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“F1 2009 – A Revolutionary Year” on sale today
“F1 2009 – A Revolutionary Year” on sale today
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Nov 2009   |  7:50 pm GMT  |  89 comments

My review of the 2009 F1 season, entitled “F1 2009 – A Revolutionary Year” went on sale today.

The book tells the story of the 2009 season, from the McLaren launch in January to the last race in Abu Dhabi. I called it “A Revolutionary Year” because this was a year in which the backmarkers of 2008 won the championship and the champion teams of recent times lost their dominance. Off track it was the year when the teams revolted against the governing body and almost started a breakaway series.

It covers all 17 Grands Prix and tells the behind the scenes stories of the headline grabbing events, like Alonso’s move to Ferrari, the F1 teams’ breakaway threat and the Renault crash-fixing scandal.

It looks in detail at Jenson Button’s wobbles in the second half of the year, the Schumacher comeback that wasn’t, why Ferrari dropped Kimi Raikkonen and looks behind the stories of the racing action. It is based on the best of the blog entries from this site through the year plus some new linking content. It features a Foreword from Ross Brawn and photography from Darren Heath. It is a large format paperback and costs £9.99.

It is a limited print run and I’m hoping that people who have enjoyed this site during the year will view it as a cool collectable.

Book Sign
This morning I went to the publisher’s warehouse and signed 1,000 copies. All readers who order through this website will receive a signed book.

If you would like to get a copy signed in person, tomorrow I will be doing a book signing at Motor Books in Central London at 3pm. The shop is on Cecil Court, between St Martins’ Lane and Charing Cross Road.

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  1. Jake Pattison says:

    Hpope you got to mine before the RSI crept in James! :)

    1. James Allen says:

      No worries. Let me have your feedback

  2. Tim L says:

    “This morning I went to the publisher’s warehouse and signed 1,000 copies”

    OK you have got to have some cramps

  3. David McKeand says:

    Can’t wait to read your book James, it is top of my birthday list which is the end of December. Hope to be bringing in the new year remembering all the great moments from the 2009 season.

  4. Mike Wessel says:

    James I have ordered my book, looking at the photo though, don’t spill any coffee on my copy, I mean I like you but not THAT much!
    Thanks and roll on 2010.

    1. James Allen says:

      It was instant. Hope you enjoy it, thanks.

  5. Robert McKay says:

    Signing 1000 copies, bet that got old real quick :-D

  6. Malcolm46 says:

    As I didn’t win a copy in the top 5 drivers in 2009 competition I ordered one this week and looking forward to receiving it.

    But James, you must have been there most of the day signing 1,000 copies?!!!!!

  7. Sandu says:

    Great! I’m waiting and I’m keen to read this book! It will be my first book about F1 :) Thanks!
    Sandu, from Republic of Moldova.

  8. rpaco says:

    Well if yer can’t plug yer own book on yer own where would we be! (Don’t answer that!)

    1. James Allen says:

      Rpaco, congratulations! You win a free book as one of the ten people who has left the most comments this year. In fact you are the No 1 commenter, with 556. We’ll be in touch to get an address.

  9. Stephen Russell says:

    Got mine ordered up the day you first announced it James, looking forward to receiving it in the post. Bet you have a sore hand today after signing 1000 copies!

    1. James Allen says:

      Not too bad. Hope you enjoy it

  10. Pete Schnabel says:

    How does the hand feel after 1000 signatures?

  11. John Glynn says:

    Looking forward to receiving my copy. The Mrs has repaid my purchase price, so she’s going to wrap it up and hand it over on Christmas Day. Perfect for ignoring the in-laws that afternoon!

  12. Stephen Kellett says:

    Hope you didn’t wear you hand/wrist out signing all those books. RSI and all that.

    Can we have some performance figures? How fast are you at signing books? How long did signing all 1000 take? Do you think Jenson would outperform you?

    BTW. Your book image on the web-site is now out of date. How can you pre-order something that is already on sale? :-)

    1. James Allen says:

      0 to 1000 in two hours! i’m sure JB will outperform me!

