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Red Bull front wing – Spot the difference!
Red Bull front wing – Spot the difference!
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 May 2010   |  12:24 pm GMT  |  51 comments

This morning in Free Practice the Red Bull team did a back to back test on the new front wing it has brought to the Spanish Grand Prix.

After one run mid way through the session a mechanic took the wing off Vettel’s car and fitted it to Webbers and vice versa. They would do this to check some fine detail on how the wheel behaved in steering and to look at the yaw.

This is the kind of fine detail work the teams are involved in as they test out their new aerodynamic parts ahead of qualifying and the race.

See if you can spot the difference between the two wings. It’s pretty hard but there is a difference. Leave a comment if you find it.

Be sure to check in later today when we will do an in depth analysis of the exciting new tech on the cars in the LG Tech Report.

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  1. JoTorrent says:

    the only difference I’ve seen is beyond the endplates. Kind of a vertical spitter (painted in black). Other than that it looks pretty much the same

  2. JR Orlando says:

    Hi James, it is difficult but, is it the endplate that has changed? It seems to be higher instead of cut away where the Total logo is. Also the curved part on the right hand edge in the top picture, curved as opposed to straight in the lower.

  3. nivraarvin says:

    the tip of the plate near letter “d” and “B” on the first picture is angled upwards..

  4. Silverstone79 says:

    Wider section on the rear end plate ?

  5. Darren says:

    one has a trolly and the other does not , now i only need to find the women wearing one earing and i will go in the draw….

  6. guy says:

    er…. one has a big metal thing on it

  7. Road of Bones says:

    Hmm – is it an extra vertical element on the outer part of the endplate (upper picture)?

  8. shadowzzz says:

    the endplates are modefied?

  9. Geoff Honour says:

    Yeah, if you look closely the top photo has a extra vertical poles on it, looks a bit like a jack!

  10. James W says:

    I can see two differences, although I think one could be more because of the camera angle.

    It looks like the nose is slightly narrower, with supporting collumns to the wing a little in the first picture.

    I think the difference we’re looking for is the adjustable flap? Really is a minimal difference, but there is one!

  11. dr_g says:

    There seems to be an extra curved element on the outer ‘corrugation’ of the endplate in the top picture.

  12. Armistice says:

    The end plates are different in the second pic I think, hard to see anything else though.

  13. Frenchie says:

    It’s quite hard to tell due to the resolution of the pictures.

    It looks like the curvature (apologies if this is not a proper word) at the back of the of the end plates is different.

    In the picture at the top, it seems to be going outward around the wheels whilst the other one seem to force some of the air on the front wheels and towards the floor of the car.

    Then again, I might be totally mistaken.

  14. Alexis says:

    Only difference I can see is V shape cutout at the top of the wing, on the top picture.

    1. Alexis says:

      …and a semi circle on the endplate

  15. Nathan says:

    Hard to be sure given the difference in angles and shading, however it would appear to me there is a little bit extra added to the very end of the end plate on the top wing.

    All the way to the left on the top pic.

    Probably imagining things because i am looking for something, anything, to make them different.

  16. John Whitling says:

    It looks like the internal vg (in the wing area side of the endplate, at the lower wing element) has more of a closure protruding under the wing.

    BUT MAN, give us something better than postage stamp images if you want us to compare that kind of stuff ..

    1. Soeren says:

      Agree :)

    2. lip_iceman says:


      Even if they’re little in the body of the article, could they not be expandable by clicking?

  17. Banjo says:

    Tricky! Is there a slight alteration to the outwashed end plates? Looking forward to the tech-report James.

  18. Pierre says:

    Quiet difficult for me to explain it in french!

    Left end and right end of the wing, one front wing has:
    - on each extreme side (left and right), one small vertical black flap,
    - on each extreme side (left and right), the main vertical element on which the “Total” brand is outside placed, seams to be less vertical and has a cutted design (when on the other front wing it seams it is much more a “rectangle”).

    Hope I’m understandable!

