Hot fun in Summertime
Budapest 2014
Hungarian Grand Prix
Picture 44
Picture 44
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Mar 2010   |  8:01 am GMT  |  9 comments

Picture 44

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  1. Abel Karaj says:

    The most legendary is also the coolest : Mario Andretti !

  2. Johnny says:

    Is it just the early morning start or is Niki Lauda not there?

  3. Robert Powers says:

    Sir Jackie is my personal favorite living Champion-sure,he was a perfect driver-but in my mind even eclipsed Murray Walker as the best TV commentator of all.We owe a lot to him.

  4. Roger Carballo AKA Archtrion says:

    My favorite isn’t there. Two brits (hell, I can’t believe I’m saying that…) Jim Clark and Stirling Moss (yes, I know he didn’t win the championship, but it doesn’t matter). The coolest has to be Mr Damon Hill.

    I’ve just realized that I called 3 brits……. loosing my mind, on my way to the psychiatric hospital :-)

  5. Alen says:

    Schumacher is the coolest!

  6. Veikko Vennamo says:

    Kimi Räikkönen!! Yes, he is there. Passed out, and fell off the picture. Alcohol has nothing to do with it!

  7. Robert says:


    1. Emmo
    2. Mario

  8. Rick J says:

    I reckon Sir Jack Brabham is the coolest. As I recall his heart rate would decrease as he sat on the starting grid. How cool is that! I wonder what his off the record comments about the current state of affairs in F1 would be. Unprintable I suspect.

    Presumably Kimi and Nelson are making a political statement by not showing up. Too bad, they are missed.

  9. RIDER says:

    No the coolest was James HUNT. Second was Keke ROSBERG. Who else could take a drag on a Marlboro flick it away then go out on a damp track and the fasest time for pole.


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