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Seventeen F1 world champions
Seventeen F1 world champions
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Mar 2010   |  8:01 am GMT  |  105 comments

Formula 1 is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend in Bahrain and has brought out all the living world champions. Only Kimi Raikkonen and Nelson Piquet are missing.

Thanks to McLaren’s @fifthdriver on twitter here is a sneak peak of the “team photo”

Who is the most legendary here? And who’s the coolest?

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  1. Erico says:

    Mika is definitely the coolest. And the legendary could be Lauda. He won in the 70s and 80s.

    Of course it would be a different matter to me on both accounts had Kimi and Piquet shown up.

    1. Gavin Finlayson says:

      Prost is the coolest…he’s still fit and slim whilst most of the others need to lose a few pounds!! Also he is the best driver still living :)

      1. kowalski says:

        so i imagine for you senna was better. Clark and fangio as well?

  2. Amy says:

    plenty of legends but the coolest has to be Mika!

  3. Snuff Smith says:

    Easy Jack Brabham, the oldest and the only one to do it in his own car.

  4. drJeckyll says:

    Niki Lauda is missing from this photo also. There is another photo with him standing in second row on the left. This make 18 champions :)

  5. Jamie says:

    I cannot spot Niki Lauda in this photograph. Was he there?

  6. David Perel says:

    Most Legendary is Schumacher. Coolest has to be Andretti!

  7. LC1971 says:

    Lengendary: John Surtees – winner of the premier versions of the motorcar and motorcycle World Championships. A unique achievement. He also won these championships with arguably the most iconic manufacturers: MV Agusta and Ferrari.

  8. Lordstaffy says:

    Bernie ecclestone!!

  9. Angelos says:

    Well i dont know who s the most legendery but the collest, for sure, is Mika…!

  10. Treaded Lurgy says:

    All the living world champions? What even the little bloke, fourth from left in the front row! ;-)

  11. Prakhar M. says:

    I didn’t know Bernie Ecclestone and the Prince of Bahrain are world champions. :P

    Ona more serious note, why aren’t Kimi and Piquet not there? Did they just not bother showing up?


    1. Andy says:

      Do you seriously expect to see Piquet any where near F1 after what happened with his son and Renault. And as for Kimi he probably found the idea uncool.

      1. Richard says:

        Piquet was at Brazil last year. He didn’t do anything wrong. My God the man is a 3 time WDC. He is a close friend of Lauda and Ecclestone so I hardly think he was afraid to show up.

      2. Andy says:

        You misunderstand me, I was never suggesting that he was afraid to turn up – just that he probably did not want to

    2. KNF says:

      Kimi was going to show up, but like his WRC outings so far this year, he got lost and was delayed on route… :D

    3. Zami from Melbourne, Australia says:

      Keep eye on the F1 news in daily basis you’ll find out why. They declared long time ago that due to personal reasons they couldn’t be there.

  12. frank says:

    Having Bernie in there ruins it for me

    1. Bill Day says:

      Amen to that.

  13. C says:

    Looks like Niki Lauda is missing as well

  14. Robert Powers says:

    I love most of these champions,it’s hard to pick one-Nigel or Alain or Jody or Emerson etc.Sure Jackie’s dyslexia would get the better of him sometimes,misidentifying drivers,for instance.But when the “moment” came,he was there with the most scintillating verbage I have ever heard in racing,all due respect James A.You asked what we thought about the picture,Sir Jackie Stewart hands down!

  15. Red5 says:

    I thought Bernie failed to qualify his Cooper.

    Who is number 19 in the photo?

  16. cc says:

    Awesome idea and photo. I couldn’t see Jack Brabham though.

  17. CoolGav says:

    “Who is the most legendary here?”


    “And who’s the coolest?”


    1. elbowchris says:

      Agree with Häkkinen… I loved him beating MS last millenium. Top, cool customer. Even better watching him with James May on Top Gear!!!!
      (ps Alonso looks unbeatable!!!!)

  18. cc says:

    oops, he is there :)

  19. parthi says:


  20. James H says:

    A lot of thoughts about this one. First, no Senna, I wasn’t a F1 fan when he passed but it’s like the room is half missing without him.