  19. malcolm.strachan says:

    It looks like the Gurney-Flap/Wicker doesn’t extend as far on the wing that’s on Webber’s car in the photos (photo #2). It’s hard to tell, and might just be a difference in lighting…

  20. Dave P says:

    On the right hand side, bottom level under the second l in red bull, it has a curl that is not n the original?

    Make sense?


  21. Axek says:

    There seem to be two fins at the very ends of the top wing which aren’t on the bottom one…

  22. Stephen says:

    The outside plates have a curved edge on them in the first picture at the outside of it.

  23. James says:

    Its the end plate, definately the end plate. It looks to have some sort of faring.

    Do I win anything Lol!

  24. Nick Stewart says:

    Mercedes must be pleased. You have to feel for Nico though. I wonder if it had been the other way around in the first 4 races, whether they would have made such sweeping changes to help him. I doubt it very much.

  25. David S says:

    Is it a longer Gurney flap on the top edge ot the top element?

  26. The top one’s got a huge tall tubular metal device stuck to it… :-)

    I have no idea…

  27. Jack Flash says:

    Itappears the end plate on the wing in the second
    photo extends further up & outward, perhaps in an attempt to direct airflow around the front tire. Perhaps they are trying to give the benefits of full bodywork without having full bodywork, in terms of airflow around the front tire. The front tires are likely to cause undesirable changes in the airflow immediately behind the wing at certain steering angles, and this might cause the outboard sections of the wing to stall due to turbulent flow creeping forward from the trailing edge of the wing, which would lose downforce as a result. I’d guess Newey is looking for more grip at the front of the car in medium-speed corners.

  28. Proesterchen says:

    Is it just the full-length lip on top of the movable flap?

    Anyways, what’s the state of art in flexible front wings? From the looks of it, Red Bull’s got a nice bend going under high aerodynamic load, but how are the other teams keeping up?

  29. Nick says:

    The end plates have an additonal inclinded surface, i am assuming to channel the air along the outer edge of the wing to help the end plate work better in the front wing package.

  30. Rob says:

    One seems to have a car jack attached and the other hasn’t ;-)

    1. Relativity says:

      LOL……. I was about to post the same message. Jacks do not make for efficient aerodynamic devices. I think Adrian Newey screwed up here :-)

  31. Orcun says:

    I don’t which one is the newer. But the wing shown in lower picture is not symmetric and the right end plate is not square whereas the upper one has rectangular and symmetric end plates.

  32. Érico says:

    I have a poor eye for these things. But it annoys me that these tests are made during a race weekend and not a proper test session. It’s not like simulators and wind tunnels come cheap and race weekends are already very hectic on their own.

  33. Robert says:

    the bottom wing picture on the right side i can see a half cirle extension on the horizontal endplate. other than that the angles of the photo are too different to really make a comparison….

    1. Robert says:

      I meant on the top picture sorry!! LOL

      1. Robert says:

        the bottom picture on the right side endplate the bottom seems to have a little hook or swoosh on the front of it….

  34. Antoine says:

    The endplate on the new one (top) is no longer flat… very tough after 15min still can’t see obvious difference, I wonder how it produces obvious pace difference :-)

  35. Kedar says:

    May be an optical illusion but the one on top is a bit wider. I am using the painting on the floor as a reference.

  36. Peter G says:

    Better quality photos would help. And, if they were shot from the same position as well.

    For a small fee, I will offer my services..

  37. Bluem says:

    In the top picture the endplates (far most edge) there is a slightly curved ‘fin’.

  38. Dan says:

    The bottom one looks like a slightly lighter shade of blue

  39. PeteJ says:

    There is no difference. James is just winding you all up.

    1. James Allen says:

      No, there is – it’s a small flap on the top element.

  40. Gary C-G says:

    Small black vertical fin outboard of the endplate visible in the first picture but not in the second.

  41. Brace says:

    Photos are too big.
    Please put smaller photos as my computer is getting stuck from the sheer size of the photo.

  42. Rich C says:

    On one they misspelled “Bull” ?

  43. gary rodgers says:

    ones webbers & ones webbers

    1. gary rodgers says:

      i mean ones webbers & ones vettels


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