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F1 prediction: Win 2 top grandstand tickets for British GP
F1 prediction: Win 2 top grandstand tickets for British GP
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Jun 2010   |  2:40 pm GMT  |  872 comments

I’m delighted to be able to offer two top of the range grandstand seats for the British Grand Prix on 11 July, courtesy of my sponsor FX Pro, the Forex trading company which sponsors Virgin Racing.

You could be trackside at Silverstone in two weeks time (Darren Heath)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and predict what the margin will be in qualifying at Valencia between the two Virgin drivers and in whose favour. The times in F1 are measured to 1/1000ths of a second. So for example if you think Timo Glock will be faster, you might answer “Glock by 0.123 secs”. Please do remember the three digits after the decimal point.

To give you a guide, in Turkey Glock was faster than DI Grassi by 1.245 secs. In Montreal the gap was down to 0.734s again in Glock’s favour.

In the event that no-one gets the correct answer, the person getting the closest to the time will be the winner. If two people get the same correct answer, the one who posted first wins. If one of the drivers fails to set a time, the person who predicts that wins.

Obviously, as with the Fans Forum, only people who are able to physically get to the event should answer. If you are in Canberra with no chance of getting a flight, please don’t enter and spoil it for everyone else. Or enter for fun, but declare that you do not wish to claim the prize.

Entries must be in by 12-00hrs UK time on Saturday 26 June.

We will send the tickets and information pack out early next week.

The full JA on F1 Silverstone package courtesy of FX Pro

· Premium grandstand tickets to Saturday and Sunday’s events

· Large TV screens so you don’t miss one second of action

· Packed lunch with Virgin Racing cool bag

· A tour of the Virgin Racing garage, F1 Paddock and autographed team merchandise

· Kangaroo TV set

· Official F1 Programme

· Virgin Racing ticket lanyard with map, time table and Virgin Racing info

· Virgin Racing gift bag

Good Luck!

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  1. Craig Woollard says:

    Glock by 0.488 seconds

    1. Aaron says:

      oh that’s weird.. I said exactly the same, and it was before any comments were showing..

      1. Craig Woollard says:

        It’ll be random then when Glock beats Di Grassi by exactly 0.488 seconds then ;P

      2. Aaron says:

        Haha here’s hoping!

        Though what happens if it is 0.488, I presume there can only be one winner..

      3. James Allen says:

        Only one entry per person, remember

    2. William Reed says:

      glock by 0.346

      1. Nathan Smith says:

        Glock By 0.334

    3. John Videlo says:

      Glock by 1.001 seconds

    4. Paul Walker says:

      Glock faster by 0.658

    5. John O'Hare says:

      I think it will be Glock by 0.625 seconds

    6. Ruth Stockdale says:

      I think it will be Glock by 0.298 seconds

    7. bunnytanjuatco says:

      timo glock by o.797 sec

    8. Barrie says:

      Glock by 0.402

    9. Gordon Evans says:

      Glock by 1.122 sec.

  2. Joe says:

    Timo Glock will be faster by .856 seconds.

  3. Thomas Foote says:

    Glock by 0.846 secs

  4. Stephen says:

    Glock by 0.464

  5. Andy says:

    Glock by 0.625

  6. Jil says:

    Glock by 0.473 s

  7. Aaron says:

    Glock by 0.488 secs.

  8. Paul Wilson says:

    Glock by 0.812

  9. Jake says:

    Glock by 0.611 seconds.

  10. George says:

    It’s going to be 0.500 in Glock’s favour.

  11. Lee Keery says:

    Di Grassi by 0.455 secs

  12. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.867 secs

  13. Imran Patel says:

    .909 seconds

  14. James Palmer says:

    0.533 Seconds

      1. James Palmer says:

        Sorry, Glock.

      2. Blondie Su says:

        I love F1
        Glock by 0.933

  15. Matt S says:

    Glock by 0.364

  16. Imran Patel says:

    Glock by 0.909 secs

  17. Leonardo says:

    Glock will be ahead of Di Grassi by .913s.

  18. Nicci says:

    I think the gap will be 0.844 in Glock’s favour.

  19. Goldfinger says:

    Glock by 0.223

  20. Jason Cole says:

    0.2950 seconds

  21. Jenny says:

    I predict Glock fastest by 1.302 secs.

  22. Tom says:

    Glock by 0.123 secs

  23. Neil Harper says:

    Glock by 0.846 secs

  24. Mickey says:

    Glock by 0.486 secs

  25. Goldfinger says:

    I meant 1.223 seconds! Too late to change?? Sorry.

  26. Rob A says:

    Glock by 0.345 sec

  27. Neil Cornthwaite says:

    I think that Glock will be faster by 0.824 seconds

  28. Andrew Cameron says:

    Glock by 0.812 secs

  29. Renzo Pigati says:

    Glock by 0.192 secs

    Best regards

  30. thestretch says:

    i think glock will be 0.568s faster than di grassi

  31. Danny Teasdale says:

    Glock by 0.723 – Good luck to all!

  32. ColinZeal says:

    Glock by 0.698

  33. paddy says:

    glock by .561 but i live in canada so its just for fun

  34. Alex Lawton says:

    Glock by 0.843 secs.

  35. dulait says:

    Glock by 0.354 secs

  36. Phil Snell says:

    Glock to be faster by 0.825

    BTW, Great competition and website!!

  37. mark turner says:

    gap: 0.518

  38. Liam says:

    I reckon it’ll be in Glock’s favour – 0.532 secs

  39. Ben Miller says:

    Glock by 0.350 seconds

  40. Irish con says:

    .777 glock faster

  41. Silverelisedave says:

    I rekon its gonna be Glock quicker again by 0.820

    Thanks! :)

  42. Gareth Nicholas says:

    Glock to beat Di Grassi by 0.278

  43. Stephen Pattenden says:

    Glock by 0.868 secs

  44. James Rossi says:

    Glock by 1.021s

  45. Adam Taylor says:

    Glock by 0.423 secs – fun entry

  46. Benjamin says:

    Timo Glock by 1.125 seconds. I do not wish to claim the prize.

  47. yer says:

    glock by 0.821

  48. David Green says:

    Got to be Glock, and by 0.899 seconds

  49. Ian says:

    Glock by 1.325secs

  50. Samantha Cawley says:

    Glock by 1.132 seconds

  51. Rob says:

    Glock by 0.884 seconds

  52. NA says:

    Glock by .946

    Just entering for fun, cannot claim prize.

  53. Mike Daniels says:

    Glock by 0.524

  54. Frederik says:

    Glock by 1.076 sec

  55. Jon P says:

    Glock by 0.234 secs

  56. Daniel Mawby says:

    Glock by 0.678 secs

  57. Mike Flemington says:

    Glock by 1.165 seconds

  58. PaulL says:

    Glock 0.249

  59. david says:

    Glock by 0.756 secs

  60. Alan Goodfellow says:

    I’ll go for Glock by 0.758 seconds :)

    Thank you for giving us all this opportunity, James!

  61. Erik C says:

    No claim, Glock by .823

  62. Chris says:

    I reckon Glock by 1.235s.
    I have a question which I was hoping you might be able to help with, I’m going to Monza this year and was hoping to hire a Kangaroo TV but it isn’t available, do you know of any other way to follow the race from the track?

    1. James Allen says:

      Buy a UHF scanner for £100 or so and scan through until you find some English commentary. You’ll find some team radio frequencies too

  63. Tom S says:

    OK, let’s go for 0.555

    Last year’s Silverstone was my first ever GP, atmosphere was incredible.

