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What should Vettel name his new car?
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What should Vettel name his new car?
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 May 2010   |  9:58 pm GMT  |  371 comments

As we mentioned the other day, Sebastian Vettel is getting a new chassis for next weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix. And in keeping with his tradition of naming cars after girls, it’s going to need a name.

Vettel: Will new chassis bring him more wins? (Darren Heath)

Red Bull announced that Vettel’s Monaco chassis was damaged and the team has built up and sent out a new one to Istanbul. It should be identical to the old one as chassis are homologated these days as a cost saving measure, so there is no incentive to bring out a B Spec car.

Vettel has a tradition of naming his cars, as American bomber pilots did with their planes in WWII. I think it’s a fantastic idea and is one of the things that defines Vettel as not only very human but also very warm and amusing. Other drivers, including Michael Schumacher, have admitted talking to their cars in the closing laps of races, to make sure they get them home.

“It’s important to have a close relationship with a car,” he has said. “Like a ship, a car should be named after a girl as it’s sexy.”

His Toro Rosso car, in which he won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix was called “Julie.”

Last year’s Red Bull in which he was runner up in the world championship he named “Kate’s Dirty Sister”.

“My original car was called Kate. But then it got smashed at the opening race in Australia. So we called this one Kate’s Dirty Sister because it is more aggressive and faster,” he said after winning in China last year.

Adieu Luscious Liz. Vettel has a new mount (Darren Heath)

And this year he called his car “Luscious Liz”. The whole team joins in with this humour, it was even the subject of an official Red Bull team Tweet announcing the name.

Luscious Liz has had mixed fortunes, with three pole positions and a win in Malaysia, but some mechanical issues which have cost him the outright championship lead. He will hope that the successor to Luscious Liz brings him more luck.

And now that Luscious Liz has been scrapped, he will need a new name for his new car.

Please send in your best suggestions in the comments box and I will pass them on to Sebastian and the team.

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  1. Elliot says:

    Daring Dolly!

    1. Matthew H says:

      Lazy Susan.. it goes round and round and round and round and round… but not as fast as Webber :)

      1. Hutch says:

        This one wins! :P

    2. M. Walker says:

      Grace, as being an F1 driver is a wonderful gift.

    3. Oubay Zakkar says:

      How About Fancy Nancy?? it’s got a nice ring to it eh?

      1. Rachel says:

        Haha, Fancy Nancy sounds good

  2. Craig says:

    Marvelous Melanie ;)

    1. Galapago555 says:

      Marvelous Mary?

  3. John Gibson says:

    Frank Jackson.

  4. William McCone says:

    Fiesty Fionia!

    1. Galapago555 says:

      Molly Malone

  5. Mark D. Johnson says:

    Name for Seb’s car: Hellacious Heidi

  6. Raja Sen says:

    Stickshift Stella, Muddy Megan, Fast Fanny, Power Girl…


    Gotta love Seb.

    1. Dulait says:

      Stickshift Stella…….brilliant!

    2. HowardHughes says:

      Blimey – I wrote ‘Fast Fanny’, convinced that no one else on Earth would be so weird as to also choose it!

  7. Steve Mc says:


    1. David Turnedge says:


      1. Bob Stiff says:

        No, there’s always been Ethel!

  8. Michael Kielty says:

    I reckon he should go with Samantha. Hopefully this new chassis will give him the edge over webber!

    1. Matthew H says:

      hahaha :)

    2. CD says:

      That’s it, Sweaty Betty…perfect.

  9. Moohcowh says:

    Perhaps it should really be Liz’s hot cousin, rather than another dirty sister.

    1. Rasczak says:

      That is probably the closest idea, however isn’t the chassis that was damaged already the hot cousin, and SV is now going back to a Liz already used this season ?

  10. Dulait says:

    Bull fightress

  11. Dulait says:


    1. Boogie 4T says:

      Great name! oh wait, that means meat ball in German… ;-)

  12. michael grievson says:

    He should call her Alice Rose, after my daughter.

  13. Micheál Breen says:

    Queen Elizabeth II

    1. Ajay says:

      Um, I think he’ll be driving an F1 car, not a luxury liner…

  14. Fausto Cunha says:

    I would go with Sexy Giselle.

    Giselle bündchen is the sexiest women in the world.

  15. Tommy K. says:


    1. Markle SchuMarker says:

      Aww, you beat me to it!

      Faith or Charity?

  16. Mikey_c says:

    Foxy Frederique

  17. Stefan says:

    How about “Lucy”?
    I mean, the cars going to be almost identical, so the name should reflect this, and Lucy sounds almost like a contraction of “Luscious Liz”.
    That’s before you get to it having the same vowel sounds as “Julie” the car in which he first one.

    I think it’s a good fit, and I really hope his new car brings him a spot more good luck than Liz did…

  18. Craig D says:

    Vivavcious Viv

    Moist Meg

    Tasty Tina

    Effusive Emily

  19. chris says:

    Well, I assume its got to begin with m, so marvellous madeline

    1. George says:


    2. Nick F says:

      Good Point.

      Your right they are going in alphabetical order.

      I was going to suggest he named the car after some famous female he wanted to meet, but it having to begin with M limits it a bit.