    Also there’s a few I don’t recognise–second from right, front–is that Scheckter? The others are located at 1st middle row, 2nd & 3rd on back row. They must be Brabham and Lauda at the back and Fittipaldi starting the middle row. I haven’t seen pictures of Emmo after he raced.

    Here’s original twitpic, you can view it quite large: http://twitpic.com/18hmv5

    As for your questions, I guess the iceman Mika would be the coolest. For the most legendary, I considered all the pre-Scheckter guys because of the crazy-danger in their era, but for me it would be Prost. He raced before I watched, but he even beats out Schumacher in my mind.

  21. Mitch says:

    Great sneak preview James, but if only Kimi and Nelson are missing…. where’s Niki?

  22. James H says:

    I just realized, I think Lauda is missing too, and that’s Emmo 3rd in the back row, and Keke starting the middle row.

  23. Alby says:

    Legendary Sir Jack Brabham one of the pioneers of f1 (I think its him next to Alonso)and coolest Michael Schumacher with his 7 world titles.
    They are all great drivers and very hard to split.

    Great Website James keep up the good work


  24. Sangeen Khan says:

    The coolest of them all aka “The Iceman” is missing…

  25. “Who is the most legendary here? And who’s the coolest?”

    Michael Schumacher. You don’t even need to ask.

  26. F1-Fan says:

    Kimi is the coolest :)

    1. Drezman says:

      He certainly gets the award for the most childish for not bothering to turn up.

  27. Kam says:

    Our Nige!

    1. Robert Powers says:

      Kudos for Kam!!!!

    2. Ben G says:

      Yup – for his legendary taste in fashion. Looks like he’s just walked in from his alottment.

  28. Steve Arnott says:

    This is awesome!

    There was a quiz show on TV yesterday where teams had to bid on how many F1 world champions they could name, up to 15. I thought “Bah! Easy!”. And it was. But then the next question was to name the 15 highest earning Hollywood actresses, and I could name maybe three. It takes all sorts :)

  29. Stu says:

    John Surtees gets a strong legend rating for me for being the only person to win world championships on 2 and 4 wheels.

  30. jw1980 says:

    Great photo! Shame that Bernie and local royalty are in the shot. I presume that there will be photos of just the world champions somewhere.
    Most legendary has to be Schumacher. You would have to say that the drivers that could challenge him for that mantle are sadly no longer with us (Fangio, Clark and Senna).
    To be a world champion is pretty cool so will not nominate someone for that category.

    1. Alias James says:

      I agree to that! Wish there was a photograph with all the world champions dressed in suits, standing a room with large portraits of all passed champions in the background!!

      ‘The F1 Hall of Champions’

  31. smellyden says:

    For me the most legendary there is Alain Prost, but closely followed by Jackie Stewart.!!

  32. Elliot says:

    Coolest is Michael Schumacher – did you see the way he swaggered in to get weighed after qualifying yesterday?

    The most legendary, of course, sadly passed in 1994.

    But what a line up!

  33. Jani Posta says:

    Where is Lauda? :)

  34. Moohcowh says:

    Joe Saward has got what looks like the official photo: http://joesaward.wordpress.com/2010/03/13/a-gallery-of-world-champions/

    1. Robert Powers says:

      Back row (left to right): Fernando Alonso (2005, 2006); Sir Jack Brabham (1959, 1960, 1966); Michael Schumacher (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004); Emerson Fittipaldi (1972, 1974); Lewis Hamilton (2008); Mika Hakkinen (1998, 1999); Damon Hill (1996). Middle row (left to right): Niki Lauda (1975, 1977, 1984); Keke Rosberg (1982); Mario Andretti (1978); Sir Jackie Stewart (1969, 1971, 1973); Alain Prost (1985, 1986, 1989, 1993); Jacques Villeneuve (1997); John Surtees (1964). Front row (left to right) Alan Jones (1980); Nigel Mansell (1992); His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Bernie Ecclestone, Jody Scheckter (1979); Jenson Button (2009).

  35. ABest says:

    The most legendary has to be Sir Jackie Stewart, however, the coolest there must be Damon Hill! How good was it to see the pictures of him in his old Williams overalls again?!

    1. Martin says:

      As far as I know he is the only punk rock guitarist :-) Sure beats dating Dannii Minogue.

