by 0.184 :)

  134. veeru says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.167 sec. By the way he will be faster than vettel too

  135. Nick says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.02s. Fingers crossed for a Webber win!

    1. SuperOsnola says:

      With Fernando 2nd, of course.

  136. Jason Good says:

    Webber ahead by 0.434 secs.

  137. RedstormF1 says:

    Alonso over Webber by .3

    Maranello to celebrate under the lights!

  138. Mark S says:

    Alonso will be faster than Webber by 0.369 seconds!

  139. JFan says:

    Webber beats Alonso by 0.35 seconds and will be on pole!

  140. Graham says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.501s.

  141. Rafael L says:

    I’ll say that alonso will outqualify webber by 0.2 seconds

  142. Greg says:

    Your blog is a daily ritual with my morning coffee!

    Webber by 0.207s

  143. Euan says:

    Alonso faster by 0.124 seconds

  144. Chris says:

    Alonso faster by 0.146 of a second

  145. CJ the 2cnd, probably... says:

    Webber faster by 0.391sec. Great site!!

  146. Dave W says:

    Alonso faster by 0.088 secs

  147. KidrA says:

    Webber faster by 0.347

  148. ColinZeal says:

    Alonso by 0.021

  149. by_tor says:

    Webber in front of Alonso by 0.315 sec

  150. PaulL says:

    0.038 Alonso

  151. mad marz says:

    Webber by 0.34 sec. Hope he get’s the title 2.
    Just a thought. If vettel does let webber through to take the title Webber may have Massa to thank as well as Vettel because if it wasn’t for the Germany swop Vettel would of got the driver champ with the predicted 1,2,3 everyone expects

  152. Chris Parr says:

    Alonso faster by 0.087 seconds.

  153. Steve W says:

    Alonso on pole………

    He will be crowned the WDC on Sunday,for the third time……..

    Must get back to the tea leaves,the answer surely lies within??

  154. Tankrocker says:

    Fernando will be faster than Mark by .193 secs
    he will also have pole position.

  155. Jeff Culshaw says:

    Alonso will be 0.193 seconds faster

  156. GektorS says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.072

  157. Anil says:

    Webber to be faster by 0.350 seconds.

  158. Jay says:

    Webber on front by .297 secs

  159. Paulo Miranda says:

    Webber faster by 0.138 secs.

  160. Phil Bishop says:

    I fly from London to Abu Dhabi in the morning and can not wait for this show down. Webber will out qualify Alonso by 0.080.

    Cheers, Phil

  161. AndrewB94 says:

    Webber over Alonso by 0.465 and to win the world title

    Go Webber

  162. Richard Craig says:

    Webber faster by 0.177

  163. RobD says:

    WEB faster than ALO by 0.198

  164. Axu says:

    Alonso faster by 0.013 seconds.

  165. Josias says:

    Webber will be faster by 0.186 secs

  166. Brendan says:

    Webber by 0.12 seconds

  167. Dave Pilgrim says:

    I’m going for a dominating Red Bull…. Webber fastest by 0.694 secs

  168. Iain Towler says:

    Alonso faster by 0.03 seconds.

  169. gavin cameron says:

    Alonso fastest by 0.043

  170. Rob McElroy says:

    Webber ahead by 0.295 seconds

  171. Athol F says:

    Webber by 0.072 secs

  172. Varun Mehta says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.067 seconds

  173. John M says:

    Webber by 0.082

  174. raztek says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.341 secs

  175. Kyle says:

    Alonso to beat Webber by a margin of 0.082 seconds. (Webber will outdrag him off the line though to make it a Red Bull 1-2 into turn 1.)

  176. Mike Smith says:

    Webber surprisingly faster by 0.013s

  177. Trevor Long says:

    Webber on Pole by 0.019 from Vettel, with Alonso in Third 0.187 behind Webber

    Mark Webber FTW!

  178. Noel says:

    Webber faster by 0.739s

  179. John_J says:

    Webber faster by 0.185s.

  180. Jonathan L says:

    Webber by 1.010 seconds.

  181. Mark says:

    Alonso will be faster by 0,183 seconds.

  182. DB says:

    Webber over Alonso by 0.210

  183. Henri says:

    Webber faster by 0.163 seconds

  184. David Perel says:

    Webber quicker by 0.115s

    Thanks for an awesome site James. This is definitely my first ‘go-to’ place for opinions on news and results. It is absolutely brilliant.