    1. Tom S says:


  64. richie675 says:

    In favour of Glock – 0.450

  65. Padeepa says:

    Great prize. I say:
    Glock by 0.255 sec

  66. Andy Brown says:

    Glock by 0.982 seconds

  67. Mario Ramos says:

    “Glock by 0.555 secs”

  68. El Shish says:

    Glock to be 0.650 faster than Di Grassi

  69. Matthew Worden says:

    Glock by 0.827 secs

  70. Shane Govern says:

    Glock by 0.549 secs

  71. Alex O'Donnell says:

    The gap between the Virgin cars will be 0.584 secs in favour of T.Glock (spinning like a clock)

  72. andrew_donny says:

    I feel compelled to comment as a regular but non-contributing reader for the past two seasons, particularly as this such a great prize.

    Here goes:

    Glock by 0.560 seconds.

  73. Nick Hatton says:

    Glock by 0.812 secs

  74. Timo Glock by 0.954s now, I do not have a psssport so I could say playing merely to see how close, however if I won I would immediately get a passport to partake in the event. My last live grand prix attended was the British Gp in 1996 where Jacques won and I wore my country flag proudly. Damon most at track remember was towed for the fans after the race, and both Ferraris went out.
    Best of luck to all.

  75. Richard Dreyer says:

    I think Glock will be 0.846 seconds ahead.

  76. Craig says:

    I predict 0.727 in favour of Glock.

    Thanks for the really cool fan initiatives lately. See you at the FOTA fans forum. I can’t wait.

  77. Obster says:

    Glock by.330

  78. Adam Callaghan says:

    Glock by 0.316s

  79. David says:

    Glock by 0.972

  80. jbstans says:

    I’m going to have a stab at 0.639sec

    1. jbstans says:

      To Glock

  81. Paul Lewis says:

    Glock by 0.694 seconds

  82. Neal Maarwood says:

    Glock by 0.947

  83. Phil Bishop says:

    Glock by 0.428

    James this is another awesome initiative. Thanks a million and to FX Pro too.



  84. Chris Bannister says:

    Glock by 0.736s

  85. Neil Jenney says:

    Glock by 0.811 secs

  86. Neil Williams says:

    Glock by 0.554 seconds

  87. graham best says:

    Glock by 0.85 i reckon

  88. Stephen says:

    Glock by 0.642

  89. Richo says:

    Glock by 1.435

  90. Dominic Barker says:

    Glock 0.562 secs

  91. Deeren Patel says:

    Glock by 0.654 secs.

  92. Peter Jones says:

    Glock by 0.479

  93. Andy C says:

    Glock by 0.428

  94. Rob says:

    Timo by 0.945

  95. malcolm.strachan says:

    In Canada, so don’t count me in:

    Glock by 0.893 seconds.


  96. Seymour Quilter says:

    Ok James
    in answer to your competition question:

    Glock ahead by 0.367

    fingers crossed!

  97. Robert Fellows says:

    Glock By 0.237 Seconds

  98. Roonmastor says:

    Great competition and pretty hard to predict. I’ll go with Glock by 1.187 seconds.

  99. Steve Payne says:

    Glock 1.632s

    1. Steve Payne says:

      Just to confirm Glock faster by 1.632 sec

  100. F1ART says:

    Glock faster than DI Grassi by 0.575.

    See you in London next week James, many thanks for the invitation.

  101. Ben G says:

    Glock by 0.514 seconds

  102. Alex says:

    Glock by 0.956

  103. Tyke Lockett says:

    “Glock by 0.095 secs”

  104. Wayne HArding says:

    Glock by 0.346

  105. JamesF1 says:

    Glock by 0.656 seconds

  106. Mario says:

    Timo by 0.965

  107. Marco says:

    Glock by 0.853. Great Website James lots of insight for the dedicated fan. Thanks

  108. Andrew says:

    Fantastic competition James, I can’t claim the prize but I’ll have a go…

    Glock by 1.135s.

  109. Ian Lockett says:

    “Glock by 0.111 seconds”

  110. Glock by 0.314 seconds.

  111. Gareth Ludlow says:

    Glock by 1.362s

  112. Kristian Robinson says:

    Glock by 0.043 seconds

  113. Ben G says:

    Lovely idea, thanks.
    Here goes;
    Glock by .578

  114. Craig says:

    I think Timo Glock will be faster by 0.214s

  115. Jamie says:

    Glock by 0.523secs

  116. Ed Utteridge says:

    Glock faster by 0.954

  117. Sam Hussaini says:

    I think Glock will be ahead by 0.620 seconds

  118. Graeme says:

    Glock by 0.563

  119. pat says:

    Superb competition!

    glock ahead by 0.534

    good luck everyone.

  120. Nick Ablitt says:

    Glock by 0.543 secs

  121. Lewis Henson says:

    Glock by 0.699 secs

  122. James W says:

    Glock by 0.356

    Out of interest, should one of the drivers not be able to post a time, what would happen then?

  123. Giles says:

    0.824 Glock quicker

  124. Helen says:

    Glock will be faster than Di Grassi by .151s

  125. Mark Anderson says:

    Glock by 0.418 secs

  126. Richard Craig says:

    Another tough day for Virgin, especially Timo today. Really illustrates that in some respects, the in-season testing ban hinders as much as it helps. Whilst the “arms race” to resource and fund test teams (benefitting the rich teams) is eliminated, the new teams are forced to make painfully slow advances in their development due to the lack of track time (and the track time they DO get is under the full glare of the world’s media). I think some limited in-season testing should be permitted, to give the smaller teams more chance to develop their cars, give the test and reserve drivers more track time and perhaps reduce the rule bending which sees teams stretch the spirit of the rules permitting demonstration/media days.
    Glock by 0.874

  127. Steven says:

    I reckon it’ll be 0.726 in Glock’s favour.

  128. Jamie Sliwa says:

    Glock by 0.996

    Great prize, many thanks for the opportunity James!

  129. Jonathan says:

    Why not?! Glock by 0.351 secs.

  130. Matt M says:

    Glock by 0.868

  131. will clark says:

    Glock 0.623

    Good luck guys

  132. jordan says:

    Glock will be 1.4 seconds ahead of Di Grassi.

  133. Steve JR says:

    Glock will beat Di Grassi by 1.121 seconds

  134. William Wallace says:

    Glock by 0.545 seconds.

  135. Andy W says:

    Glock by 0.874 seconds

  136. Si says:

    Glock by 0.466 secs

  137. Fuller says:

    Glock by 0.643s

  138. Baart says:

    James, what about situation, when one or two of the drivers will be DNF ?

    1. James Allen says:

      If you think that will happen make that your guess

      1. Dave R says:

        Glock does not set a time!

  139. ishtiaq says:

    Glock will be faster by 0.8500 seconds

  140. Ollie Woods says:

    Glock by 0.891

  141. Chantal Hillarby says:

    Glock by 0.765

  142. Howard Hughes says:

    Glock, by 0.537

  143. Bill Nuttall says:

    Glock by 0.947

  144. Andy Fov says:

    Glock’s supremacy over DiGrassi to be 0.575 seconds.

    *fingers crossed*

  145. F1 Kitteh says:

    Glock by 0.997 secs

  146. Phil says:

    Glock by 0.536s

  147. Jeff says:

    Glock by 0.429 seconds

  148. Tom Corrigan says:

    Glock faster by 0.314 of a second

  149. Graham says:

    Glock by 0.821 secs

  150. Jose Carlos Silva says:

    Glock by 0.324 secs

  151. Paul says:

    My prediction is:
    Timo Glock by 0.565 seconds

  152. Deepan says:

    Glock by 0.825 secs

  153. Andy dryden says:

    Glock by 1.647

  154. GeoffEdwards says:

    “Di Grassi by 0.033 secs”

  155. Andy C says:

    Glock by 0.643 seconds.

    Thanks for the competition James!

    1. Andy C says:

      please note that I just noticed someone else called andy c has also posted. I assume you can see from email addresses? I’m sure I only posted on this one.

      Thanks, enjoy the forum next week.

  156. Matt says:

    I think the gap will be 0.952

      1. Matt says:

        That would help wouldnt it – Glock!

  157. Stephen Dann says:

    Nice prize

    Glock by 1.038 secs

  158. Baart says:

    Glock by 0,612

  159. Moog says:

    Glock 0.243

  160. ronmon says:

    I can’t make it, but I’ll guess anyway.

