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Name Vettel’s car: The Top 5 readers’ choices
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Name Vettel’s car: The Top 5 readers’ choices
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 May 2010   |  11:20 pm GMT  |  34 comments

This thread has received an incredible response in the last 24 hours with over 330 readers suggesting a name for Sebastian Vettel’s new chassis, replacing the unfortunate “Luscious Liz”, which bit the dust in Monaco.

Raja Sen’s suggestion of “Stickshift Stella” was a favourite while readers saw the funny side of Andrew’s suggestion of “Sweaty Betty”.

Furtherdown, Speed Saint 85 went down the Sonic the Hedgehog route with their suggestion of “Seb-Sonic” while Jaelle took inspiration from the Star Wars movies with her offering – “Liz II: The Revenge”.

But perhaps the name which drew the biggest reaction was Wu’s suggestion of “Webber’s Missus!”

Thanks again to all who put a suggestion forward. It was a bit of fun.

I forwarded on your suggestions, Sebastian came up with Randy Mandy, I guess we’ll find out why at some point!

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  1. Miha says:

    Vicious Liz? Or maybe Liz Vicious…

  2. "Martin" says:

    “intentionally losing control of a vehicle”

    Does that sentence make sense to you ?

    Lewis was has NOT lost control of the car !
    It follows he could have NOT done so itentionaly !
    Clearly the OZ cops see things upside down…

    1. “Lewis was has NOT lost control of the car”… does that sentence make sense to anyone?

      I think what you’re implying is that one cannot intentionally lose control of a car. I challenge that. let’s take an extreme example… I’m driving round a big and busy roundabout, and half way round I close my eyes and take my hands and feet off the controls. I do this intentionally. Am I in control of the car?

      However, with Lewis’s experience, it makes perfect sense that he was doing doughnuts and was fully in control and knew exactly where the car would be. Were the police right to punish him – of course they were, because regardless of how safe he was doing it or why, or who he is, he broke the law and that law stands for everyone.

      1. CH1UNDA says:

        for a moment i thought the sentence was one of the suggested names for Vettel’s car :))

    2. jonrob says:

      Ah now this reminds me of days gone by in my youth when a certain person was arrested for dangerous driving of his motorbike at 120 mph, however the magistrate agreed that the bike was well within it’s limits and the police big ears car however was being driven dangerously, it being on the edge if it’s limits.

      Of course Lewis was in control, the Oz police made the wrong charge, reckless was what they should have charged him with if the had to do anything at all apart from give him a bollocking.

  3. Peter says:

    But what about ‘frogmella’?

  4. Rafael Sanchez says:

    The best name for Vettel’s car, right now has to be:
    Jealous Suzy, or whatever the name, she has to be so jealous of Mark’s car, her sister.

  5. Jerry says:

    I’m sorry, but you guys have way too much time on your hands.

    1. CH1UNDA says:

      you read this far Jerry and even commented :)

      1. Mike Misgerett says:

        Yeah, almost oxymoronic. :-)

    2. Mike Misgerett says:

      Why the remorse? Your comment is prefaced with an apology but it sounds like jealousy…

  6. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua says:

    Dour Danica

  7. Leo says:

    Pinky…Pinky Tuscadero, that’s hot!

  8. Dave says:

    Doesn’t Seb go in alphabetical order meaning the next name would begin with an ‘m’??

  9. Dave says:

    Did Seb not say that he was going in alphabetical order, meaning the next name would begin with ‘m’??

    1. Mat says:

      In which case the rest of the grid will be hoping it is Malfunctioning Moira..

  10. Merlyn Rees says:

    Should call it Lois

    .. as in Lowest due to Ride Height Control ;)

  11. Peter says:

    Is Vicious Victoria in the suggestions!? ha ha

    1. Midnight Toper says:

      A well known former England footballer has already bagged that one.

  12. Peter says:

    What about Big Bertha???

    or busty beatrice

  13. James W says:

    I personally think Dave is adequate! =D

    1. jonrob says:

      No sorry mate it’s already taken, Dave was the name of a cardboard box in the corner of my old office.

      Some other guy went and named a TV station after him too!

  14. Carlm21 says:

    Positionless Pam

  15. zadrav says:

    Dirty Maxie

  16. Rich C says:

    Still voting for “Lolita”

  17. CHARLIE CAUSEY says:

    If the next car is supposed to start with “m” then how about Maybellene.

  18. Pdac says:

    Scary Mary

  19. Richard Bell says:

    ‘Plasticine kettle’ because it sounds like Sebastian Vettel

  20. mik says:

    Randy Mandy

    : )

  21. Mark Roberts says:

    at comment 21, mik nailed it! Good on you. I had posted previously that it was to begin alphabetically, “m”´s turn- but dismissed Mandy thinking of Barry Manilow… Of course Randy Mandy is a consequential progression- was it Banarama that sang “Brandy makes you randy, and rum makes you…”
    Of course Sebastian “ist zu jung” für Banarama too. Ah, the circle of life…

  22. Patrick says:

    Now that Sebastian chose the name of his new chassis, here some suggestions for the next one (consequently starting with “N”):

    Naughty Natalie
    Nifty Nikki
    Nasty Nancy
    Tricky Nikki
    Fancy Nancy

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