  13. Neil Williams says:

    You look a happy bunny signing those books James!! I know that feeling from a book I self published 5/6 years ago.

    Best of luck with it – my copy ordered a while ago and can’t wait for it to drop on the mat!!


  14. Thom says:

    Excellent James – have already ordered mine and looking forward to receiving it! Any idea with regards to when can we expect them to turn up?

    1. James Allen says:

      If you are in the UK, today or Monday. They were mailed out yesterday

      1. DEB BOURNE says:

        When will you be mailing out to Canada please? Thanks James.

      2. James Allen says:

        Books went Friday, I believe

  15. Jason C says:

    It’s on my Christmas list, James.

  16. Werewolf says:

    I’m back! I’ve realy enjoyed the posts I’ve been able to read in the meantime, by the way.

    BMW really has made a mess of this and one can only hope Sauber is granted an entry. There were those who felt the team (pre-BMW) under performed but I always thought they did a respectable job. I think, too, that Peter Sauber has handled himself quite admirably throughout and I suspect quite a few fans may have been won over accordingly.

    Toyota, on the other hand, has genuinely under performed, given its gargantuan budgets and limitless technical resources, proving that people are still the most important factor in F1. Of the two, I would much rather see Sauber survive (with respect to those at Toyota whose jobs are on the line).

    1. James Allen says:

      Werewolf, congratulations, you win a free book as one of the top ten people who has left the most comments this year. You are number 4 in the list behind rpaco, johng and Finn with 222 comments. Thanks for your support. We’ll be in touch for an address

      1. Werewolf says:

        Many thanks indeed. A most unexpected surprise. 222 comments – no wonder Mrs Werewolf tells me I don’t listen enough to her!

      2. James Allen says:

        Always listen to your missus, Werewolf. Don’t you know that women are always right?

  17. Werewolf says:

    Very much looking forward to it, James. Your posts on the Button McLaren move and Schumacher/Mercedes shenanigans, by the way, are some of the best articles I’ve read anywhere all year.

  18. Jay Rooney says:

    Hi James
    Any plans to come to Manchester for a book signing? (Or anywhere else in region?)

    1. James Allen says:

      Not currently. I’ll keep you posted.

    2. James Allen says:

      Not currently, but I’ll keep you posted

      1. Stevie P says:

        Twice!? It appears Mr Allen has trouble posting to his own site too ;-) [Just a little leg-pulling there]

        Good luck with the book… and thanks for the varied and informative articles this year.

  19. Don says:

    Hi James – I ordered my copy on the first day you mentioned it on your blog… I can’t wait to get my copy… it will be like Christmas has come early! :)

  20. Ross Brawn says:

    Hi James, I have really enjoyed your insightful articles this year. It is great to have the view of someone from the pitlane instead of other sites which make up stories. I find myself coming here so often because unlike other sites who just give a story, you analyse the story which greatly adds to my enjoyment. Anyway, I was wondering, will your new book be selling in Ireland because I really want it after reading the edge of greatness. Cheers, Mr. Brawn

    1. James Allen says:

      Well you can get it sent to Ireland if you order through the website

  21. john says:

    Well done James!
    Hope for a quick return to TV commentary too.

  22. PaulL says:

    Hey James, your passion and involvement, including that which you’ve outputted into this blog regularly and your books, within F1 is something I admire. Good work.

  23. Chuck says:

    Cannot wait to receive my copy. And I really hope you manage to monetize all the good writing you’ve done in the blog with huge sales of the book.

  24. Nathan Smith says:

    The real Ross Brawn? I can’t wait to receive my copy, were the free ones to the winners also shipped at the same time as the pre orders?

    Thanks again for the book and for the excellent blog.

  25. Edward says:

    Hi James,

    Just ordered a copy of your book, especially seeing that it will be signed. I really like your posts on here and on ITV F1.

    Keep it up!

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for that, plenty more to come over the winter – I’ve got some great ideas and am getting a lot of support with them

  26. chris says:

    I pre ordered mine on amazon. Will the publisher be despatching copies to the various retailers this week?