    Glock by .854

  161. Akan says:

    Your site just exploded into awesome territory, been here from the start, nice to see it grow like this.

    Glock by 0.666 :D

    And for 10 tickets, I predict this one will get the most comments of all your submissions, haha.

    1. Baart says:

      that`s right ! I was here, when this www was born :)

  162. Russell Cook says:

    Glock by 0.836 secs

  163. Alex says:

    Glock by 0.666 secs >:)

  164. Kyle says:

    Glock by 0.853 seconds

    1. Kyle says:

      A search of the comments shows that I’ve been beaten to that figure. So cancel the above.

      My new entry is 0.852 (still to Glock)!

  165. Mightyquin says:

    Glock by 0.572 secs

  166. Phil Waddell says:

    Glock by 0.777 seconds

  167. Hanzo says:

    Best prize an F1 fan can get, nice job James!

    Glock by 0.853 is my guess.

  168. Stephen Williams says:

    Glock by 1.172 secs

  169. Brogan says:

    Presumably we just enter by commenting here?

    If so, can I have Glock by 0.687 ?

    Fingers crossed :D

  170. Matt Hammond says:

    Glock by 0.912

  171. Andrew Tilbury says:

    Nice competition!

    My guess would be Glock by 0.698 seconds

  172. Harry Gilbert says:

    Glock by .554

  173. SiY says:

    Glock by 0.426 secs

  174. Natalie says:

    Glock, by 0.854s

  175. Keith says:

    A chance too good to miss so I am going to say;

    Timo Glock by 1.546 secs over Di Grassi.

    Great Blog by the way, James.

  176. Nick says:

    I think Glock will be ahead by 0.316s

  177. Chris says:

    Glock by 0.372 secs

  178. Phil Waddell says:

    Glock by 0.777 seconds.

  179. Mark says:

    Glock by 0.539 seconds!

  180. Andrew says:

    I’m going to go with .547 in Timo’s favour.

  181. John says:

    Glock faster by 0.342 seconds :)

    Nice oompetition James, thanks.

  182. Andrew says:

    I predict Timo Glock by 0.243seconds.

  183. David White says:

    Well, quite obviously Glock is going to outqualify Di Grassi by 0.589 seconds in Valencia.

  184. john f says:


  185. Peter West says:

    Ok, I’ll have a crack at this: 0.596s in Glock’s favour.

  186. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.768 seconds!

    (great prize btw James!)

  187. Ian says:

    Two Virgins – who comes first, and how quickly?

    Timo Glock by 0.762 secs

  188. Glock by 0.983 secs

  189. Ketchup says:

    I think Glock will be faster by .857 seconds

  190. Hmm…. Glock ahead by 0.676 sounds about right to me.

  191. james murphy says:

    i think glock will be 1.375 seconds ahead of di grassi.

  192. Smiley says:

    Glock by 0.521 secs

  193. Nika Wattinen says:

    I think that Glock will be faster by 0.489s

  194. Paul says:

    Glock to be faster by 0.648 seconds.

  195. Luiz Felipe Sviech Pontarolo says:

    Di Grassi by 0.123 secs.
    I’am in Brazil.

  196. Richard Simpson says:

    My educated guess is: 0.431

    Good luck everyone!

  197. seisteve says:

    Glock by 1.345 secs

    (with apologies to Di Grassi :-)

  198. Matthew Menary says:

    Glock by 0.877

  199. Andy Smith says:

    Glock by 0.812 secs.

    Cant wait to see the new teams mixing it up when they catch up.

  200. Stephen says:

    Glock by 0.893 secs

  201. Martin says:


    1. Martin says:

      To Glock

  202. Danny H says:

    Great prize, I’m going with the form book, don’t let me down Timo.

    Glock by 0.687s

  203. Bojan says:

    I am going for Glock to be 0.771 seconds faster

  204. Antony Best says:

    What an awesome competition, I’m going to say Glock by 0.826 seconds.

    Cheers for the competition James and FX Pro!

  205. Terry Shepherd says:

    My prediction: Glock by 0.325 secs. See you there.

  206. Tim says:

    I’m going to take the first punt and say Glock by 0.412 seconds

  207. Graham Thwaite says:

    Glock by 0.578 secs

  208. f1aroo says:

    Where do we go to enter. Surely you don’t want us to enter our times in Comments. If we are not able to attend, might we donate the prize to a known poor soul in England that is an F1 fanatic but can’t afford to subsidize CVC and Bernie.

    1. James Allen says:

      Your email address comes through to me, so I can contact the winner. You may donate the tickets to someone who is able to attend

  209. Garry J. Berry says:

    Competition > Glock by 0.905 secs.

  210. Nazdakka says:

    Glock by 0.931s.

  211. Carlos says:

    Glock Faster by 0.534 seconds

  212. Gary C-G says:

    I’m an ex-pat living in Canada, may I enter and donate the prize to someone in England of my choosing if I win? Thanks

  213. Shane says:

    Glock faster by 0.523 seconds !

  214. sam james says:

    Glock to beat Di Grassi by 0.342 of a second!

  215. Iman Javanmardi says:

    Glock by 0.828 secs

  216. Peter Sainsbury says:

    Glock by 0.781 secs

  217. David Plews says:

    Glock faster by 0.111secs

  218. Adam G says:

    Glock ahead by 0.438 seconds.

    P.S. James you have the best F1 site by far!

  219. Suzanne Crane says:

    Glock faster by 0.334 secs

  220. Charlie says:

    I think Glock will beat di Grassi by 0.708 seconds.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  221. Richard Warren says:

    Glock by 0.987s.

  222. Glock by 0.987 sec. I will not be able to claim the prize.

  223. Adrian Harris says:

    Glock by 0.801 seconds

  224. Scott says:

    Glock by 0.844

    Extra text here.

  225. Luke A says:

    I assume we can only have 1 guess each?

    I will sat:

    Glock fastest by 0.832

  226. Richard hill says:

    Glock ahead by 0.223 secs

  227. Jon says:

    Glock by 0.947

  228. zoe says:

    glock by 0.523

  229. Dan Binns says:

    Glock by 0.463 seconds

  230. Kenny Carwash says:

    Nice competition idea! I’ll go with Glock fastest by 0.577 seconds.

  231. Carl 21 says:

    Glock by 0.847 seconds.

  232. FuriousA83 says:

    Glock by 0.529

  233. James B says:

    Glock by 0.824

  234. Stephen Farrall says:

    Glock by 0.855

  235. Paul says:

    Glock by 0.543

  236. Steve Arnott says:

    Glock by 0.847 seconds

    Good luck everyone!

  237. Nige says:

    Glock quicker by .491

  238. zoe says:

    glock by 0.352

  239. Davey says:

    Glock by 0.182 secs :)

  240. David Ledger says:

    Glock ahead by 0.638sec

  241. James says:

    Glock by 0.453 seconds

  242. Steven says:

    0.699 in glock favour

  243. krad says:

    Glock by 0.312 Seconds

  244. Pr0phet says:

    Glock by 0.836

  245. debora marsh says:

    Glock by 0.216 Seconds

  246. Steven says:

    glock by 0.699

  247. Rus_h says:

    Glock to beat Di Grassi by 0.889

  248. RichG says:

    Glock by 0.652

  249. Pushkar says:

    Glock by 0.611

  250. Richard Daw says:

    Glock by 0.523

  251. Karl Chandler says:

    I predict:

    Glock by 0.437 secs

    Nice one James

  252. Matt F says:

    Glock by 0.568 secs

  253. ginnerchris says:

    Glock by 0.854 seconds

    1. ginnerchris says:

      I notice that this time was taken earlier, but didn’t appear because comments hadn’t been moderated at the time.
      Can i change to Glock by 0.858?


