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Malaysian GP Slideshow
Malaysian GP Slideshow
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Apr 2010   |  6:44 pm GMT  |  14 comments

The Malaysian Grand Prix was a weekend of sunshine, heavy showers and quick decisions.

Sebastian Vettel called his Red Bull team mate Mark Webber “Pokerface” after his risky call on intermediate tyres in qualifying gave him pole, but the German had the last laugh on race day when he slid down the inside of Turn 1 and won the race, putting himself at the heart of the championship battle.

Relive some of the beauty of the event with these stunning images from top F1 photographer and JA on F1 collaborator Darren Heath. Look out for a great shot of Massa drafting Button during the race at around 50 seconds.

Check out more of Darren’s work on his revamped website www.darrenheath.com

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  1. Zobra Wambleska says:

    Beautifully done. Thank you for that.

  2. Henry says:

    The shot of the Force India pit stop @ 11 secs is very very good!

  3. Kinkas says:

    Shot of Massa move is great. For obvious reasons it would be great to see Alonso’s move on JB as well (although it didn’t ended well) to see the smoke behind the car.

    Keep posting these shots James.

  4. Red5 says:


    Dream job.

    Can I carry your bag Mr Heath.

  5. DOm says:

    Great pics – shame the print are so expensive.

    Maybe JAonF1 readers can get a cheeky discount? ;)

  6. PaulL says:

    James, what’s your take on the effect of banning these side-mirrors in terms of car performance?

    Can’t the teams who have to remove them still build those ‘pillar’ like things that Mercedes have for instance in their place?

  7. John MacMicking says:

    First Rate Darren! Thanks James!

  8. rpaco says:

    Excellent, when it’s fuzzy it’s art!

  9. sinnae404 says:

    Great shots and a well deserved win for Vettel.

    He’s clearly a superstar – just wish he’d get his own helmet design instead of the pure corporate one he’s got. I notice many drivers have now adopted the colours of their team – Kubica, Rosberg, Kovi etc. Does anyone know if this is imposed on them by the team? I’m dead against it, myself. Surely a drivers colours are sacred!

    1. Adrian says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I was so happy that Button went back to his traditional red, white and blue helmet design this year…ironically at (arguably) the most corporate team on the grid..!!

  10. AJ Senior says:

    Great photos.

    I thought Mr Webber was far more graceful in defeat than Mr Vettel was in victory, even though he was clearly gutted to lose first place at the first corner.

    There obviously really are no team rules at Red Bull.

  11. Legend2 says:

    Nice Images Darren.

    While I have the floor I will repeat “Nico”‘s comment from your earlier article regarding qualifying which few seem to have picked up on; rather than blaming Ferrari and McLaren we should be applauding the incredible skills of “Pokerface” and Rosberg.

    James I think it is a little disappointing the media are placing all of the blame on the teams. Yes, Ferrari and McLaren probably should have set banker laps, but then again other drivers used the same strategy and made it through to Q2 (Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber were the last to leave the pits and set their times as the McLarens were spinning off and Alonso was unable to get through).

  12. prass says:

    I liked the undercover in spa malaysia more than this :)

  13. Z says:

    Ah. Having no satellite TV (ie. no F1), Darren’s images are the only things I look forward to each race.


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