  185. phul says:

    alonso faster by 0.01 seconds

  186. Ben Miller says:

    Alonso by 0.095

  187. Darryl says:

    Webber to be faster than Alonso by 0.184 seconds

  188. Trent says:

    Webber to beat Alonso by 0.099sec

  189. Hugh says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.192

  190. Timo says:

    Webber beats Alonso by 0.243 seconds!

  191. captainj84 says:

    vettel by 0.05 seconds

  192. JohnM says:

    Webber faster by 0.385sec

    1. JohnM says:

      Bugger! Steve N already has 0.385

      If James will forgive my misteak I’ll suggest Webber by 0.365 sec instead

  193. Snowy says:

    Webber faster by 0.187sec

    And imagine if Vettel lets Webber through on the last lap only for Alonso to have a problem a couple of corners later resulting in him evntually finishing 5th or lower……….

  194. Peter says:

    Webber 0.327 seconds in front of Alonso.
    However I don’t think Lewis is going to give up without a fight.

  195. paul Charlton says:

    Webber by .75

  196. Malcolm46 says:

    Webber in front by 0.146 sec

  197. Jil says:

    Alonso faster by 0.097

  198. Skybert says:

    Webber faster by 0.231

  199. DJ says:

    Webber 0.165 faster than Alonso in qualy.

  200. NIck Cappa says:

    Webber faster in quali by 0.352 seconds

  201. BC says:

    Webber ahead of Alnso by 0.15 s

  202. Ed says:

    Webber ahead by 0.055

  203. Steven R says:

    Webber by .286

  204. Ry says:


    Surely the black and gold paint scheme flies in the face of the naming issue rumours – doesn’t it?

  205. Pentaganist says:

    Webber to outqualify Alonso by 0.408s

  206. Mark taylor says:

    My prediction James:

    0.186 with mark ahead


  207. Andy green says:

    Webber ahead by 0.188 sec

  208. RWill says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.318 seconds

  209. Joel Morrison says:

    Webber quicker by 0.213

  210. Gavin28 says:

    I predict Webber is faster than Alonso by 0.028 seconds.

  211. Andrew Tierney says:

    Weber by .423

  212. Tony says:

    Webber will be quicker than Alonso by .418

  213. Raelene says:

    Webber +0.358 to Alonso

  214. Cigala says:

    Alonso, faster by .110

  215. Jonty Winship says:

    Come on Mark!

    I’ll go for 0.298 seconds Mark will qualify ahead of Fernando.

  216. Fernando III says:

    Fernando ahead by .158

  217. Carlos Del Valle says:

    Webber in front by .101

  218. Mark says:

    Webber faster by 0.310

  219. Cigala says:

    Alonso, by .110

  220. William Churchill says:

    Weber by 0.14 seconds over Alonso.

    fingers crossed!

  221. Andrew C. says:

    mark webber 0.085 over alonso for 3rd & 4th on the grid

    massa #2

    kubica #1

  222. Cameron says:

    Webber fastr by 0.173

  223. Matt Batt says:

    Webber to be in front of Alonso by 0.245

  224. Warwick says:

    Webber faster, by .097

  225. Nando says:

    Webber faster by 0.355

  226. elaine says:

    Webber will be infront of Alonso by 0.187 seconds

  227. Eerik says:

    Webber will beat Alonso by 0.159

  228. Steve Carney says:

    Alonso quicker by 0.005

  229. Casey says:

    Webber faster by .236 second.

    1. Casey says:

      oops, just scrolled thru and see .236 already picked. Make mine .237 then if that’s ok. Thks.

  230. Mark V says:

    Webber by .183

    If Webber wins the title, later that night Alonso will beat Webber’s blood alcohol content by the same margin. (That is if they are even allowed to drink in Abu Dhabi).

  231. Simon Haynes says:

    “Lopez’ favourite toy as a child was his JPS Lotus and that it gave him a life long love of the brand.”

    I still have a JPS Lotus toy car. Not the same one I had as a 6-year-old, but identical none the less.

  232. Darren says:

    think you may be wrong james on the “team Lotus” naming issues Tony said on twitter we will be Lotus next year ;-)

    unless you have a insider at Lotus cars. ??

  233. Darren says:

    Webber’s car will have a problem when he is in first place around lap 22, handing the towel to his sulky team mate

  234. John says:

    Alonso by .13

  235. Alexbookoo says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.253 seconds.

  236. Vader says:

    Alonso by 0.101 second over Webber.