  254. Paul says:

    Glock by 0.469s

  255. Joss says:

    Glock by 0.478

  256. Luke Horsfield says:

    Glock by 0.310 secs

  257. Dank says:

    Glock by 0.632s

  258. alex says:

    glock by .723

  259. Guru F1 says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks to you and Fx Pro for the opportunity! My prediction-
    >>Timo Glock will be faster by 0.886 seconds than Di Grassi


    1. James Allen says:

      No-one going for Di Grassi

  260. Susan Cook says:

    Glock by 0.025 secs

  261. Dizzy says:

    Glock by 0.243 secs

  262. vitor ferreira says:

    glock by 1,100 secs

  263. Tom Page says:

    Glock by “1.657 seconds”

  264. John Cooke says:

    Glock by 0.857s

  265. Grabyrdy says:

    Glock by 0.987

  266. angie leason says:

    Glock by 0.129 of a second!

  267. Mike Murphy says:

    Glock will be ahead by 0.25sec.
    Entering for fun,not able to travel

  268. Igino says:

    Glock by .581

    Won’t be able to make it from California :(

  269. William McCone says:

    Glock ahead by 0.264

    Good luck everyone!

  270. Matthew Walsh says:

    Glock by 0.655 secs

  271. marcus says:

    i think will be the difference between the two.

      1. marcus says:

        In Timo’s favour.

      2. marcus says:

        Actually, I see someone has already taken that time, so I’ll go with 0.567s in Timo’s favour.

  272. richard thompson says:

    Glock ahead by 1.038 seconds..

  273. senna says:

    glock 0.543 faster than di grassi.

  274. Chaitanya says:

    Glock by 0.678

    For fun, no prize, but would like to know if i was close.

  275. swayze says:

    glock by 0.983

  276. wn says:

    Glock by 1.254 secs

  277. Alchemy says:

    Glock by 0.342 secs

  278. Dave P says:

    Glock ahead by 0.795 I am so hoping I am right!

  279. Richard M says:

    Glock by 0.528 secs

  280. Ben Brown says:

    Di Grassi by 0.087

    1. adrian setterfield says:

      Looks like you’re the lucky winner!

      1. Ben Brown says:

        I think I just missed it. Never win anything!!


  281. Andy Bird says:

    Glock by 0.207

  282. ilias says:

    glock 0.645

  283. John says:

    I would say the gap will be .643 of a second.

  284. Dave Graham says:

    Glock by 0.973 secs

  285. Flintster says:

    Glock 1.436

    James, I recieved confirmation today for attending the forum on Thursday. Superb news and cannot wait let me tell you. Will see you there then….

  286. Jim Serafin says:

    In response to the contest, Glock by 0.645

  287. David Martin says:

    Great competition!

    Glock by 0.813 seconds

  288. tejas says:

    glock ahead (as usual) by 0.974s

  289. Alex Milne says:

    Glock by 0.967 secs

  290. Jon B says:

    I’m going for

    Glock by 0.837 secs

    Good luck to me!

  291. Jeanette says:

    Glock by 0,754

  292. Andrew Parente says:

    Glock by .645

  293. Jonathan says:

    Glock by 0.614 seconds

  294. Matt Batt says:

    I think it will be:

    0.375 in Glocks favour

  295. Dhruv Mehta says:

    Glock with 0.643 sec margin.

  296. SAVAS SASMAZ says:

    Timo Glock by 0.360 secs

  297. Elaine says:

    Di Grassi faster by 0.097

  298. MarkleSchuMarker says:

    Glock 0.553

  299. john f says:

    0.844 glock ahead of di grassi

  300. Dan Warner says:

    Glock by 0.624

  301. Jon Wilde says:

    Glock by 0.459 secs

  302. Siddharth Javeri says:

    Glock by 0.598 seconds

  303. Daisy says:

    Glock by 1.256 secs

  304. FLEX says:

    Glock by 0.876

  305. Alastair MacGregor says:

    Glock by 0.825s :)

  306. Grzegorz says:

    Glock by 0.623 secs

  307. Mick says:

    Glock by 0.837

  308. Mal Karen says:

    Glock by 0.869

  309. Julia says:

    Glock by 0.767

  310. Attakorn Saiyasombat says:

    I predict Glock to have the upper hand with 1.200 seconds margin.

    I opt out of the British GP prize.

  311. balint says:

    Glock by 0.980

  312. Pmj says:

    Glock by 0.647 secs

  313. Sebee says:

    Glock by 0.123

    I take your advice!

    1. Sebee says:

      I have to up it to 0.124 for Glock since someone beat me to it at 0.123.

  314. David Melvin says:

    Glock by 0.467 seconds

  315. Darren says:

    Haha looks like no one has much faith in Di Grassi…

    Glock by 0.846

  316. Mercy says:

    Glock by 0.712

    Poor Di Grassi (keep trying you’ll get him one day!)

  317. El Pilluli says:

    Glock by 1.100 secs

  318. Matthew F says:

    Glock by 0.564

  319. Alex says:

    Glock by 0.892

  320. Ben Cosgrove says:

    Glock by 0.823

  321. Tom L. says:

    Glock by 0.693

  322. gremlin says:

    Glock by 0.983 sec

  323. Dan Jackson says:

    Glock by 0.635 seconds

  324. John Hanhardt says:

    Glock by 1.173

  325. John Hanhardt says:

    Glock by 1.173 seconds

  326. Carl Perks says:

    Glock by 0.651

  327. VV says:

    Glock, by 0.839.

  328. Chimppingpong says:

    Glock by 0.796

  329. KidrA says:

    Glock by 0.534 secs

    1. KidrA says:

      I saw 1 person already with the same predictions like me. Should I change it?

      1. James Allen says:

        If they went first, yes

      2. KidrA says:

        As I don’t have time to read all these 700 something posts, I go for the safe option and di Grassi by 0.088

  330. Ben says:

    Glock by 0.526

  331. Julie W says:

    di Grassi by 1.050 seconds

  332. Paul Morgan says:

    Glock by .876

  333. Lethal M says:

    Glock by 0.942

  334. Domhnall Morrissey says:

    Glock by 0.375 seconds

  335. Leonard Owen says:

    De Grassi by 0.325

  336. Ryan Bayliss says:

    Glock by 0.437

  337. Joni Redpath says:

    Glock by 0.725

  338. iain says:

    Glock by 0.457

  339. Martin Smith says:

    Glock by 1.054 secs

  340. Josh Rowley says:

    Glock by 0.639

  341. Nick H says:

    Glock by 0.635 seconds

  342. Joyce Cerasoli says:

    Grassi by 0.139

  343. John Appleyard says:

    Glock by 0.301

  344. dstaisey says:

    Glock by 1.564

  345. Daniel Chalmers says:

    Di Grassi to be faster than Glock by 0.014 seconds.

  346. Will says:

    Glock by 0.743 seconds.

  347. Matt W says:

    Di Grassi by 0.600

  348. Ian T says:

    Glock by 0.328 secs

  349. Jefferson Gomes says:

    Glock by 0.737 s

  350. Priscila Belavenute says:

    Glock by 0.473s

  351. Richard says:

    Glock by 1.027

    If I win I will be giving my tickets away as I will already be there marshalling!

    1. James Allen says:

      Good for you. There would be no racing without you guys

  352. Ashley Uglow says:

    Di Grassi fastest by 0.005

  353. Glock by 0.614 secs

    Great competition! Your blog is the best

  354. Bruce McLaren says:

    Glock by 0.675 seconds

  355. Luke says:

    glock by 0.354

  356. Richard Goodey says:

    Glock by 0.578sec

  357. chloe says:

    Glock by 0.835

  358. Lee Flowers says:

    Glock by 0.782

  359. Carole says:

    Di Grassi by 0.912

  360. David Cornish says:

    Glock by 0.482 seconds

  361. sarah rowley says:

    glock faster by 0.827

  362. nda says:

    Glock by 0.308

  363. Malcolm46 says:

    Glock by 0.746

    Thanks James!