  36. Andrea says:

    Greatest Legend on the photo: John Surtees

    Mr. Cool: Jenson Button

    The coldest: Schumacher… But only, because the Iceman is absent ;-) :-P

  37. Henry says:

    So good to see them all, my vote goes to Sir Jackie Stewart! Not sure if the current title holders can count because hopefully a couple of them will go on and win the title again!

  38. Coco says:

    Tough to say, I think the Jackie Stewart is the most legendary, and the coolest Damon Hill, Hakkinen or Prost :)

  39. Michael Siao says:

    Kimi would have been the coolest if he were there. :D

  40. James says:

    Being an Aussie, I immediately went looking for Jack.

    My eyes moved straight to the front 2 rows, expecting him to be seated. He’s standing in the backrow!!

    There’s a legend.

    1. TheHand says:

      Amen! the last man to design, build and drive his car to a F1 title. Now thats real talent.

      For the coolest – prost is a pretty cool cat.

      Thats an awesome photo.

      Great to see JA on One HD (Aust) doing pre race reports aswell, look forward to seeing you for the season!

  41. Ed says:

    Wow what an amazing photo opportunity. In answer to your question, the most legendary is Sir Jackie Stewart, the coolest Emerson Fittipaldi! I mean how can you beat those sideburns…

  42. James says:

    Being an Aussie, I immediately went looking for Jack.

    My eyes moved straight to the front 2 rows, expecting him to be seated. He’s standing in the backrow!!

    There’s a legend. Virtually blind and with kidney failure. Can’t keep a legend down. :)

  43. djw0208 says:

    It’s a shame the other 2 are not there. I guess Piquet is in disgrace and Kimi has other commitments, but it would have been nice to have a complete set.

  44. Stu says:

    Such a shame that all the current drivers have to wear there hats in the photo. I’m sure even Nikki would have taken his off.

  45. Trixie says:

    Most legendary would have to be Sir Jack Brabham who built and won championships in his own cars. What’s more, being the senior most and still able to travel with his kidney condition deserves a special mention.
    Coolest champion unfortunately didn’t show up -does anyone know why Kimi couldn’t make it ?
    Nigel’s not the same without the mo’…would’ve gotten my vote otherwise!

  46. Erico says:

    Kimi the Icecream Gorilla Suit Dolphin Hugger should be there. He rocks.

  47. Tom Gower says:

    Hi James,

    Do you know if we will ever get to see footage of these guys driving their respective cars, I believe they took to the track yesterday did they not?

  48. Dave H. says:


    (On all counts)

  49. Milton says:

    The coolest is Damon Hill, I just love his polo shirt, I have one exactly like that =)
    The most legendary? I will go with Emerson Fittipaldi. Too bad he ended pretty much his F1 career when he left Lotus. He’s also the first latin american to have won the Indy 500. Oh yeah, and he introduced Ayrton Senna to F1. This guy is awesome.

    1. kowalski says:

      he won the 2nd title at mclaren in 1974 after leaving lotus.

  50. Cass H says:

    Hey James! watching you on OneHD right now before the race! great to hear you’ll be with us for the year! looking forward to your reports! =)

  51. M. FITRI fr Malaysia says:

    Mika!! Even the legend is afraid of him..

  52. Bill Day says:

    Too bad Damon’s Dad can’t be in the picture.

    As far as who we love best, isn’t it usually who we grew up with? For me, Emmo, Mario, JYS.

  53. Ash says:

    OT – Good to see James as Track reporter on the Aussie broadcast!

  54. Neil says:

    Great photo.

    I wonder why Piquet isn’t there – I presume fallout from his son’s mistake. I wonder if he was not invited, or decided not to attend? I’m not surprised Kimi didn’t show!

    To me, champions are ranked something like:

    + single champions;

    + multiple champions in successive years, in the same team;

    + multiple champions in disjoint years in the same team;

    + multiple champions in multiple teams.

    To me, the real pros are the ones who win multiple championships over a period of years with different teams. Not those who win a few with dominant cars.

    That make Prost and Schumacher pretty high up.

    Coolest has to be Mika or Damon. I hope I go grey as trend-ily as Damon! (Chance would be a fine thing – it’s all falling out faster than it goes grey :-)


    1. Dave P says:

      What about champions in different fields, i.e John Surtees in motorcycling and F1 – surely better than multiple champions in different teams..