      James, What’s going on in Vettel’s love life? Are these names just being picked randomly out of the air or do they have greater meaning? It’s a great opportunity for him to send a message to someone. Of course then he would have the hassle of the press if he did pick the name of a person he knew.

    3. James says:

      Yes, but this is a mid-season change so technically it should start with “L”. Something like “Liz’s Legacy”

      1. homelesspimp says:

        lily’s lapdance
        loose louie/lewis
        lippy liz
        leggy logan
        legless layla
        lusty lola

  20. SpeedSaint85 says:

    Seb & Sonic

  21. SpeedSaint85 says:

    or Seb-Sonic

    1. Bevan says:

      Yours is the best yet IMO,& they can call the other Web-Sonic,lol

  22. Scribe says:

    Grayson Perry

  23. paxdog 57 says:

    sheila’s sister

    1. Frenchie says:

      Red Bull becoming more and more Aussie. Good thinking. He he he…

  24. Daniel says:

    Sultry Susan

  25. Mouse_Nightshirt says:


    Simply, Bob.

    Simple, elegant, fast.

    1. rfs says:

      Bob isn’t a girl.

      1. Bob Stiff says:

        What about short for Roberta? That could be Bob, or Bobby, or in the case of my daughter, Bert!

    2. Bar says:

      But Bob is short for Kate, and he’s already had a Kate!

    3. CroftFan says:

      As Edmund Blackadder would say:

      “Bob, unusual name for a girl?”

      1. murray says:

        There was a Lady Colin Campbell defending Sarah Ferguson’s attempt to be a self-funded retiree. I heard Blackadder too!

      2. CroftFan says:

        What makes it even more confusing is that Lady Colin Campbell was actually born as a boy named George William Ziadie. He/she had ‘gender-issues’, changed sex, & renamed herself Georgie before marrying Lord Colin Campbell.

        I am not sure even Blackadder could have come up with that storyline :)

  26. TR says:

    My nomination for the name of Vettel’s car is
    (drum roll, please)..
    Pole-dancing Paula!

    1. TR says:

      My thanks to the posters who pointed out the alphabetical trend – so it’s “L”. How ’bout -

      “Lusty Lana”.

  27. Uzair says:

    Liz’s Dirty Sister

  28. Phil says:

    Racey Macy

  29. Piranha says:

    Dana :P

  30. Peter says:

    Happy Heidi

  31. b4llist1k says:

    Racy Stacy

  32. AmandaG says:

    Well as he keeps the same letter per year, it will still begin with an L. As he kept Kate in last years name I think he should keep Luscious Liz in the name.

    Mine is

    Luscious Liz’s lovely twin.

  33. Donna Quick says:

    Dangerous Donna!
    as im a huge F1 fan :)
    i was gonna say dainty Donna but its not very tough! lol

  34. Jazmin says:

    Juicy Jazmin! Copyright ;)

  35. minel says:

    Racy Stacey!!!!! my friend stacey adores him she also rubbed Jensons Maclaren for good luck in Australia and he won!!!! so its a no brainer!!!

  36. Melinda Knowles says:

    Saucy Stella

  37. Alexx says:


  38. Superfast says:

    Wings & wins!

  39. keps says:

    exotic jessica or exoticjess

  40. by_tor says:

    I humbly suggest “Evil Edna”.

  41. Robyn says:

    Precious Portia

  42. Trent says:

    ‘Vicky’ – he likes Little Britain, doesn’t he??!

  43. DutchLassie says:

    What about “Zoë”?
    It seems Renault may have problems naming its new model Renault Zoe, so maybe Vettel (with Renault engine) can…(without a lawsuit http://bit.ly/bQZ62s)

  44. Tombstone says:

    Luscious Lola.

  45. Wu says:

    How about ‘Webber’s missus’?

    1. John Whitling says:

      Too funny but that almost guarantees a Webber win again ..

  46. Peter says:


  47. BiggusJimmus says:


  48. Aamir Mohammed says:

    Randy Rebecca

  49. roberto says:

    Flash Irene

  50. Daniel HL says:

    Holy Molly

    1. Daniel HL says:

      or Holly Molly

  51. Lockster says:

    i’d go with either blistering bessie or blistering betty.

    Actually I believe that they are both derivatives of “Elizabeth” as is (Luscious)Liz so it would be an appropriate successor for Liz.

  52. Enxia says:

    “Super Maria”
    Super Mario should have a capable wife later his life as a driver should have a competitive car to win

  53. Steve says:

    Luverrly Liza

    Lusty Lucy

    Liz’s Faster Friend

    My fave suggestion is ‘Sweaty Betty’ especially as Betty is a variant of Elizebeth. Unfortunately Betty is my mum’s name so I will have to veto, I know what Seb does to his cars!

    1. bennyboy says:

      liz’es filthy cousin

      1. Luis says:

        HAHAHA!!! Best one so far!

  54. Liam says:

    Liz’s Lusty Sister

    keeping with the his 09 idea of a new car being ‘sister’

  55. Jon says:

    Liz’s Evil Twin

  56. fausta says:


  57. ctlnmihai says:

    Rosalinda :D

  58. Jeff says:

    Vera Wynn

  59. Johnny Boy says:

    Reliable Rita

  60. Matt key says:

    Liz’s lucky sister

  61. Dolores says:

    Dolores the Drag Queen(Drag down the the first corner, that is)

  62. Peter West says:

    Sizzling Sarah! :)

  63. Paul O’Grady?

    Seriously though, the new car’s name should reflect Seb’s driving style.