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes it went out Friday. Thanks

  27. theothercoldone says:

    James, thsnk you for all the insight and in-depth analysis form the bear pit of F1! This book will, I’m sure, be good to read!

    One angle on all these new teams coming in which would, IMHO, make interesting reading, is where they will all be based, and where the factories are. This came to mind from a previous post, where it was mentioned that Mercedes (engines) is the former Ilmor, and based just up the road from the Artists formerly known as Brawn! Also with the USF1 team being based in America, but with a ‘secondary base’ in Spain. Does this have an influence on the rate of development/communication between engine supplier and chassis construction, and team and factory etc. For instance, was one of the difficulties with the team that became known as Brawn (ie Honda), that decisions had to be made by top brass in Japan, rather than on the ground, which inevitably led to a loss in development time?

  28. Peter says:

    James, why don’t you come up to Glasgow and do a book signing here?!

  29. MykeE says:

    Hi James

    Ive ordered the book thru your website a couple of weeks ago, so seeing a pic of you signing a 1000 copies means we’re all get our copy soon…. Great!

  30. Hi James

    Thanks for offering to sign some books – My wife ordered me one as an early Christmas present so I look forward to reading it when it arrives in Denmark :D

    1. James Allen says:

      I saw that one being put in a cardboard envelope at the warehouse. Hope you enjoy it

  31. David Smith says:

    Hamilton to win the qulifying battle hands down but JB to be within a whisker by the last race…what do you think ??

  32. davidturnedge says:

    Got my book already (Sydney, Australia)!

    Thanks James for signing those ordered through the web site.

    Look forward to hearing you again on TV next year… but keep up the blog, eh?

    1. James Allen says:

      Cheers, let me know what you think

  33. Raz says:

    Hope i can get a copy delivered out to Abu Dhabi.. James, would you be able to sign it?


    1. James Allen says:

      If you order it through the site, it will be a signed one you get, yes

  34. Prakash says:

    Hey James

    Am from india and have been following your blog all year long. Is the book going to be released here also ?? If not how can i get a copy of ur book shipped here ??

    1. James Allen says:

      If you order through this site the fulfillment company will send it to India, no problem

  35. Rob Whight says:


    Another sale goes through – you deserve it !

    Postage was twice the price of the book though – I guess that’s the joys of living in New Zealand.

    That said, I have no problems paying for it !

    Note I was number 1194 – I’m hoping I’ll still have you signature in it – HINT ;-)

    Regardless – keep up the ace insight. Looking forward to your views next year – should be an interesting one !

    NZ (ex UK – where I got decent TV coverage, with JA as a commentator and it wasn’t always in the middle on the night !)

    1. James Allen says:

      Cheers for that. They’ll let me know when the signed ones run out and I’ll sign some more.

  36. Tom Adams says:

    I notice on your Twitter page you mentioned you had tea with Tony Fernandes from Lotus..
    Can you tell us if Villeneuve will get a drive with the new Lotus team next year?
    Im really hoping so..

    1. James Allen says:

      His name did not come up, no. Trulli’s did. They would like to get him. He’s quite a character. I’m going to post on him and Lotus soon.

  37. Ian Curtis says:

    Thankyou for your order on CPI Book Delivery. Your order has been dispatched today.

    Items Dispatched:
    1 * James Allen on F1: 2009 a Revolutionary year

    Thankyou for using CPI BookDelivery.

    The CPI BookDelivery Team

    Yea Baby!!! :)

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for that, enjoy!

  38. Alan Goodfellow says:

    Just got my book through this morning. Thanks for signing them.

    I’ve just read the section about Bernie’s medals system and wondered if you had heard anything about this being introduced in 2010.

    As far as I was aware, the reason this was not introduced wasn’t because of the negative feedback from fans but the fact that it was not put through in time for the 2009 season under the FIA’s own regulations.

    Do you think they will now press ahead with it for next season?

    1. James Allen says:

      No, that has gone quiet for now

      1. john g says:

        maybe because he realised that if it had been implemented, jenson would have won the championship after about 9 races, instead of it going to brazil. the quieter that idea stays, the better.