  55. PaulL says:

    Coolest is Mansell. Attitude and genuine hard work.

    Legendary is Schumacher on status and greatness, though I give a mention to Prost just because he genuinely won a world title in 86 in not the best car against other greats like Mansell, Piquet, Senna, and Rosberg.

  56. Fonty says:

    Good Day James
    I have a question, I~ am very much a McLaren fan….but for the last few years they have started the season hitting the ground…on the face, How does this happen they have all the infrastructure and reinforces sans 1 (My dearest Adrian N) how can they re do this time and again versus Ferrari doing it right?

  57. John Z says:

    Stewart is the coolest. The Ulimate British Champion. The legend is Mario Andretti. He won in everything he raced. Won the Indianapolis 500, won the Daytona 500, won the F1 World Championship, won the Indy Car Championship. An absolute legendary driver. Still races when it so moves him.

  58. Legendary – Jackie Stewart
    Cool – Mario Andretti (he’s raced and won in everything… sports cars, Indy cars, sprint cars, F1, stock cars… very cool!)

    Also, none of my comments are showing up (tried posting on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, so it can’t be browser-related). I am now trying to post on someone else’s computer.

  59. Sam says:

    The most legendary – of course Schumi
    The coolest – Sir J S

    On a light-hearted note, I wander what would it be like to take a picture like this when some of them probably don’t talk to each other. eg.. Schumi, Keke, JV etc..
    or Alonso and Nikki who compared him to a dog at one point.

  60. Ronnie Stone says:

    To James Allen
    That was the most boring f1 race I’ve ever seen. 49 ‘parade laps’ of a procession with only a car failure to mess things up.
    I won’t be paying to go to any F1 races this year, based on that, and neither will a lot of people.

    1. Martin P says:

      I agree completely.

      But to be fair to James, I don’t think it was his fault!

      1. Ronnie Stone says:

        of course I know it’s not his fault, but he’s in a far better position than any of us to inform the main parties of the viewers points of view. it’s another absurd idea that’s cost teams millions to comply with that has a 2 lap value, if that…first and last.
        Who’s gonna watch it? Why will the BBC stick with it if we all go aout for an hour and catch up at the end?

      2. Martin P says:

        I share your pain.

        And you’re right, who’s going to watch it? Hard core fans will. But F1 can’t survive on hardcore fans.

        It only takes a couple of races before viewer figures drop, which will stem any influx of new sponsors (which teams like Sauber desperately need).

        After that, sponsors renewing for next year will either pay less or go elsewhere where the “bang for the buck” is higher.

        TV coverage? The BBC will have to stick with it because they’ve signed a contract. But they’d be under a lot of pressure and criticism from the public and the BBC Trust which makes renewal a tricky prospect. Which means less money being spent next time around, which makes it less attractive to fans to watch which reduces viewing numbers…. which reduces sponsor cash…. which reduces the money for teams….. which reduces the spectacle…. which makes it even less attractive to fans and so on etc. etc.

        It really is a downward spiral that someone needs to reverse VERY quickly.

    2. kowalski says:

      so people are starting to realize that f1 is turning into crap. No power, a lot of weight, too safe, etc. I agree with you, i won’t go to see a race either. I’ll go to moto gp instead. I watch f1 on tv, because it has turned into a tv show.

    3. kowalski says:

      i agree to. Cars are heavy, and underpowered. I go to moto gp instead. f1 i watch on tv, because it has turned into a tv show.

  61. Silverstoned says:

    Why is Alonso in his Ferrari gear? He’s not a Ferrari champion yet.

  62. Neil says:

    Good to see them all pictured together

    what about the race today

    After one of the best years last year, this no refueling and saving the tyres during the race has made it boring

    The cars should be going flat out at all times, even schumacher said it’s impossible to overtake during the race

    Got to do something it think, hope its not all boring in 2010

  63. timem1 says:

    Schumi is the most legendary. And since winning is about as cool as it gets. He’s the coolest because he’s won the most. Simple really.

  64. Rob R. says:

    The coolest and most legendary is not there…….. we all know who he is.

    Niki Lauda is also another legend who can’t be seen.