    My propositions:

    Lightning Lucy
    Amazing Grace
    Black Betty
    Speedy Susan
    Darling Dora
    Her Majesty’s Underpants
    Rock Band Groupie

    I could think of a few more, though I doubt Seb would even think of using any one of those…

  64. Steve says:

    tell him to grow up and drop the unnecessary misogyny

    1. Frenchie says:

      Misogyny? What?

      This is a car. In some Latin based languages, where everything has a gender, a car is a female object (taking conviently French as an example):
      - UNE voiture (and not UN voiture)
      - UNE formule 1

      It does make sense that by giving it a name, it is a female name. It is a sign of affection. Peace brother.

      1. Milton says:

        In portuguese and spanish car is a male object.
        But I agree with you, there’s no harm in calling a car by a woman name.

  65. murray says:


  66. Tess Tarossa says:

    Kate? Julie? Liz?

    Somehow none of those names seem sexy. At all. And anyway, how is a sexy name going to cement his “relationship” with his car? Actually, don’t answer that.

  67. alexander King says:

    “Sweaty Betty” was perfect. That’s my vote!

  68. Mat says:

    Lizzies Revenge!

  69. Tombong says:

    Chaterine of Aragon

  70. Lalit says:

    How about Mrs. Webber?

  71. build, Melbourne, Australia says:

    She’ll be undressed after every session, so how about Gypsy Rose.

  72. mark says:

    Ann… after Webber’s partner.

  73. Paul says:

    Racey Tracy

  74. Mia says:

    Victoria of course. Victoria means winner,victorious,conquering.

  75. build, Melbourne, Australia says:

    As this is a replacement for Lucious Liz who was faulty, perhaps Better Betty.

  76. Matthew says:


  77. Lamer says:

    Thin Lizzy

  78. Midnight Toper says:

    Denise Denise,

  79. Stacey says:

    Racy Stacey ;)

  80. Phil says:

    Given that they can’t have a B spec chassis it must be an “A” chassis so Liza.

    So I’ll go with lascivious Liza

  81. Zobra Wambleska says:

    Lizzie’s faster finger.

  82. Matthew Villari says:

    “Mark’s little bitch”

  83. jeremy says:

    ann neal

    thnxs :)

  84. Uppili says:


  85. Plushpile says:

    It’s gotta be Mona.

  86. Érico says:

    Pamela, or Desiré, after his desire to win the title.

  87. grimmeeNZ says:

    Red Riding Hood (of course!)

  88. Karl says:

    Victoria (as in Victorious and Victorias Collection..)

  89. Bello says:

    horny Haifa. (Horny to win) LOLz

  90. Realyn says:

    From Autosport Forum:

    Marks little Bitch

    This would be so damn awesome

  91. Tracy says:


    Because even though she’s sexy, she’s not -really- a girl.

  92. Scott says:

    James maybe you should have made it clear that the names given are in alphabetical order, and only change letter with the year. The new name (if one is given) will still be an “L”.

    Also I’m pretty sure this chassis has been used already and is not new. I think it was used by him in testing. Are you able to confirm this?

  93. Brace says:

    Isn’t he supposed to keep the same name?
    I mean, he is not naming particular chassis but the current year’s car in general.
    I suppose the had more than one chassis over the course of the whole last season but it still had the same name.

  94. Aaron B says:

    Vicious Val
    Scrumptious Sarah

    these are my best two :)

  95. Dexter says:

    1. Dirty Diane

    2. Break Down Betty

    3. Moody Madison

  96. Ronoson says:


  97. Zooropabob says:


    1. Zooropabob says:

      As in “a hot mama”

  98. Irish conor says:

    Lucious lizs hot mom

  99. Chris says:


    Alonso’s sister’s name, it’ll drive him crazy.

  100. mike says:

    Name it “The Wicked Witch” because she is going to be a bitch for the rest of the field to deal with!

  101. paddy says:

    Soapy Sally he’s gonna need her to be if he is to beat off those Fduct Mac

  102. BeenDun says:

    Susie Second

  103. John Z says:

    MK Missile, for Red Bull’s HQ.

  104. mylexicon says:

    Delectable Danielle
    Ravishing Racquel
    Bodacious Belle

    I dunno, there are tons of good names and adjectives.

  105. cmnxvi says:

    I think he should name her (Silvia) it’s a change……only Silvia.

    1. Luis says:

      Nissan Sylvia? :S

      1. claudio Nuñez says:


  106. Peter Jones says:

    Bull Shirley

  107. Pete Schnabel says:

    I like Fiona, but would add Feisty.

    So, Feisty Fiona.

    Def: Full of spirit or pluck; frisky or spunky

  108. John says:

    If he keeps moving up the alphabet, Malicious Melanie.

  109. Bob says:

    Bodacious Betty

  110. f1jocker12 says:

    it’s only one name per season… the 2010 car is named “luscious liz”.. not the chassis… what? you think sebastian has a harem?

  111. Peckers96 says:

    Not sure how commonly known this is, but Mark Webber’s nickname back in the Queanbeyan Kart Racing Club days was “Potsie”, as in Warren “Potsie” Weber from Happy Days.