  39. Paul says:

    My son would love to have your book for Xmas – he underlined it twice in his letter to santa! problem is the website won’t recognise my postcode – any one else had any problems?

    1. James Allen says:

      Sorry to hear that. Email the details to us at james@jamesallenonf1.com and we will get the fulfillment company to look into the problem.

      1. Paul says:

        All sorted now! Book ordered!
        Now,am I allowed to read it before wrapping it up for my son?….

  40. Paul Mc says:

    Got my pre order in looking forward to reading it!

  41. Rishi says:

    Ah – didn’t realise it was a limited print run. Are there still many left? When would be the best time to order – “sooner is better” or do you think I could get away with waiting a week or two?

    Although this is my first comment I’ve actually been following this since the start of the season (well, since about the Malaysian GP weekend). I suppose there’s a chance some of it may be repetitive but I’d expect most of it won’t be and I think it would end up a “cool collectable” as a result.

  42. George Clarke says:

    Just wanted to say i’ve recieved my book today and it looks great. I haven’t posted much this year but i’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog this year. Hope you continue it next year.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks. Remember that the ten people who submit the most genuine comments over the season, get a free book at the end of the year. We will do the same again next year.

  43. Moohcowh says:

    Hi James, the book arrived today, looks great and looking forward to reading it on the tube over the next week!

  44. Rudy Pyatt says:

    Hi James! Glad to see that the book looks to be a rousing success. Do you plan on doing something similar year to year?

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes. This is year one and we will do it every year. A collectable series

  45. Paul Mc says:

    Got home to my signed copy tonight, just what the doctor ordered after a long work day and 3 hours of college.

    Hats off to Darren Heath for the photography, his photos sum the season up perfectly.

    Really enjoying the book! Congrats James.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry if my signature is a bit messy, my kids have better writing than me!

  46. Nathan Smith says:

    My book arrived yesterday, read about 70 pages already and really enjoying it.

    Thanks for the personalised message too James.

  47. Velimir says:

    Hi! And sorry for my bad english :)
    I got book today and boy, am I happy puppy!! :)
    What a great book for reading in this cold winter..
    I wanted to ask you for opinion about one person from Croatia who is, I believe, very much into Formula 1, and now he is involved in USF1 team. The name is Mladen Jergovic. What do you think of him? He is commentator on F1 for HRT (Croatian national television) and I like him for knowing so much about F1 (just like you ;) )
    Thank you for opinion and here is url from his column about USF1 if you have time to read it (google translate)
    Greeting from Croatia!

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for that. I’ll take a look

  48. Andy E says:

    Hi James,

    Also got my copy yesterday, over half way through already – really enjoying it – it is great to see that you managed to look through the crystal ball on many occasions throughout the year. It’s gonna be a long winter so this really helps, mind you I think I will have finished it by the end of the week! :-(

    Still I will keep login onto the site everyday for the best insite into F1

    Keep up the great work

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for the feedback

  49. Aaron James says:

    Got mine through the door this morning James, front page bearing your mark :-)

    I have, like the poster above, just started to dig into it. Much of it is familiar as I’ve been reading the blog since it started. But what I like in this format is how everything gets equal emphasis over the year. It seems in most annual reviews things tend to be skewed towards the business end of a season, that many of the compelling stories at the start get missed.

    It seems like a life ago that double diffusers were the centre of everyone’s focus. But yet that really was the story of the season in many respects.

    This format allows that controversy to be covered in the detail it requires while still giving equal weighting to other moments like Jenson’s drive in Brazil, or the political machinations of Vatanen, Todt and Mosley.

    I will post more thoughts later, but I’m quite happy with it so far and I wasn’t really sure what to expect with it to be honest, I bought it more to say thanks for the blog this year than anything else.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks very much, Aaron. I appreciate your comments

  50. Baart says:

    Hi James. thank you for your book, it is very interesting. this book came quite long way (i`m come from Poland) but I was very keen to read it.
    thanks for your autograph also ! :)

    1. James Allen says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate your support.

  51. Paul Robinson says:

    Hi James,

    Excellent book well done, enjoyed the technical info, looking forward to next years. Happy New Year.


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