  65. craig says:

    considering recent events no surprise in Kimi and Nelson missing….Very cool that the rest made it maybe last chance to see some ofthem in this kind of setting makes a great screensaver

  66. Lin Morris says:

    What a line up.
    Most Legendary: Sir Jackie Stewart
    Coolest? Easy, the Flying Finn – Mika

  67. Bill Ware says:

    So is Niki Lauda disguised as a Sheikh or Bernie?

  68. gabrielrms says:

    where are lauda, piquet and kimi ?

  69. Neil Barr says:

    All pictured are winners. The achievements of a few of them will not be duplicated: Brabham, Surtees, Andretti, Schumacher.

    Legend: a traditional story or belief sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated, a person about whom unauthenticated stories are told
    Legendary: remarkable enough to be a subject of legend

    The legend of Niki Lauda is to me the most complete and satisfying tale. He’s the coolest in my book.

    Conspicuous by their absence are the gods: Fangio, Clark, Villeneuve, Senna.

  70. Xinu says:

    I think kimmie raikonnen that guy was awsomme

  71. F1 Kitteh says:

    Where does Damon get all the white hair from ? He looks older than Mansell….

  72. Spyros says:

    Sorry, for me Mika was cool for the wrong reasons…

    I’m torn between The Professor and Il Leone… two opposites, I know, but they each had his own brand of ‘coolness’…

  73. Craig says:

    Jacques Villeneuve has to be my all time favourite, bursting onto the F1 scene almost winning the championship in his first attempt, reminds me of a certain Mr Hamilton, shame his career went backwards after his championship winning season, but he was a driver with plenty of character, something that todays F1 grid lacks with the exception of Schumacher

  74. colin says:

    Kimi raikkonen is the coolest. Legendary is Jack b

  75. Tom says:

    How many of these 17 became champion by sitting 1.5 seconds behind another driver all day then crying about him not making any mistakes? A good enough driver will overcome the aerodynamics and tyres, as Alonso has shown many times.

    Did anyone ask Jones or Andretti or Mansell, or any of them, at the weekend – I’m sure they’d tell you it’s about forcing a mistake out of the guy in front.

  76. Stephen Stepney says:

    Legendary and coolest(what ever that is ?) has to be John Surtees,champion on four wheels as well as two,and he still owns a 300SL,which is the “coolest” car ever.
    having said that Schumacher must be one of the legends in F1,7 WDC,s.

  77. Edie says:

    I am biased and Canadian- so I have to say Jacques and then – Mika – remember both of them beat Schumacher.

  78. Max says:

    BRABHAM Jack b.1926.04.02 83y.o.
    SURTEES John b.1934.02.11 76y.o.
    STEWART Jackie b.1939.06.11 70y.o.
    ANDRETTI Mario b.1940.02.28 70y.o.
    JONES Alan b.1946.11.02 63y.o.
    FITTIPALDI Emerson b.1946.12.12 63y.o.
    ROSBERG Keke b.1948.12.06 61y.o.
    LAUDA Niki b.1949.02.22 61y.o.
    SCHECKTER Jody b.1950.01.29 60y.o.
    PIQUET Nelson b.1952.08.17 57y.o.
    MANSELL Nigel b.1953.08.08 56y.o.
    PROST Alain b.1955.02.24 55y.o.
    HILL Damon b.1960.09.17 49y.o.
    HAKKINEN Mika b.1968.09.28 41y.o.
    SCHUMACHER Michael b.1969.01.03 41y.o.
    VILLENEUVE Jacques b.1971.04.09 38y.o.
    RAIKKONEN Kimi b.1979.10.17 30y.o.
    BUTTON Jenson b.1980.01.19 30y.o.
    ALONSO Fernando b.1981.07.29 28y.o.
    HAMILTON Lewis b.1985.01.07 25y.o.

    Damon’s definitely the coolest,
    but they are all legends in their own terms.

  79. Alex says:

    Ecclestone is easily the most legendary, that fact is undeniable. And in this shot? Damon hill is clearly the coolest. Just look at that natural swagger in his stance and that naturally suave smile. Pure class…

  80. David says:

    Kimi is the coolest… that’s why he’s not there!

  81. indra dwi says:

    Schumacher the best legend f1…..kimi is the best driver….to be a winner…

  82. formula1live says:

    The best is Damon HILL


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