    Therefore, I think Seb should call his new car “Jennifer Jerome”, who happens to have been Warren Weber’s long-time girlfriend in the show.

    I’ll leave all of the crude innuendo about Seb driving Potsie’s girl to your collective imaginations.

  112. Tommo says:

    Milton’s Missus.

  113. Frenchie says:

    How about Homy Annie?

    James, take your top five suggestions and ask people to vote. I’m sure you could let Seb know what the result is during the grand prix weekend.

  114. Andrew (in Melbourne) says:

    Webbers Wife.

  115. Maurice A says:

    MILF Mandy

  116. woodinsight says:

    Slippery Sue
    – as an aid to easier penetration (of air!)

  117. Dzu-Fast says:

    I’ve heard Vettel is a big fan of the Beatles , so I suggest Polythene Pam .

    1. Frenchie says:

      On the same Beatles track, how about ‘Michelle’ or ‘Michelle ma belle’ with la French touch for his Renault engine maybe.

  118. Ash says:

    Fiesty Fionia

  119. Parthi says:

    The perennial bridesmaid?

  120. adi says:

    Seeing that there is nothing wrong with the old chassis maybe seb is having an early midlife crisis. He should stick with his current chasss cos the grass isnt always greener on the other side. However if he must trade liz in for a younger model it might as well be a hot high school girl called Horny Hailey….

  121. Josh Ryan says:

    Does he move onto ‘M’ now?

    I hope he doesn’t go down the sister path that he did last year. Liz was high maintenance enough, you don’t want her younger sister. She’d be even worse.

    Don’t get me wrong, Liz had some qualities – she was hot as hell, but you knew she’d never last the distance.

    I reckon he’ll call it Martha.

    Mischievous Martha?

    If it’s as unreliable as Liz was, then maybe ‘Moaning Martha’. Or ‘Melodramatic Martha’.

  122. hellasf1 says:

    geoff !!!
    after Top Gear’s ” ambitious but rubbish ” hybrid car

  123. Lindsay says:

    Troy Queef

  124. Sachin Mahendran says:

    Rick James

  125. Vlad_A says:

    Rageing Rachel :))

  126. Taylor says:

    Almighty Liza
    Liza’s mother :P

  127. John says:

    Lizzy Lovette

  128. Torque says:

    Ducted Diana.

  129. Matt says:

    Ambitious Angie

    Horny Horner

    Titty Tina

  130. Marcin says:

    Magnificent Monique

  131. For Sure says:

    How about Britney?
    Just to make Rosberg a bit uncomfortable.
    “Vettle is pushing Britney to the limits”.
    Sounds slightly disturbing haha.

  132. Mortimer N. Cobblepop says:

    I’m astounded by the glut of people who don’t notice (or just completely disregard) the (seemingly) obvious patterns of what is (apparently) Seb’s car-naming convention.

    1. Prof Bolshaviks says:

      Just to clarify did it go
      Kate – Liz? What was the one before called?
      Was his toro rosso a J?

      1. Prof Bolshaviks says:

        I just read it was julie. Ignore

      2. Mortimer N. Cobblepop says:

        Done and done.

  133. Ledzep4pm says:

    Raunchy Rachel anyone?

    should probably have lucky in the name

  134. Ledzep4pm says:

    call it mark webber LOL


    Lucky Lucy

  135. B says:

    Adriana (Newey)

  136. jim says:

    luscious Liz’s placebo

  137. Miguel says:

    Glorious Gloria

    Will give him a Glorious win.

  138. snoozer says:

    He’s probably way to young to remember the movie but how about….

    “Der blaue Engel”

    Marlene Dietrich’s character name was Lola Lola so there’s even a racing connection.

  139. Amritraj says:

    Lorena (from Lorena “Bobbitt”). That’s what Seb would be hoping his car does to other drivers!

  140. Micrespond says:

    Seb prefers “dirty” name for his cars, so:
    - it should be: Bloody Mary…
    - it can also be: Slutty Susan…

  141. Gil Dogon says:

    Well , someone before stated that it should start with an ‘M’ but since we are still in 2010 and keeping with tradition it should still be an ‘L’ one. I suggest :

    Lucky Lola.

    And I know they failed to re-enter F1 but I just like the name ….

  142. Tom87 says:

    Hi guys,
    I might be wrong but I believe Seb has used a different letter of the alphabet each year of his racing career, starting with his first single seater car with a name beginning with ‘A’. That’s why Kate’s dirty sister still began with the letter ‘K’.

  143. AndrewW says:

    What about Corrupted Fergie or Dodgy Duchess :-)

  144. JohnBt says:

    Slick Vicky (SV)

    Sebeastian Vettel (SV)

    I though there has to be some relationship to his initials.

  145. Stephen Hopkinson says:

    He’s been moving up a letter of the alphabet each year: Julia, Kate, then Liz. So the next one should either be a variation on Liz (Hot Cousin sounded good) or another L. Lairy Laura?

  146. Leo says:

    I understand Seb follows alphabetical order, so presumably the next car should have a name beginning with the letter M.
    I’d like to suggest the name Marnie. Then, if she proves to be a winner, he can call her Mighty Marnie. If she is less reliable, she can be Moody Marnie.
    Whatever he calls her, I hope she brings him joy. He is a great asset to the sport.