  364. MonkeyPeachy says:

    Glock by 0.954

  365. pete says:

    di grassi by 0.300 seconds

  366. James Keeling says:

    Glock by 0.898

  367. Matt says:

    Glock by 0.514s

  368. Kirsty says:

    Di Grassi by 0.176

  369. Nick Peppas says:

    Glock by 0.654

  370. Keilly says:

    Glock by 0.854

  371. Sunny Grewal says:

    Glock by 1.067 seconds

  372. Christian says:

    Glock by 0.711 sec

  373. Rachel says:

    Glock by 0.656

  374. Simon Burnell says:

    De Grassi by.999 assuming glock will fail to set a lap

  375. JulioC says:

    Glock by 0.314

  376. momo says:

    di grassi by 0.167

  377. David says:

    Glock by 0.673 seconds

  378. Jay Nava says:

    Glock by 0.237s

  379. Biggles209 says:

    Glock by 0.697 secs

  380. Trevor Matthams says:

    Glock by .084

  381. James sangster says:

    Glock by 0.212

  382. Bill Mapel says:

    Timo Glock by .123 seconds

  383. hanzo says:

    I’m changing it, by 0.090 for Di Grassi.

    1. Sebee says:


  384. James says:

    Glock by 0.301

  385. Simon Wilson says:

    Di Grassi by 0.623 seconds

  386. Pete Chadwick says:

    Glock by 0.570

  387. Greg says:

    Glock by 0.623 seconds

  388. Harv says:

    Glock by 0.634

  389. Abby Othman says:


  390. Hoondog says:

    Glock by 0.524

  391. Enigma says:

    di Grassi by 2.321 seconds

  392. kimster46 says:

    Timo Glock fastest by 0.267 seconds

  393. C.Houghton says:

    Glock by 0.678 seconds

  394. Alex Dylikowski says:

    Glock by 0.310

  395. Rob Gallagher says:

    Glock by 0.367

  396. Jeremy Appleyard says:

    Di Grassi DNF.

    1. Jeremy Appleyard says:

      Just to clarify, by this I mean Di Grassi does not set a time.

  397. Emma says:

    Di Grassi by 0.121

  398. Richard Bridge says:

    Glock by 0.419

  399. AndyF says:

    di Grassi by 0.187 sec

  400. Tracy Milne says:

    Glock by 1.185 sec

  401. Alastair Hume says:

    Glock by 0.196

  402. Tigga says:

    Glock to not record a time.

  403. Gaz says:

    Glock by 0.246

  404. Andy Owen says:

    Glock by 0.243

  405. Tim says:

    TG by .0126

  406. Darren C says:

    de grassi – 0.0178

  407. Alex says:

    Timo Glock, by 0.665 seconds.

  408. Phil says:

    Glock by 0.211 s

  409. Pawel says:

    Glock by 0,314sec

  410. Sammy says:

    Glock by 0.321

  411. james mcnulty says:

    Glock by 0.601

  412. steve kay says:

    di grassi by 0.010

  413. Mike says:

    Glock beats di Grassi by 0.238seconds

  414. Simon Morris says:

    Glock by 0.897

  415. Brian says:

    Glock by 0.321

  416. Ibrahim Patel says:

    Grassi to win by 0.047

    1. jbstans says:

      Congrats… I think!

      1. Ibrahim Patel says:

        I hope so…cant believe so many backed a german this weekend :P

  417. Ben Thorpe says:

    Glock by 0.492 seconds

  418. Edward Mackenzie says:

    Glock by 0.529

    1. Edward Mackenzie says:

      actualy someone already has that time, Glock by 0.549

      1. Edward Mackenzie says:

        ahh someone has that too, change to Glock by 0.535

  419. MSPatel says:

    Glock by 0.846 seconds.

  420. jack shahine says:

    Timo Glock by 0.405 secs

  421. Alex B says:

    Glock by 0.570

  422. Sheraz Rashid says:

    Glock by 0.895 seconds

  423. Andrew MacAulay says:

    Glock by 0.754

  424. michael grievson says:

    Timo glock 1.123 seconds

  425. Chris Hallam says:

    Glock by 0.513 secs.

  426. malcolm.strachan says:

    Hahaha… 9 people chose Di Grassi, and about 325 chose Glock, as of posting this. :-) Poor Di Grassi! Even though I chose Glock above, I hope Di Grassi gets it!

  427. Renko says:

    Glock by 0.643 sec

  428. Ben Hallam says:

    De Grassi by 0.009 secs

  429. Robert Plews says:

    Di.Grassi by 0.034 Sec

  430. Chris Hallam says:

    Glock by 0.513 secs

  431. William Riley says:

    Glock by 1.372

  432. Hamish says:

    DI Grassi by 0.001.

  433. Jamie Vidamour says:

    Glock by 1.137

  434. D G Plews says:

    Glock by 1.222 sec.
    Surely Glock’s experience will count at this tough street track?

  435. Julian says:

    Glock by 0.789

  436. Simon says:

    Glock by .917

  437. Rich P says:

    Glock by 0.782

  438. amran says:

    glock by 0.628

  439. george debenham says:

    De Grassi by 0.o87

  440. Phil Ismay says:

    Glock by .755

  441. Rob Milligan says:

    Glock by 0.312

  442. Nik James says:

    Glock ahead by 0.821

  443. Jon jelly says:

    Glock by 0.967! Go timo!!!

  444. Phil says:

    Glock by 0.3125 seconds

  445. MikeS says:

    Lets give Di Grassi some support.

    Di Grassi by .12 of a second

  446. Nik James says:

    Just seen someone has my first guess already so Glock by 0.822

  447. Stuart Brown says:

    Glock by 0.497

  448. CHRIS MORRISSEY says:

    Glock by 0.501 seconds.

  449. Femi Akinz says:

    Glock by 0.734 secs

  450. Donna Holmes says:

    Glock by 0.697

  451. Milton says:

    Glock by 0.332

  452. Gareth W says:

    Glock faster by 0.718 seconds

  453. Edward Mackenzie says:

    Glock by 0.549

  454. Christian says:

    Glock by 1.047

  455. Matt says:

    I’ve just noticed that somebody placed the same time as I did, but earlier on. What happens in the event of more than one person having the winning time?

    1. James Allen says:

      The earlier one wins

  456. Roger says:

    Glock by 0.782s !!

  457. debbie ryan says:

    Glock by 0.624

  458. James Griffiths says:

    Glock by 0.712

  459. craig ryan says:

    Glock by 0.276

  460. CJ says:

    Di grassi by 0.137

  461. Ross Clabburn says:

    Glock by 0.043

  462. Tracy says:

    Glock by 0.610 seconds

  463. Alex B says:

    Glock ahead by 0.636

  464. Jon Fitzgibbons says:

    Glock by 0.402 seconds

  465. Sean T says:

    Glock faster by 0.178

  466. Elliott Paul says:

    Glock by 0.874 secs

  467. Rishab Nithyanand says:

    Glock by .667 sec

  468. Adam Allen says:

    Glock by 0.669


  469. Manorhowze says:

    Great competition. I want to say Di Grassi as I have only seen one person go for him so far but I am going to have to say,

    Glock by 0.598

  470. Jake says:

    Di Grassi by 1.453 seconds

  471. WC says:

    De Grass by 0.012

  472. Maciek says:

    Glock by 0.128

  473. Kevin Whittlesey says:

    Glock by 0.777 secs

  474. Nick says:

    Glock by 2.710. Just for fun from Russia.

  475. Alex O'Brien says:

    Glock by 0.387

  476. Tim Horton says:

    Glock by 0.438

  477. Kevin Whittlesey says:

    Glock by 0.778 secs

  478. Jonathan Martin says:

    De Grassi by 0.151

  479. Troldrik says:

    Glock by 0.343 seconds

  480. Anil says:

    Awesome idea James! I was planning on going to Silverstone this year but unfortunately had the money I had saved up stolen in a burglary whilst at Uni. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, I might be able to go now!

