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F1 prediction: Winner of British GP tickets revealed
F1 prediction: Winner of British GP tickets revealed
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jun 2010   |  9:02 am GMT  |  19 comments

We had over 850 entries for the FX Pro sponsored prize of two grandstand tickets for the British Grand Prix on 10/11 July. And the result was incredibly, close, the winning prediction being just 0.007s out!

Fans were asked to predict the gap between Virgin Racing drivers Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi in qualifying in Valencia.

Up to that point Glock had a 100% record of outqualifying the Brazilian, sometimes by a margin of over a second.

However Di Grassi took the opportunity to turn the form book on its head and beat Glock by 0.054s – five hundredths of a second.

Most of our tipsters went for Glock, but of the ones who went for Di Grassi four of you were within four hundredths of a second – and you think F1 is close!

553 – Paul Miller predicted a 0.045s gap, he was 0.009 away
158 – Geoff Edwards went for 0.033 so he was 0.021 away
551 – Langer though it would be 0.075, 0.021 out
727 – Suzi said 0.030, she was a scant 0.024 off the mark.

But the winner is prediction number 429 – Ibrahim Patel who predicted 0.047.

The gap was 0.054 in favour of di Grassi so Ibrahim was just 0.007 away.

Congratulations to Ibrahim. We will be in touch for details of where to send the prize. Thanks to everyone else for taking part.

Meanwhile don’t forget our next initiative, the FOTA Fans Forum, powered by Santander on Thursday. The 150 fans who responded first and have secured places have now all been informed.

I’ll be posting details on Monday of how everyone else can follow the event as it happens and pick up the content after the event.

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  1. JimmiC says:

    Congratulations Ibrahim!

  2. Zoof Zoof says:

    Nice one Ibrahim, that is a pretty close prediction. What’s your prediction for next week’s lottery please?

    Have fun at Silverstone! And thanks to James and FX Pro for this initiative.

  3. Andy Fov says:

    Congratulations Ibrahim!

  4. Peter Jones says:

    Well done Ibrahim.

    I wonder if Di Grassi read all our predictions and used it as motivation to up his game?

  5. MarkleSchuMarker says:

    Great idea for a competition, certainly had me checking the bottom of the times more closely, congratulations to the winner. Hope you have a fantastic day. Can’t wait to hear about the other FANtastic (geddit?) day.

    Off topic I’d like to thank James for the signed book he gave to my brother danny. A friend who works for you on the lakes gave it to him. Sorry it’s taken a while to say thanks but we always read and almost never post.

  6. James says:

    Congratulations Ibrahim! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing weekend. Enjoy.

  7. Ibrahim Patel says:

    Thanks, tbh i feel for paul miller (and the other three) who really was so so so close.

    Not many backed grassi so credit goes to him, maybe he can top off his weekend and beat his teammate in the race.

    Thanks also to James for a very much unique f1 website and FXPro for a fantastic competition (many more to come i hope).

    1. James Allen says:

      Well done. We’ll be in touch by email

    2. Paul Miller says:

      You can take me with you if you want!!! Haha, na its fine I’m off to Spa again this year not in gold grandstand just general admission probably be at Pouhon.

      Hope you have a good time mate and if you can post your photos up.

  8. Andy C says:

    Rumours of James putting sand bags in timos cockpit are apparently wide of the mark ;-)

    well done ibrahim. Not many thought lucas would do it (me included).

  9. Manorhowze says:

    Congratulations to Ibrahim. Good job with the prediction.

    Gotta feel sorry for Paul Miller who was only a further 0.002 out.

    1. James Allen says:

      THat’s how Webber feels sometimes when Vettel “does’” him!

      1. Paul Miller says:

        I know how he feels!

  10. KidrA says:

    Amazing competition indeed and what a prize! I’m happy for whoever goes there as I’ve won also GP tickets in the past by go-karting and that’s something I will never forget. Thanks for James and FxPro for this.

  11. ABBEY says:

    All this manipulation…

    James, your point of view shoud be free, have the courage to say the true about the safety car and what happened.

    ¿Why is Charles Whiting commanding these decisions?

    God, Todt will make good Mosley´s baloney

  12. ABBEY says:

    Sorry, Congratulations Ibrahim!

  13. Mario says:

    I enjoyed this lottery very much even though I won nothing. I hope we will see more of similar entertainment in the future?

    Can we organize a sweepstake or something? PayPal account, 50p per entry and a guess contest like above and the winner gets the money.
    Hows that?

    1. Mario says:

      Oh yea! Congrats to Ibrahim!

  14. Phil Bishop says:

    Congratulations Ibrahim and thanks again James for promoting the competition.


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