  147. Jason Greer says:

    Lavish Liza

  148. Col says:

    Dirty Diana

  149. Auntie Betty says:

    Bizzy Lizzy

    Time to really get going Seb!!!

  150. bong says:

    Sexy Suzy !!!

  151. Kieran says:

    Mandy the Minx, if it has to be an M.

    If not,

    Lucid Liz – a bit less gorgeous, a little more effective!

  152. Matej Sagmeister says:

    1.Wild Xsara ( renault )

    2.Red Clara ( red bull )

    3.Devilish Lara

    4.Sensitive Anna

    5.Red Gina

    6.Scorpio Hanna

    Or simply as Jackson did it : Dirty Diana !!!

  153. Steve Arnott says:

    SandRed Bullock

  154. Michael says:

    I second Stefan on Lucy .. a name that reflects the similarities between the two.

    Another would be “Splendid Susie”. A touch closer to his first win with Julie also ending with “ie”. Hopefully this one will help him up the ultimate notch as WDC.

  155. Paul W says:

    How about simply ‘Mrs Vettel’. It starts with an ‘M’ at least. If he likes his women a bit rough then he could call her Mucky Mandy.

    One way to wind up Webber is to call her Mark`s Missus.

  156. Snake says:

    Sinful Sienna………..because that car will do things that no other car could ever dream of doing!!!

  157. Phil Waddell says:

    Nora Batty

  158. TC351 says:

    Webber’s Bitch

    1. boom! says:


  159. guy says:


  160. Volantiz says:

    Downstairs Dedrie ;)

  161. seb says:

    Marvelous Madeline’s Mom ;)

  162. tank says:

    Vivacious Veronica

    Vivacious for tenacity and high spirit.
    Veronica because it means “She who brings victory”.

    Some very good and funny ones in the other comments.

    1. Mia says:

      Lucas di Grassi´s car is named Veronica (and Timo Glocks car Virginia.)
      We cant have 2 Veronica´s on the grid, or can we ? ;) :D

  163. sixtenths says:


    Just to wind up the Homophobes….and blokes called Dave.

  164. Derek Lorimer says:

    Ermintrude ( from the Magic Roundabout )

  165. Galapago555 says:

    J (ulie), K (ate), L (iz),… looks that it is the moment for a “M”. I suggest Magic Mary

  166. Roadslave says:

    Jucy Lucy.

  167. Alan says:

    Juicy Lucy!?

    It’s got a certain ring to it I think…

  168. max says:

    Kate’s mum

  169. Richard D says:

    Carsandra? Bullinda? If he’s continuing in alphabetical order I reckon he’d like the name Melanie.

  170. Tufty says:

    How about Betty Swallocks?

  171. Grant says:

    Nancy. Nice Nancy

    1. Oubay Zakkar says:

      FANCY NANCY!!!!!!!

  172. Dimitris says:

    Drunk Methanolia

    Loose Monica

    Neighbour’s Daughter!

  173. HowardHughes says:

    Racy Ruby.

  174. Dave says:

    Well, if it was Julie one season, then Kate and Kate’s dirty sister the next, and then Luscious Liz, this one presumably is also an L – the M will be next season.

    So in keeping with his decision to name the replacement after the original (a la the dirty sister), I’m included to agree with Moohcowh and go with something like Liz’s hot cousin.

  175. David says:

    Waltzing Matilda


  176. vinnydawg says:

    Naughty Nadja

    Heavenly Hanna

  177. Haydn says:

    I can see a problem here though…
    I once named my car, a 1993 Civic, Danica in homage to Ms. Patrick, and was told by many that it was not only an ugly name but totally inappropriate for the car – she didn’t look like a Danica. It seemed that she herself objected to the name, and chose not to live at all rather than to live with it. Within days of bestowing the soubriquet upon her she dived headlong through a hedge into a recently ploughed field. Within a couple of weeks of the expensive and painstakingly executed cosmetic work following that excursion, she could finally take no more and threw herself onto her roof, finally achieving a fatal injury…
    A warning to Sebastian then – choose her name wisely, she may never forgive you if you get it wrong…

    1. Jake says:

      Sounds like you’re just a terrible driver ;)

  178. Tm Goodfellow says:

    How about (it’s a bit of a long one)

    “Seb Stop wasting your time and get serious for once! It cost you the 09 title so get your ar*e in gear”

    yh? :)

  179. Adrian says:

    Well, if he wanted stick it to Mark, then there’s only 1 choice: Waltzing Matilda..!!

    Okay, proper suggestions:

    Tiger Tracey

    Sultry Sarah

    Furious Fergie

  180. Mark H says:

    Dirty Debbie….

  181. Ben G says:


  182. Rufus McDufus says:

    Rampant Rachel

  183. Baart says:

    Tamara Speedstone :D

  184. Nathan Bradley says:

    Susan Boyle :)

  185. John says:

    Luxurious Liz

  186. Gilles says:

    Mad Mary

    Crazy Mary Dirty Larry

    Mad Cow Disease

  187. UnloadIt says:

    Lady Ann – maybe she will bring him some luck as the other Ann (Neal) does to Mark recently. And ‘lady’ because of L, of course.

  188. guy says:

    Liz’s younger sister.