    I’m going to say Glock to outqualify Lucas by 0.601 seconds.

  481. Jason C says:

    Glock by 0.684

  482. Liam S says:

    Glock by 0.444 seconds

    I do not wish to claim the prize, unable to make B-GP as in Australia.

  483. JimmiC says:

    I cannot get to Silverstone for that weekend, so I would like to be removed from the draw.

    But, just for fun, I think Di Grassi to finally overturn his team-mate but by the skin of his teeth – 0.005 secs

  484. andrea says:

    Di Grassi by 0.125

  485. Rajdeep says:

    Glock by 1.074 seconds

  486. Matt Devenish says:

    Glock by 1.345 seconds

    Good luck everyone :D

  487. Lamer says:

    di Grassi by 1.5 seconds

  488. Josh says:

    Glock by 1.144s

  489. John Snow says:

    Glock 0.371 seconds faster than di grassi

    great competiton, cheers James!

  490. Patrick McLaughlin says:

    Timo Glock by 1.250sec

  491. Paul Morris says:

    Glock by 0.911

  492. Edward says:

    Glock by 0.534

  493. Ace of Spades says:

    Di Grassi by 0.667 seconds

  494. robimart says:

    Identical times for both (0.000 gap)

  495. Inder Mittal says:

    Glock by 1.255

  496. Suzanne says:

    Just a question on the rules of this competition:

    What if say Glock makes Q2 and di Grassi doesn’t, and Glock goes slower in Q2 than he did in Q1? Which time counts?

    What if (however unlikely), both Virgins get through to Q2 – which session counts?

    Didn’t mean to be a party pooper, but it’s such a lovely prize you might end up having arguments if stuff like this, however logical, isn’t clarified :)

    For what it’s worth: Glock by 0.888, and I opt out of the prize :)

    1. James Allen says:

      It’s the margin between them in Q1. If one of them doesn’t set a time then whoever predicts that wins. If two people get the right answer it’s the one who submitted a prediction first

  497. George S says:

    Di Grassi by 0.007

  498. Realyn says:

    Glock by 1,028

  499. Chris evans says:

    Di grassi by 0.132

  500. Richard Fernandes says:

    Glock by 0.611

  501. Liam says:

    Glock by 0.326

  502. David says:

    Di Grassi by 0.213s

  503. Damo says:

    Di Grassi by 0.237

  504. charles fox says:

    Charles Fox

    Glock ahead by 0.893

  505. Alex Nikiforov says:

    Timo Glock by 0.761

  506. Chris George says:

    Glock by 0.899

  507. Simon G says:

    Glock by 0.558 secs

  508. Burt Reynolds says:

    Glock by 0.524 secs

  509. Ben Cooper says:

    too many comments to check submitted answers already but i think it’ll be Glock ahead by 0.888 seconds!

  510. Matthew Dodds says:

    0.393 to Glock

  511. Harvey Yates says:

    Di Grassi: 0.103

    Let us hope he’s not reading this as he might not bother turning up.

  512. Anand says:

    Glock by 0.655 secs.

  513. alberto says:

    Glock by 0.539″

  514. david z says:

    Di Grassi, why not! by 0.200

  515. Nick F says:

    Glock by 0.800

  516. Jake Miyairi says:

    Timo Glock by 0.826 secs!

  517. Harvey Yates says:

    From practice today:

    Glock: 1.43.811
    Di Grassi: 1.43.854
    Therefore Glock is +0.027 ahead

  518. Jonathan P says:

    Glock by 0.613

  519. mofs says:

    Glock by 0.853


  520. Vinesh says:

    Glock by 0.477

  521. Ben H says:

    Glock by 0.431 secs.
    Do not wish to win the prize.

  522. Sam M says:

    Glock by 0.424

  523. sw6569 says:

    0.783, glock in front

  524. Keith says:

    Glock by 0.671

  525. sam w says:

    Glock by 0.800

  526. Grant Lee B says:

    Timo by 1.111

  527. w bonthuyzen says:

    Glock by 0.512 seconds

  528. Fausto Cunha says:

    Glock by 0.831

  529. shane says:

    Glock will be quicker by 0.059

  530. madjon88 says:

    Glock by 0.235

  531. Stephen Bewers says:

    Glock by 0.927

  532. Steph says:

    Di Grassi by 0.233

  533. Paul Wiredu says:

    Glock by 0.516

  534. Aleksi S says:

    DiGrassi by 0.028

  535. Rachel says:

    Glock by 1.001
    Opting out of prize (this’ll be the one time I actually win something…)

  536. Langer says:

    Di Grassi by 0.075

  537. Gwion Daniel says:

    Glock by 0.788 seconds

  538. Paul Miller says:

    Di Grassi by 0.045 sec

  539. Matthew Barr says:

    Glock by 0.198

  540. Vince says:

    Glock by 0.704

  541. Rick says:

    Glock by 0.612!

  542. Ben says:

    Glock by .645

  543. Ben says:

    oops, already taken, change to .646

  544. Ben says:

    Timo Glock by .646

  545. Sam says:

    Glock by 0.859sec

  546. A Tsang says:

    Glock by 1.030

  547. Brace says:

    I don’t have a chance to fly there but I’ll put my guess in. :)

    Glock crashes out and Di Grassi finishes quali in front of Heiki but behind Trulli. :)

  548. RickeeBoy says:

    Glock by .873 – In Auckland so can’t possibly win – Poo !!!!

  549. kevin says:

    glock by 0.525

  550. agusn says:

    Glock by 1.234 seconds.
    For donation!

  551. Rich says:

    Glock by 0.588

  552. Matt Parsons says:

    Glock by 0.951

  553. Paul Edwards says:

    Di Grassi by 0.927

  554. ahmed says:

    glock by 0.735 seconds

  555. Matthew Squires says:

    Glock by 0.369

  556. Edward Mackenzie says:

    Glock by 0.535

  557. Hussein Lokhandwala says:

    Glock by 0.617s

  558. Stuey says:

    Di Grassi by 0.355

  559. john says:

    Glock by .863

  560. Bradley Sargeant says:

    Glock by 0.648

  561. Prakhar M. says:

    Glock by 0.967

  562. billy maddison says:

    Di Grassi by 0.019

  563. Dillan says:

    Glock by 0.218

  564. Vic says:

    Glock by 0.225

  565. Paul H-E says:

    Glock by 1.012

  566. srking says:

    Great idea for a competition!

    Has to be Glock, by +0.272s…

  567. Niallo says:

    Glock by 0.247

    And if I had not been beaten to it I would go for DiGrassi DNF. Why? Because realistically the odds are they will probably be within at most 2 seconds of each other. That’s a 1/2000 chance of getting the number right. The odds of a DNF are much much shorter, DNFs in quali are not that uncommon (Alonso in Monaco for example!) But alas I’ve been beaten to the post so my answer is as above.

  568. Not going to look through the hundreds of comments thus far, so here goes.

    I think Glock will be faster by 0.638 of a second

  569. ciprian tzzz says:

    Glock by 0.163

  570. AndrewM says:

    Am in Melbourne, so just for fun:

    Glock by 0.653s

  571. Kakashi says:

    GLock ahead by 0.900 sec

  572. Stephen Singh says:

    Glock will be 0.153 quicker :)

  573. Adrian says:

    Glock by 0.421secs.

  574. Steve Waller says:

    Glock by 0.566

  575. Frenchie says:

    I live in Sydney so that just for fun unfortunately.

    Glock by 0.971 secs

  576. Paul C says:

    di Gassi by .001

    Well why not?

    No prize for me, Silverstone is a long way from NZ.

  577. Aimee says:

    Glock by 0.349

  578. Chris Almond says:

    Glock by 0.699

  579. Tim says:

    glock by 0.119

  580. James B says:

    Glock by 0.330

  581. Maciej says:

    Glock by 0.666

  582. Ashok says:

    Glock by 2.000 seconds………. I do not wish to claim the prize.