  237. alnso1st says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.307

  238. DK says:

    Webber ahead by 0.216 second.

    I think Lewis is the main factor to Alonso title bid on Sunday.

  239. Chau says:

    Webber to be on pole and outqualify Alonson by 0.243 sec.

    Thanks for the excellent coverage this year James.

  240. John O' Reilly says:

    I think Webber will be faster by 0.304

  241. gardenia says:

    Webber will be quicker than FA by 0.19 seconds

  242. Jamie Cottage says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.103 of a second.

  243. Ben says:

    Webber over Alonso by 0.129

  244. Seth Williams says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.712 seconds.

  245. GP says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.099 sec.

  246. Buck61 says:

    Alonso by 0.082

  247. Mark Taylor says:

    Alonso is faster by 0.071 seconds.

  248. JohnBt says:

    Am a bit crossed this year supporting Webber and Alonso.
    But on hindsight if either wins I’ll be happy.

    Final race will be a cracker FOR SURE!

  249. Rob Pullar says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.217 secs.

  250. allan walsh says:

    Webber in front of Alonso by 0.162

  251. Kishan says:

    Webber by 0.256 sec

  252. James says:

    Webber slower by 1.4 seconds

  253. Scott says:

    Alonso faster by 0.111 seconds.

  254. Adelaideans says:

    Webber by 0.333.
    Love this site, love this season. Thanks!

  255. plushpile says:

    Webber, 0.183 faster

  256. Regis says:

    What a nice gesture to give away a signed copy. Thank you.

    Alonso will be in front of Mark by 0.056

  257. Jimmy P says:

    I predict that Webber will qualify 0.186 seconds faster than alonso

  258. Alex of Sydney says:

    Vettel on Pole with a brilliant drive, Webber 2nd, Alonso 3rd by .178. Alonso and Webber tangle into first corner, Webber damages front wing has to pit, Alonso spins and rejoins at back of field. Webber out of contention, Alonso fights his way back through field up to P5 with Schumacher in p4 with last few laps. Schumacher defends position and Alonso stays P5 with Vettel winning 2010 championship!
    Cant get a better finish than that!

  259. Doug says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.093 seconds.

  260. Omabala says:

    Hi James,

    Miss your commentary mate.

    My prediction Webber faster than Alonso by 0.213sec

  261. Liam M says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by 0.357 secs.

    I am now 40 and as a measure of the JPS livery’s power – this was the first cigarette I ever smoked (damn the b@astards!). Have since grown up and given up (but not before smoking Marlboroughs when Aryton was in the cigarette packet McLarens!)

    Oh, and GO WEBBER!!!!!

  262. KerbRider says:

    webber faster than alonso by 0.239

  263. Karthick says:

    Webber faster than alonso by .217s

  264. Alonso4ever says:

    Alonso will be faster than Webber by 0.324 sec.

    Alonso for the Win and 2010 WDC.

  265. Jingjing says:

    Fernando faster by 0.137

    I think Fernando will qualify Second and race Second,finally take the 3rd WDC title.

  266. Atanu Biswas says:

    Alonso will lead Webber by .324 Sec

  267. Satish says:

    Alonso will beat Webber by 0.145 seconds in quali.

  268. Padeepa Manoj says:

    James, everyone is talking about Vettel having to move over for Webber (which is relatively straightforward – of course he will do the right thing). But one scenario which is entirely possible but not talked about is if Webber is running first, followed by Alonso and then Vettel. Would he really have the desire to chase and pass Alonso? What are your thoughts?

    1. Paul D says:

      Similar scenario to Suzuka 99. Schumi was in P2 and had the pace to challenge Hakkinen for the lead. However a Schumacher win would have handed Irvine the title, so his pace was very ‘controlled’ :)

  269. Brett says:

    Hi James,

    My tip is for Mark by 0.036, however I fear that he whilst Mark might win the battle, he’ll otherwise lose the war.

    The atmosphere James in Australia among the Formula 1 faithful is fantastic; with midnight broadcasts on Big Screens Sunday evening (for example at Fed Square in Melbourne). It has been soooo long since AJ won, and longer still to when Jack won his three before that.

    In addition to hoping for Mark to win; I just hope that Mark get’s the public recognition for his efforts here (not like Jack who seems to be often a forgotten hero alongside other Aus sporting greats of that generation), and that if he loses the Aus media don’t jeer him for choking or not driving to our (extremely high) expectations.