  189. Martin says:

    Penelope Pitstop

    1. Stevie P says:

      Hey-yelp, hey-yelp!

      Any suggestions for the Anthill Mob? ;-)

  190. Mia says:

    Wilma – (“Will my (Wilma) car start?”);) haha! joking..

    Baby Blue Blanca

    Carrie,Carmen,Carey,Cara,Carabelle,Carolyn or Caroline – the names beginning with “Car”

  191. cheapracer says:

    Helen Back

  192. James Punt says:

    Mary Hinge

  193. cheapracer says:

    Helen Back – hell and back
    Sue Ridgepipe – sewage pipe
    Fay Dingaway – fading away

    1. vinnydawg says:

      Anita DeGroin – A knee to the groin

  194. YellowNRedStriped says:

    Liz’s Luften Cousin

  195. Brenda says:

    this is fun, if seb is keeping to the letter “L” then how about Leggy Leah who has the most gorgeous legs under her to lead Seb to the finish line first…

  196. Hamish Williams says:

    Manky Meg

  197. Ed S says:

    Cantankerous Catherine

  198. Geoff Thomas says:

    What about ‘Voluptuous Viv’ or maybe ‘Manic Marigold’? Nothing whatsoever to do with anyone in particular, you understand…

  199. Rick Jones says:

    cracking candy

  200. Abuelo Paul says:

    Macho Monica, the girl with a powerful thrust.

  201. “Lovely Rita”

    …Surely, with Seb’s love for anything Beatles. Being a meter maid she can fend off traffic too.

  202. Abuelo Paul says:

    or how about Lesley, Liz’s dirty girlfriend?

  203. Kirk says:

    Racy Rachael

    Saucy Sue

    Zoe Renault (oh… hang on…)

  204. Max Damage says:

    He he, let it be Max Damage :)

  205. Valeria says:

    Lady Rain the Great.

  206. Kirk says:

    Or to go with this week’s news: Naughty Sarah

  207. Amanda says:

    what about Eccentric Ella

  208. Dirk says:

    Wicked Wilma
    Ecstatic Eva

  209. FaithHealer1 says:

    I’d second Waltzing Matilda but as it seems to be an ‘L’ year, I’d go for Lapdancing Lucille (dances around the laps, geddit?), Lynx, Lorna, Liz’s Little Sister/Cousin/something or possibly Lady Madonna, cause Vettel seems to like the Beatles.

  210. Mark says:

    Well, he names them alphabetically, so now it´s the “M”´s turn. Mmmmmmm… Barry Manilow´s Mandy won´t cut it though…

  211. BigL76 says:

    Gorgeous Gina

  212. MB says:

    Well Sebs 2008 car was Julia, 2009 were Kate and Kate dirty sister, 2010 is Luscious Liz, his new chassis will begin with L again so I am expecting something to do with Liz again.

  213. Iain M says:

    Limitless Liz

  214. Lindsay says:


  215. Jaelle says:

    Liz II: The Revenge. Would fit perfectly.

  216. Simon Benedict says:

    I reckon the team should name the car “Grow Up Vettel”. All this nonsense about his car’s name is so purile it’s pathetic. I think Vettel should concentrate on not getting beaten by Webber, rather than trying to fuel his happy chappy image with this teenage distraction.

  217. James Bond says:

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Imagine Lewis’s reaction :)

  218. Jake Pattison says:


    After Lisa Gastoni.

    She starred in the 1957 film ‘Second Fiddle’.


  219. Bobby says:

    But in light of Red Bull’s motorsport operation worldwide, and one of their star drivers being disabled because of health issues, maybe Vettel could go away from tradition and name one for his colleague who can’t race because of health issues and call it (Brian) “Vickers”. (You have to love the tyre stop in Times Square!)

    Names on race cars are always a crazy motorsport tradition. Some of the most famous cars in motorsport were known by their famous names — Bertha, Whitney, Midnight (used by two different teams for their cars in one series, a variation used by the Z-Man for another series), The Captain, Snake, Mad Max, T-Rex, James Bond 007, Blacker, Butthead, and numerous other names.

    T-Rex was too good that after it was raced, it was banned, Speculation about T-Rex was questionable until T-Rex made an appearance outside Lord March’s last year (with a developmental driver) for Goodwood.

    If the car runs well it might earn a nickname after that — just imagine if the car was named for a famous bull.

  220. Douglas M. says:

    Crashy Cassie
    Red Beulah

    If he has to keep the L/Liz theme:
    Lightning Liz
    Liz’s Less Temperamental Sister

  221. Tim says:

    Mary Hinge?


  222. Jim Mangiaforte says:

    Willie Mae

  223. Arry 2k says:

    He should call her Gladys. That way if he wins the WDC he could add Glorious to the front of it!

  224. Joe says:

    Kate’s Dirty placebo.

  225. Andy says:

    Juicy Lucy or Sticky Vicky

  226. Carlm21 says:

    number 2 jordan

  227. F1 Novice says:

    Adrian’s Newbey :)

  228. Spencer says:

    Vicious Victoria

  229. Mario says:

    Jolie Ride

  230. Josh says:

    Anna Lee …

  231. DJW says:

    Red Isabul?

  232. Liz’s Lucky Sister?

  233. missparanoid says:

    liz’s dirty sister

  234. Becken says:

    I dont care about the name, but I only think that he should treat her well in the next races.

