Home boost for Ferrari?
Monza 2015
Italian Grand Prix
Posted By: James Allen  |  31 Aug 2010   |  11:21 pm GMT  |  5 comments


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  1. Dave P says:

    This is a strange photo – why is one front wheel twice as wide as the other? even alowing for angle it looks wrong…

    1. Mario says:

      the pic was taken using wide angle camera lens, possibly as wide as a fish eye lens, that is why you get weird image around the edges of the picture.

    2. miticosul says:

      A wide-lens was used. Look at the car. It looks a little curved. Imagine the picture was taken in a 3m wide room right from car’s nose.

    3. Dave P says:

      Hmmm… I understand the fish eye principle.. but if you look carefully nothing around the tyre is as exagerated as the tyre is… e.g. the brake duct etc infact nothing in the whole picture is as proportionall distorted. The tyre wall also should be distorted but they are not… see the blown up picture

      Still I fully accept that is the most likely explantation… unless the scrutineers are bind, which I am sure McLaren think is the current case!

  2. KenC says:

    I think a fisheye lens was used but that it was optically corrected, in software. That leads to the odd width of the tire towards the periphery of the image.


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