    Thanks for your coverage. Its been great.

  270. unoc says:

    Since asdsaall the probable numbers seem taken.

    Webber by an immeasurable amount of time after alonso doesn’t participate in quali due to car problems

  271. JimmiC says:

    Probably a slightly cagey and conservative Alonso for this weekend, aiming to get just enough rather than to win the race. Playing the percentages I think it is called.

    Webber to outqualify Alonso by 0.459 seconds.

  272. Abel Karaj says:

    Webber fastest 0.229 s.

  273. Sarvar says:

    Mark faster by 0.132 seconds

  274. Baktru says:

    Alonso before Webber by 0.143 seconds.

  275. yer says:

    webber will be faster then alonso by 0.500 sec.

  276. Baktru says:

    As we’re predicting, race prediction…

    Qualifications see Vettel – Alonso – Webber on the grid. Kobayashi crashes out on his first fast lap of Q1 in an attempt to avoid hitting an oddly behaving Senna, and starts last.

    In the race, Vettel takes the lead from pole. Rosberg somehow realizes a superb start and is in second, followed by Webber and Alonso.
    Kobayashi starts storming up the field.

    Shortly before the pitstops, Webber and Alonso hit each other in the hairpin before the long straight, damaging the front wing of the Ferrari and a rear tire on the Red Bull. Both drop back and pit for new tires (and a front wing for Alonso) right away. As Webber lost more time driving half a lap on a flat, he emerges way behind Alonso who reenters around 8th.

    At the head of the field, Rosberg gets past Hamilton in the pitstops to take second, noone is even near Vettel. Alonso fights his way back from 8 and clinches 4th in the last lap by overtaking Kubica on the long straight. Webber gets stuck in 11th behind Kobayashi.

    Race Result:
    1) Vettel
    2) Rosberg
    3) Hamilton
    4) Alonso
    5) Kubica

    Alonso wins the WDC. I win a hangover Monday morning.

  277. gil dogon says:

    Well, Lets go for Webber, by 0.127 ….

  278. Chris says:

    ALO + 0.09

  279. Dufus says:

    Webber by 0.128

  280. BMG says:

    Webber by.86 seconds.

  281. Andy C says:

    Webber faster by 0.265

  282. Mark Robinson says:

    Alonso in front by 0.056s :)

  283. michael grievson says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.213 seconds

  284. mawchi says:

    Alonso faster by 0,096 seconds

  285. Adrian says:

    I’ll go for a the anomaly of a deadheat in qualifying for Webber and Alonso, followed by race gremlins, Vettel for the win and WDC.

  286. Ashok says:

    Alonso faster than webber by 0.182 secs ;-)

  287. Richard D says:

    Webber ahead by 0.211. Can’t wait!

  288. Estophile says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.273s.

  289. Jo Torrent says:

    It’s raining in Abu Dhabi incredible ! Webber is going to have a heart attack.

  290. Jimchik says:

    Alonso on pole by .047

  291. Attakorn Saiyasombat says:

    I predict Alonso will be faster by .115 seconds.

  292. Iain Carter says:

    Webber ahead of Alsono. Margin 0.301

  293. Derek Lorimer says:

    Webber by 0.39 seconds. May as well be confident

  294. Jenny says:

    I’m going to predict Webber faster than Alonso in quali by 0.27s. Alonso to take the title “for sure”.

  295. David Newsome says:

    James, what chance of you writing an Alonso book in the years to come? You’ve done Schumacher. Now do the best!

  296. Sibu Kolwapi says:

    webber faster by 0.065

  297. Brett says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.132

  298. Nazdakka says:

    Webber by 0.047s

  299. Hello James and race fans,

    First of all James, I ordered your new book through your website and I’m very much looking forward to receiving the copy next month. I enjoyed the copy of last year, as your blog I was thrilled and very happy with the signed copy, so I will be with this years edition, Christmas will be coming eralier this year !!

    Concerning the prediction of the season’s final qualifying session I’ve got the feeling that Red Bull will be aiming at the next 1-2 grid positions. Just to make shure they keep their championship hopes alive. Looking back on all the qualifying session this yaer and seeing Red Bull cars often dominating qualifying this year with complete front row positions I’m sure they will do everything in their power to do it again. They’ve become Constructors Champions for a deserved reason, they knew that qualifying is very crucial these days (Jenson Button admitted that it is and that he failed to qualify well this season).
    Concerning Fernando Alonso he will make sure that he qualifies near the front but he will not push it over the edge to reach the front row. He knows that his strength lies within the race itself, he knows that tyres will play an important role as also the engine. He will save it as much as he can in qualifying to use it at its maximum during the race.