  583. Wayne HArding says:

    Hey James, lets have your prediction for fun!

  584. Aw says:

    glock by 0.813

  585. Julian Rinaldi says:

    Glock by 0.776

  586. Vivek says:

    Glock by 1.568s

  587. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.437

  588. Vignesh says:

    Glock by 0.872

  589. Stuart Temple says:

    I’ll go for 0.381

    1. Stuart Temple says:

      0.381 to glock.

  590. Seb says:

    Glock by 0.621

  591. Raz Al Haddad says:

    ok.. i’m flying back to london this week, hopefully it’ll be worth it :-)

    i’m saying 0.768

  592. Mike says:

    Glock by 0.345

  593. Rich says:

    Glock by 0.219

    1. neal says:

      gglock by .7234

  594. Allan D says:

    Glock by 0.391

  595. Hamish Williams says:

    Di Grassi by 0.750

  596. Jarek says:

    Glock by 0.764 secs

  597. martin says:

    glock by 0.038 seconds

  598. Eamonn Mc Cauley says:

    Glock. 3.500 sec

  599. Steve says:

    Glock by 0.013

  600. Jon says:

    Glock by 0.888

  601. Matt says:

    Glock by 0.758

  602. Paul Elliott says:

    Glock by 0.780

  603. Shane Govern says:

    Glock by 0.438 secs

  604. Tom Hitchings says:

    Glock by 0.766 seconds

  605. 1d says:

    Glock by 0.068

  606. Tim Wright says:

    Glock by 0.660 seconds. However, I’m in Melbourne and therefore just doing it for fun! Maybe I can get a runners up t-shirt or something!

  607. Scott says:

    Glock ahead by 1.013 seconds.

  608. Gowan says:

    hmm,, Glock by 0.128

  609. raffamuffin says:

    0.777 in glocks favour :)

  610. pete says:

    just to annoy the missues, 0.077 in glocks favour!

  611. James says:

    Glock by 0.865

  612. Catherine says:

    Glock by 0.751

  613. Lev Piautzer says:

    Glock by 0.932 secs

    i wish myself good luck! :D

  614. Denis says:

    Just for fun (do not wish to claim the prize):

    Di Grassi by 0.115

  615. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.538

  616. Steve Earle says:

    I’ll go for Di Grassi to be quicker by 0.123s

  617. Gorale says:

    let it be T.Glock 0.634.

  618. Andrew says:

    Glock by 0.188

  619. Russ says:

    Glock by 0.048

  620. Tim Furber says:

    Glock 0.935

  621. jago says:

    Glock by 0.968 secs. Thanks.

  622. Gemma Martin says:

    In Glock’s Favour – 0.525
    (cor it took a while to check nobody else had it, what a response!

  623. Han says:

    0.678 To glock

  624. wayne says:

    Glock by 0.618

  625. Kieran says:

    Glock by 0.229

    Come on Di Grassi, speed up man!

  626. Iain says:

    di Grassi by 0.100 secs

  627. David says:

    Glock by 0.643

  628. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.624

  629. Dave says:

    Glock by 0.626

  630. Sam Bashton says:

    Glock by 2.01 seconds

  631. Roger Hoyes says:

    Di Grassi by by 0.024

  632. Kelly says:

    Glock by 0.223

  633. AndrewJ says:

    Glock by 0.363 Seconds

  634. Henri says:

    Gock faster by 0.591

  635. Neil Slaughter says:

    Timo Glock ahead by 0.632 seconds

  636. Jakub says:

    Glock by 0.301

  637. Johan says:

    Glock by 0.481

  638. KPolubok says:

    Glock by 0.551

  639. Gemma says:

    Glock 0.525

  640. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Cool, I’ll be in England that weekend!!

    I’m expecting everyone else to go for Glock, so I’ll go for Lucas to beat Timo by 0.256 seconds. By the way has anyone predicted both cars not setting a lap yet? Not sure I’d want to go in their garage after predicting that though, lol.

  641. bowen says:

    Glock by 0.395

  642. Mike S says:

    Glock by 0.844

  643. Jim Kelly says:

    Glock by 0.526 secs

  644. Glock by 0.432 secs.

  645. Parthi says:

    Glock by 0.747

  646. RMartin says:

    DiGrassi by 0.200

  647. Airborne Williams Cap says:

    Glock by …. oh, I don’t know… 0.934.

  648. SmAShY says:

    Glock by 0.738

  649. mvi says:

    Just for fun, Di Grassi by 0.013

  650. bg says:

    Lucas Di Grassi by 0.719

  651. Oliver Langford says:

    I am saying Glock by 1.433

  652. Vannman says:

    Glock by 0.888 sec

  653. dan says:

    glock by 0.533

  654. TomH says:

    Glock by 0.198 sec

  655. Michael Kitchen says:

    Glock by 1.203

  656. AJ A says:

    glock by 0.667

  657. koper says:

    Glock by 0.139

  658. Russell Harper says:

    Glock will be faster by 0.681

  659. SmAShY says:

    Can I please change my prediction to Glock by 0.741 as I noticed someone else had my previous one, thanks

  660. David says:

    Glock by 0.853

  661. Pavel Vedrov says:

    Glock by 0.386 sec

  662. David says:

    Err, scratch that last one, two people have guessed it already! Glock by 0.851 then!

  663. tom says:

    glock by 0.315

  664. Charlotte c says:

    Di grassi by 0.230.

  665. Barny says:

    Timo by 0.828

  666. jamie norman says:


  667. Cogalot says:

    Glock by 0.332 seconds

  668. sean k says:

    glock by 0.432
    more comps. like this please very cool idea……………

  669. Steve W says:

    Glock by 0.195 secs

  670. Stuart Cameron says:

    Glock by 1.011

  671. Andy says:

    Glock by 0.286

  672. Stephen W says:

    Glock by 0.443 secs

  673. Terry says:

    Glock by 0.759

  674. Steve Busler says:

    Glock by 0.465 secs

  675. chris scott says:

    Glocks car will have a problem and he wont set a time

  676. John says:

    Glock by 0.583

  677. Joe F says:

    Glock by 0.602

  678. Rich Green says:

    Timo Glock by +0.741

  679. jay dodah says:

    Glock will be in front by 1.272

  680. Yasin says:

    glock by 0.067s

  681. mikki says:

    di grassi 0.324

  682. Jakub says:

    Glock by 0.667

  683. Mark says:

    Glock by 0.385 seconds.

  684. art says:

    Glock by 0.545

  685. Clare says:

    Glock by 1.333

  686. Rene says:

    Glock by 0.336

  687. Dom says:

    Glock by 0.972 sec

  688. Paul says:

    I don’t want to claim the prize, but to enter for fun. Glock by 0.471s

  689. MJL says:

    I will go for Glock by 0.107 seconds

  690. jan grzegorczyk says:

    0.913 in favour of glock.

  691. Richard says:

    Glock by 0.213 secs

  692. Jim Brunton says:

    DI Grassi by 0.163s

  693. Mike says:

    Glock by 0.643

  694. Tom Green says:

    Glock by 0.621

  695. Steve Whatling says:

    Glock by 0.688 sec

  696. Mark Sheppard says:

    Glock by 0.327

  697. Stephen Cartwright says:

    Glock by 0.112 seconds

  698. Andrew Jarman says:

    Glock to win by 0.954

  699. Tups says:

    Glock by 1.176

  700. Miriam N says:

    Glock by .392s

  701. Dan says:

    Glock by 0.377s

  702. Ria says:

    Di grassi by 1.000

  703. Andrew Jarman says:

    just noticed someone already has 0.954 so I’m changing to Glock by 0.917 if that’s ok.

  704. Stevie says:

    Glock by 0.993 seconds

  705. George says:

    Glock by 0.799

  706. Marty says:

    Glock by .507

  707. YasF1 says:

    Di Grassi by 0.021s – worth a shot.

