F1 Summer Break 2015
Picture 22
Picture 22
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Aug 2010   |  8:41 am GMT  |  13 comments

Picture 22

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  1. Phil Paige says:

    Schumacher starts SPA 21st and does not finish

  2. Mark OZ says:

    Starts 18th & Finishes 9th

  3. Mark says:

    Start 19th, Finish 11th.

  4. Derek Nettles says:

    Schuey starts 19th and finishes 9th

  5. Eamonn Mc Cauley says:

    Start 20th and wins the race.

  6. John Stubenrauch says:

    Schumi qualifies 9th,starts 19th and finishes 10th.

  7. Ron Grable says:

    Schumi qualifies 9th, starts 19th, and finishes 12th.

  8. John Hanhardt says:

    Qulifies 9th, Starts 19th, finishes 8th.

  9. Patrick Caselli says:

    Starts 18th and finishes 12th.

  10. Geoff Edwards says:

    Starts 21st, Does not finish.

  11. F1 Novice says:

    Starts 17th finishes 8th

  12. George Brad says:

    Schumacher qualifies 9th, starts from the pit lane an finishes 6th (if it’s raining…)

  13. Robert Lujan says:

    I say Schu gets 22 on the grid at Spa. But what do I know. LOL


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