    My prediction will be 0.539 seconds difference between Webber & Alonso. A difference that has often shown during qualifying between Red Bull and the competition.

    Alonso just needs to stay very close to webber during the race and try to push him as much has he can and force him to use the full track width and as a result the curbstones and a higher usage of the tires. I’m quite sure that Alonso will get Webber during the race. Vettel may win as he’s not interested in him. Webber on his behlaf will be the man under pressure and if he’s feeling it to much he might wanna see Alonso take the dirt side of the track and might see some dirt himself pushing over the bounderies. The only thing I’m hoping for is that Alonso won’t get trapped and get hit by Webber in an attempt to get by the Australian.
    Give or take it will be another exciting season’s finale and may the best win the title as they all showed they are top notch drivers and every one of them deserves to be crowned champion.
    Although I admired a quote of Alonso in Hungary making a statement that he will be be crowned champion this year, and at that stage of the season noone belived in it as Ferrari wasn’t at its best yet. But looking at it now, he’s there with a very strong chance of keeping his promise. He knows how to win a title as he’s done it twice before ! Something Webber and Vettel still have to achieve and experience.
    Anyway I will be watching the race with alot of anxiety and interest and I’ll be very curiuos to what Red Bull will be doing, teamorders or not, Vettel being a fairplayer and teamplayer or a one man on the move with a target kind of driver and man. Seeing Christian Horner often shking his leg and the pitwall during the closing stages of the race, I wonder what it will be this weekend, will he cramp it or become completely crazy shaking over his whole body ? Let’s see and whitness something incredible but we’ll all end the season with a peacefull feeling and happy to have seen a stunning race and a very exciting season. 2010 had it all !

    Anyway James have a great weekend there in Abu Dhabi, have nice flight back home and enjoy the finale. Thank you for your time reading this and for presenting us another fantastic book and insight into this fascinating sport.

    Very Kind Regards,

    David Maesschalck from Belgium

  300. mattd says:

    Webber by 0.332

  301. Rika Nishidate says:

    Weber will be 0.24 seconds faster than Alonso….

    I hope!

  302. Ali of Lebanon says:

    Everyone thinks Alonso is a cool customer. Remember the beginning of the year when the pressure was on Alonso to prove his massive pay packet compared to Massa? He was spluttering off the line, bogging down off the start line and making mistakes like crashing at Monaco.

    He will be under immense pressure again this weekend, as he is hot favourite, and it will be an Alonso mistake that hands the title to Vettel!

    1. SuperOsnola says:

      Fernando alonso has always been a very, very cool driver. I remember Vettel making some mistake in Singapore and Webber in Corea, that are much closer than China or Australia. Fernando is the last driver that I espect to make a mistake this weekend.

  303. Rahul says:

    Webber faster by 0.368s

  304. sammy says:

    Webber by 0.347

  305. type056 says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.290

  306. David Turnedge says:

    Ha! There’s now way Alonso will be faster than Webber or Vettel.

    It’ll be Vettel ahead of Webber 0.1 and Webber ahead of Alonso 0.4

  307. Wrexter says:

    Alonso to qualify by .138s faster

  308. Vinod Rajasekaran says:

    Webber will lead Alonso by 0.019s

  309. Simo says:

    Alonso faster than Wbber by 0.127s

  310. Andrew Derlien says:

    Webber will be 0.314s quicker

  311. Timo says:

    Webber ahead by 0.179

  312. Tony says:

    Alonso faster than webber by 0,212

  313. Jane says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.025

  314. Murray Naish says:

    Hmm, Alonso faster by 0.123

  315. David Smith says:

    Webber by 0.050s

  316. SuperOsnola says:

    Fernando Alonso faster than Webber by 0.123 seconds.

  317. Baart says:

    Alonso fastest by 0.168s

  318. Riccardo says:

    Let’s try this! I predict Webber will be faster with a 0.045 margin overdose Alonso.
    Cheers James!

  319. Neil murg says:

    Webber faster by 0.083 seconds from Alonso

  320. john g says:

    alonso faster than webber, by 0.106 seconds :)

  321. Mark says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.056 seconds.

  322. steakbearnaise says:

    Webber fastger than Alonso by 0.244

  323. Pete Doughty says:

    Webber to be faster than Alonso by 0.235s

    1. Pete Doughty says:

      Changed to 0.237, Webber faster than Alonso – as someone beat me to it!