  235. Sangeen says:

    Bella baby !!…No wait..thats my car..

    1. Bella says:

      Nah i doubt youre girlfriend would like that
      Sangeenius it is.

  236. somebody says:

    Warrior Roxie

  237. Matt says:

    Spanking Sue

  238. Seymour Quilter says:

    It has to be… Stella!
    That car is the star of this years grid so what better name?

  239. D. says:

    James, tell Sebastian to go with Aspasia (accent on the ‘i’). She was the wife of Pericles, during whose reign Athens enjoyed its years of glory.

    This could be SV’s year of glory, so Aspasia would be a fitting name for his car.

  240. Paige says:

    As I am his BIGGEST fan (No, really! Theres no bigger fan than I) It should be called:

    Precious Paige

    and when Im sat in pit lane seats at Silverstone this year he can blow me a kiss! OMG OMG OMG I think Id faint. . .

    Remember Chicks who dig F1 are awesome! (and great in bed!)

  241. Jim says:

    His car should be called Dave

  242. La' says:

    Lovely Laura, just because my car’s called speedy seb :)

  243. Jay Doubtfire says:

    Nuts Of Steel Lizzie

  244. Michael says:

    Liz’s Nasty Sister – I’m sure Seb would love a chassis that he can throw around without having to worry that he’ll break something. :)

  245. Eje says:

    Laudabull Lizz.

    Play on Laudable which means word of praise.
    Further Lauda could also refer to Nikki Lauda whom besides being a 3 times champion also at one point was manager of Jaguar for 2 years. Jaguar is the origin of Red Bull.

    Bull for Red Bull of course, finally Lizz to keep with the tradition of using the same female name during the course of the year. The complete name uses L and as might already be known he so far named the cars in alphabetical order. =)

    Laudabull Liz.

  246. murray says:

    From an old song “If you knew Suzie”

    “Oh, oh, holy Moses what a chassis!”

  247. Oubay Zakkar says:

    I won the other day in a competition to name it “unofficial competition of course”
    anyway, I suggested Fancy Nancy, and i would really really appreciate if u pass that to the team
    FANCY NANCY!!!!!!!

  248. paul rodríguez says:

    It HAS to be Lupita…

  249. Freespeech says:

    Fanny, if nothing else this would get both RedBull and Vettel even more publicity around the world, I can hear it now. ‘and here come Vettel in his Fanny crossing the line for another win’ etc etc

  250. Sibusiso says:

    Zanele – pronounced [Zuh-neh-leh]
    A hardy,driven and tenacious African woman with all the right curves in the right places, i.e.(aerodynamics).Thereby highlighting every man’s lack of downforce.

    1. Mike Misgerett says:

      Eish! A cool name with a lekker discription…Shapp!!

  251. Robert says:

    Filthy Fabrian

  252. Rob says:

    I would say
    Randy Ruby

  253. Craig says:

    Liz’s sister goes all the way/ more reliable sister (hmm, not very catchy but hopefully appropriate..) Liz’s reliable replacement? fingers crossed..

    If this was the test chassis then presumably its an older sister if anything?

  254. knoxploration says:

    It seems to me that precedent dictates that we stick with the same starting letter throughout the season, so I’m going to vote for Lascivious Laura…

    * Lascivious means “arousing sexual desire” (Random House Dictionary)
    * Laura means “laurel-crowned” (Name-Meanings.com)

  255. Jorge says:

    If Webber keeps rolling on ahead, perhaps Calamity Jane…

  256. Leo Sayer says:

    How about Runner Up Ruby, or Second Placed Selena. I really don’t understand all the hype here, James. The boy will hit his peak in the future of course, but the moment Mark has him roundly beat in all departments, new chassis or not. Like Rossi vs Lorenzo in Moto GP, the order will change eventually. Some might say inevitably…

  257. Martin says:


  258. vet4snak says:

    * Liz’s dirty sister
    * Victoria (kind of like “Victory”)

    1. jenny says:

      victoria is already one of the virgins i think xD

  259. Pking007 says:

    I’d say Seb should go with:

    “Allota Lagina” – as in “Fagina”
    “Liz Handy Sister” – she’s got to be handy if he’s to win the WDC


  260. gaston_pdu says:

    Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light
    Those days are over
    You don’t have to sell your body to the night
    Roxanne, you don’t have to wear that dress tonight
    Walk the streets for money
    You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right



    Hey Jude, don’t make it bad…

  261. Nikki says:

    I personally think he should play it a bit dirty and start the “hilarious” mind games on his competitors – so, with that in mind, why not try;

    Raunchy Raquel
    Naughty Nicole
    Juicy Jessica

    etc etc


    Sebastian: I just got on pole with Naughty Nicole.
    Lewis: you WHAT??

  262. Mike from Medellin, Colombia says:

    If it turns out to be very slow he should call it Giovanna Amati.

  263. AmandaG says:

    Luscious Liz’s lustier twin

    He has to keep the name Liz in there as my friend has abandonned Mclaren this year as she is called Liz, and is therefore supporting him. Also she is going to name her new car Sebastian after him.

  264. Samantha Price says:

    Liz’s jailbait cousin

    or (not that I am at all biased)

    Sultry Samantha

    (and yes I know it doesn’t fit the naming convention)

  265. jenny says:

    what about “Luscious Liz’ reliable sister?”