  708. Suzi says:

    DI Grassi by 0.030 seconds

  709. DJC says:

    Glock by 0.410s

  710. Simo says:

    Glock by 0.521

  711. Rob says:

    I think Di Grassi by 0.131

  712. nigel says:

    glock quicker by .406

  713. Terry M says:

    di Grassi by 0.851

  714. Nick Oddy says:

    Glock by 0.319

  715. Miss H says:

    Glock by 0.003

  716. Rob Thomson says:

    Di Grassi faster by 0.999 seconds.

  717. Steve says:

    Glock by 0.997 seconds

  718. Claire Bird says:

    Di Grassi by 0.273

  719. Andrew Halliday says:

    Glock 0.927

  720. A-Job says:

    I’m thinking it’s gonna be Glock by 0.436

  721. Sunshine on Leith says:

    Glock by 0.706 secs

  722. Ben Bowie says:

    Glock by .014

  723. bel says:

    Luca Di Grassi by 0.81

  724. Andras F. says:

    Glock by 0.730

  725. Joakim says:

    Glock by 0.499s.

  726. Dan Clegg says:

    Glock by 0.374 secs

  727. Debs says:

    Glock by 0.530

  728. Andy G says:

    Glock by 0.689

  729. Joel Morrison says:

    Glock by 0.563

    I’m in Melbourne, I don’t wish to claim the prize.

  730. gezmond says:

    glock by 0.735

    1. gezmond says:

      amend to 0.733 please

  731. Steve Grant says:

    Glock by 0.432 secs from DiGrassi.

  732. Louise Brown-Grant says:

    DiGrassi will not post a time in Qualifying.

  733. Kris G. says:

    Glock by 0.489 secs

  734. Mark Greenwood says:

    Glock by 1.546 seconds

    1. Mark Greenwood says:

      okay, so I didn’t check that 1.546 hadn’t already been suggested!, so I’ll change mine to…

      Glock by 1.547 seconds

      Thanks for a great site James!

  735. Liam says:

    Glock by 0.327

  736. CJ the 2cnd, probably... says:

    Glock by 0.937

  737. Seba says:

    Glock by .407 sec

  738. Dawn Harper says:

    Glock by 0.359
    fingers crossed

  739. Ron says:

    Glock by 0.406

  740. Stuart says:

    Glock by 0.391 secs

  741. Rasuwan says:

    Glock by .395 sec

  742. Feb says:

    Glock by 1.119

  743. Zayan says:

    Glock by 0.239 seconds

  744. Magda potocka says:

    Di grassi by 0.500

  745. Nick Williams says:

    They seem to be a bit closer at this track. I think Glock ahead of Di Grassi by 0.235 secs

  746. F1 Novice says:

    .372 has been used so

    Glock by .373

  747. grant says:

    Glock by 0.918

  748. Matt says:

    Due to my original time having been posted first by somebody else, I can’t win with that guess. Therefore, I will change my guess so that I stand a chance.

    Glock by 0.511s

  749. Charlie B says:

    Glock by 1.172

  750. nicola elkington-horridge says:

    glock by 0.222

  751. paul says:

    glock by 0.679 seconds

  752. david horridge says:

    glock by 0.354

  753. Marcin says:

    Glock by 0.578

    1. Marcin says:

      have to change it to 0.579 as there was already a few with 0.578

  754. Ashley says:

    Glock by 0.201 secs

  755. logboy says:

    glock by 0.039 seconds

  756. UrsusAltair says:

    You could have given us plane tickets too :) j/k

    Only for fun: Glock by 0.448s

  757. Stu says:

    Glock by 0.685secs

  758. Julia Williams says:


  759. Julia Williams says:

    In Glock’s favour.

  760. David says:

    Glock by 0.511 seconds

  761. Murray Naish says:

    Glock by 0.721!

  762. Neil van Kalles says:

    0.236 in Glock’s favour.

  763. Christoforos Theodoratos says:

    Glock by 0.856 secs

  764. R.B. says:

    Timo faster by 1.104 sec

  765. Andrew says:

    I think Glock will fail to set a time James.

  766. Iain M says:

    Glock by .333

  767. Gamal Kaba says:

    Glock faster by 0.235

  768. Doug Jefferson says:

    Glock by 0.348

  769. Jason Jackson says:

    Glock by 0.324

  770. Neil Kenward says:

    Di Grassi by 0.214 seconds

  771. Hugh says:

    Glock by 1.123

    Thanks for the opportunity

  772. Dils says:

    Glock by 0.610

  773. Nikola '89 says:

    Glock by 1.116

  774. Stephen Farrall says:

    glock by 0.786

  775. Steven Shafer says:

    Glock by 0.731

  776. Shane says:

    Glock by 0.453 seconds

  777. Mags says:

    Glock by .587

  778. Pranav says:

    Glock by .221 seconds

  779. Peter Jones says:

    Wow, well done to Di Grassi, and good luck to the 1% of people here who chose him to beat Glock :-)

  780. Feb says:

    wow, digrassi did it! :)
    haven’t seen anyone commenting in favor of him but congrats if there is any :)

  781. Baart says:

    Once again F1 shows how unpredictible it is ! Di Grassi in front of Glock. Amazing

  782. Harvey Yates says:

    So did you know something, James?

    Cracking idea. Made Q1 interesting.

    1. James Allen says:

      A hunch. Unbeaten runs are there to be broken.

      1. Langer says:

        Looks like I was very Close.. but close enough? Here’s hoping.

      2. Andy C says:

        James, who won the tickets? You had a chance to check yet

        not very often my wife outpredicts me, but I fell for timo to beat Lucas!

  783. Dudley says:

    Well don’t all you guys who said Glock look silly :)

  784. DC says:

    Well what a time for Di Grassi to out perform Glock!

  785. Paul Miller says:

    Ahh I think I finished second….Gutted!

  786. Baart says:

    Im very disapointed. Everytime i try to tip it fail.

  787. Hamish says:

    My punt on di grassi by 0.001 seems less ridiculous now than it did last night. Amazing to see the two Williams in the top ten on identical times.

    21. di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 1:42.086
    22. Glock Virgin-Cosworth 1:42.140

    If my maths is right official gap of 0.054.

    My gap 0.053 so I allowed myself a glimmer of hope of winning. Didn’t last long with at least one quickly better (I skimmed going back so don’t trust my results…

    727 # Suzi
    June 26th, 2010 @ 11:07 am

    DI Grassi by 0.030 seconds

    Suzi’s gap of 0.024 really close target set so even better luck to any person going closer.

    Here’s hoping for an entertaining race tomorrow and Silverstone. Enjoy your day out.

    1. James Allen says:

      First check through suggests the closest was #429 Ibrahim Patel with 0.047, so he was only 7/1000ths of a second off. We had loads of entries within a few hundredths. And you though F1 was close.

      Will check and post soon

  788. Jota says:

    — (for your eyes only :)

    Great fun this contest, James!
    Please, repeat it in the future!

    Do you want me to set up a web page so that people could log their guesses and then the winner be automatically computed??

    I will do it for free… but I will be very happy if you buy me a beer and give a invitation to a GP… ;)

  789. Cyprus-Toon says:

    Oh & Alonso is such a saint when he’s driving, he’s as bad as Webber for complaing about other drivers but when it’s their fault, they’ve never done anything wrong!!! Funny but if it had been the other way around, Ferrari would have gotten away with no drive-thru pentaly because they get away with alot more than other teams do & if you say they don’t, then you’re as blind as a bat!!

  790. There should be no pressure from the fans in this competition for Michael to risk his life while driving. The media gave him enough coverage to unstable his mental activities. He is Human not a puppet. Do not raise him up and throw him down whenever you feel like. He is passionate and there, only for his fans. There are no speed limits on the road to Excellence.

  791. MikeW says:

    Sorry forgot to say *who* – Glock ahead by 0.380

  792. That should say Glock by 0.967


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