  324. isaac5 says:

    Alonso will be faster than Webber by 0.301

  325. John F says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.86s

    1. John F says:

      Sorry, mistake, I meant faster by 0.086s

  326. Vic says:

    Webber by 0.565

  327. Carl Sheen says:

    Webber over Alonso by 0.163s

  328. Phil Ross says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.194 seconds.

  329. Jon says:

    Alonso ahead by 0.075s it’s going to be close

  330. Mike says:

    webber – .016

  331. Matt Devenish says:

    Mark Webber by 0.243

  332. matt says:

    webber faster by 0.102 seconds

  333. Brian M says:

    Alonso faster by 0.133

  334. MARK says:

    Webber ahead by 0.459

  335. bg says:

    Alonso faster by 0.257

    Hopefully he will add his third ace to his helmet!!

  336. LMW says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.172 seconds.

  337. Matthew says:

    Webber by 0.087

  338. Andy Will says:

    webber to be ahead by 0.029

  339. Russell Cook says:

    Webber by 0.113

  340. Owen Li says:

    Webber Faster by 0.352

  341. Susan says:

    Webber faster by .335 seconds

  342. Webber ahead by 0,633s.

  343. Staggly says:

    Webber ahead by 0.293

  344. Phil Snell says:

    Alonso by 0.058

  345. george says:

    Alonso by 3/10th

  346. Dave says:

    I’m interested in what you say about Michael and Mercedes. Both Michael and Nico have done well since updates were put on hold. I wonder if the constant updates sometimes have a destabalizing effect on drivers. I know it’s part of the game these days, but looking at McLaren this year it appears that they have struggled a bit due when these updates don’t have the benefit they should. I understand that the technical advances are what makes F1 what it is, but I would like to see the drivers given the opportunity to get used to their car and work around it before changes are made. The Mercedes situation suggests that time can be made up without all this tinkering!

  347. Alex` says:

    Alonso faster for 0.252 s

  348. Darren says:

    since I have already ordered your book Il throw a curveball….

    Dead Heat, Alonso by virtue of having set his time first

  349. Tifosi UK says:

    Webber fastest by 0.172

  350. Mark Tong says:

    Great website James. Missing your commentary on telly – the beeb need to get rid of Mr Legard!

    I’m getting that annual depressed feeling when the season is coming to an end!

    Webber quicker than Alonso by 0.147 seconds.

  351. moggi says:

    Alonso faster than Webber by 0.02 seconds.

    GO NANDO GO !!

  352. sebsronnie says:

    Webber faster by 0.198 seconds!

  353. Edd says:

    Webber ahead of Alonso by .354s.

  354. andrew says:

    Webber faster by 0.015

  355. Mark says:

    Webber is faster by 0,117 seconds.

  356. Ayron says:

    Webber by 0.381 over Alonso with Hamilton inbetween and Vettel 0.008 ahead of Webber…

  357. Low says:

    Webber quicker by 0.055 seconds

  358. Bob Noxious says:

    I think Alonso will Edge out Webber by .080 secs and the pole will be won by Hamilton, Vettel in second then Alonzo and Webber.

    I love having you on TSN, cheers mate

  359. Legend2 says:

    Webber quicker by 0.241 seconds.

  360. Zhenya says:

    Webber faster than Alonso by 0.184 sec. What a fantastic season!

  361. Raja Sen says:

    Webber ahead by .346

    But that’s only if Alonso makes it to third place. My spidersense says there is a chance he qualifies outside the top 5 today.

  362. Steve G. says:

    Webber by 0.238…

  363. Mile says:

    I would say les than a tenth Alonso, let say Alonso faster by 0.092

  364. Joel says:

    Webber by 0.120 seconds.

  365. Darren S says:

    Excited about tonight. Hoping no one blows a rear tyre tomorrow.

    Webber by 0.277 over Alonso.

  366. kerek says:

    Webber by 0.019

  367. Linda says:

    Webber by 0.152.

  368. vic says:

    I think Jane won, only 6 milliseconds of error. Congrats

  369. Wrexter says:

    Dammit I was off by 0.005s. Someone was off by only 0.003s. :(

  370. Ibrahim Patel says:

    well done to the winner


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