  266. Feb says:

    Desirous Desire
    Vicious Viv
    Tempting Tina
    Charming Cheryl
    Gorgeous/Glamorous Grace
    Mighty Michelle
    Naughty/Nasty Natalie
    Spicy Sara
    Shameless Sheila
    Mad Melanie
    Bad Becky
    Wild Vicky

  267. Rich C says:

    Magnificent Monalisa

  268. chuck says:

    Doesn’t matter what he names the car, he’ll still probably put it on the pole. To that end, what does it say about the Red Bull that he could still beat every other car except his teammate and Kubica with a hurt car?

  269. Rich C says:

    But if it has to start with an “L” then make it


  270. AP says:

    Lucky Liz

  271. Federico says:

    Prancing Sofia

  272. Superfast says:

    Red bull gives you “Wings & Wins!”

  273. kates dirty sisters filthy cousin.

  274. Mike Misgerett says:

    2. Dizzy Lizzy

    3. Leaping Liz

    1. Liz The Biz

  275. Spenny says:

    Loose Liz – clearly the “women” around him are so loose they are falling apart.

    1. Rum and Coke says:

      ha ha …I know her!! oldie but a goodie! #:)

  276. Prof Bolshaviks says:


  277. Richard Mee says:

    Red Sonia


  278. Tommo says:

    Roxette: Adrian’s revenge.

  279. michael c says:

    Fast Fiona
    Winning Wanda or Wining Wanda if its a bad chassis

  280. EGA says:

    Cheatin’ Chelsea

  281. Mike says:

    Betty Swallox – now there’s a name that should have been on the top of our tongues.

    1. Mike says:

      Of course I mean’t “tip of your tongue”, or was it just a freudian slip!

      1. Mike Misgerett says:

        You deserve a tongue lashing for that!
        And not from Betty – lest you slip on Herr Freud again…

  282. SHIPARCH says:

    Liz’ sister is dirtier than Kates

  283. barry says:

    lacivious layla

  284. quick_kill says:

    How about Crazy Casey.. nice ring to it..
    hope i’m not too late..

  285. Virginiya says:

    Luscious Liz’s twin

  286. Rum and Coke says:

    Nelly Smickers!!! or Betty Swollocks…..or how about just naming it “That annoying little runt from over there”..

  287. DylanR says:

    Gracious Gabriella

  288. Steve H "sunny Southport" says:

    Enjoyable bit of fun indeed.
    Perhaps you can find out what SV called the car I believe he used in 2008 from Aus to Turkey (STR-02/4B)? (also possibly in 2007 STR-02/2). From Monaco it was STR-03/3 “Julie”.
    Then, if memory serves correctly, he used chassis 03/2 in Canada after practice crash in 03/3 “Julie”.
    Did he have name for 03/2 if that was the case?
    After that race it was back to “Julie” for the rest of the year.
    In 2009, after RB5/3′s “Kate” demise in Aus, he used RB5/1 “Kate’s Dirty Sister” (Malaya to Turkey)
    I believe he then used chassis RB5/4 for three races (GB, Germany, Hung) which, I was informed at the time, he also called “Kate” before reverting back to RB5/1 “Kate’s Dirty Sister” for the remainder of the season.
    And then along came RB6/3 and “Luscious Liz” for the opening races in 2010.

    Excellent blog and great to have some light-hearted fun.

  289. Nicko says:

    Well he seems to goto the next letter for his names, how bout “Magnificent Mary”

  290. Bruce Corey says:

    The name for Seb’s new car: “Randy Rhonda”
    And he can sing the Beach Boys song “Help Me Rhonda” as he screams around the track!

  291. Steve Rogers says:

    How about Mark’s Faster Brother?

  292. Leogem says:

    Luvly Lorena! hahaha. imagine naming your car after your rival’s sister!!!!

  293. Helen says:

    Its a curvy car so how about Voluptuous Veronica. To go with the sexy man inside her!

  294. Barney says:

    I think there is only one name in keeping with Sebs sexy theme.

    Pole Dancer

  295. Graham says:

    Aural Annie
    Hydraulic Hannah

  296. Adaniel says:

    Mouthwatering or maybe Magic Marg should be Luscious Liz’s sister.

  297. floters says:

    redbullf1spy wrote: Randy Mandy…

    nice ))

  298. knoxploration says:

    Well, we had a bunch folks saying Mandy, and a bunch saying Randy, but nobody quite made the connection. Well done anyway to those who were close! ;-)

  299. Yanni says:

    “Ann” ( Webber’s manager and partner )
    as Mark said in the Australian Herald….
    “”She has been an inspiration to me,” he said.”

  300. Auntie Em says:

    Princess Petal

    May as well name it after its mysogynist driver :)

  301. Franzie says:

    what about “Arielle”? Everytime I hear Sebastian I have to think at this little red crab out of the disney film :)

  302. Andy says:

    Red Ruby sounds good to me!
    On another subject; does anyone know what the song is that the guys play in their garage; such as DC and Martin Brundle danced to in the F1 forum a couple of races ago?

  303. cherie foy says:

    hi mark you good racing and good luck this year and keep up and can dont it mark i my so happy for not bad number 2 driver


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