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Tifosi back Fisichella to shine on debut at Monza
Tifosi back Fisichella to shine on debut at Monza
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Sep 2009   |  9:26 am GMT  |  330 comments

The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper in Italy has been conducting a survey into how the Italian Ferrari fans, known as the ‘tifosi’, feel new boy Giancarlo Fisichella will get on at Monza this weekend.

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The results show a lot of faith in the choice of Fisichella to replace Luca Badoer and get a decent result.

49% believe he will score points at Monza.
23% believe he will score a podium
11 % believe that he could win the Italian Grand Prix.

Sceptics are thin on the ground: only 8% think he will fail to score a point.

A Ferrari has been on the podium in the last four races, with a famous win for Kimi Raikkonen at the last race, ahead of Fisichella’s Force India car.

Fisichella has been at Maranello in recent days, working on the Ferrari simulator to get the feel of the car and learn how to deploy KERS, which will be very important at Monza. Drivers will deploy it twice on the pits straight; once coming out of the Parabolica, then when it resets itself at the start line, he will push it again. It could give a significant speed advantage on such a long straight.

What do you think of Fisichella’s chances? Please send in your estimates of how far off his qualifying lap time will be (in fractions of a second) relative to Raikkonen. The nearest one will win a signed copy of my biography of Michael Schumacher, The Edge of Greatness.
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  1. Pete Walker says:

    I think its actually going to be quite close – lets go with +0.180 seconds…

  2. Ian Abrahams says:

    Hmm, are we assuming both drivers to be in Q3? If so, maybe Ferrari will short-fuel Fisi for the kudos of an Italian Ferrari driver on pole! In which case, Fisi to be 0.21 faster than Kimi in Q3…

  3. Mart says:

    i reckon, Fisichella is 0,245 seconds slower then Räikkönen in qualifying

  4. Simon Haynes says:

    I reckon he’ll end up 0.075 secs ahead of Kimi.

  5. Andy says:

    For quali I think he’ll be marginally quicker than Kimi by 0.1 sec.

  6. PhilW says:

    Slower by 0.493 seconds.

  7. I think a having to learn a different car in a short time will be a problem for fisi. I think he’ll trail Kimi by 0.4.32

  8. Lee Bailey says:

    My guess – 0.261 behind. I would like to see him outqualify Kimi though, but that might be a tall order in his first race in the car.

  9. Nik says:

    The KERS cars will certainly have an advantage at Monza. Because of the double-boost, you could see them get very good grid positions on the back of a more optimum fuel load, which would put them in a strong position for the race. I think McLaren will have the edge over Ferrarim but it won’t be a walkover, and I’m sure Brawn will have something to say about it.

    As for Fisichella, I’m tipping him to be around 0.197 seconds slower than Raikkonen, given that it will be his first time out.

  10. Dave says:

    I think he’ll surprise us all and be 0.05 *faster* than Kimi!

  11. James says:

    I reckon 0.25 second of Raikkonen’s quali time. Fisi wont be as fast as Kimi, but I’m sure he’ll put on a good show.

    1. James says:

      *off of Raikkonen’s quali time rather…

  12. Darren says:

    well i think Fisichella will be 0.423 behind but will make it into the top ten, just ;-)

  13. Karl Woodham says:

    I think Fisichella will be pretty close to Raikkonen. I think he will have a lap or two more fuel but only be 0.324 seconds behind him.

  14. Jon Burton says:

    Hi James, cool to chat to you on the plane back from Spa (LEGO). I think Fisi will be pretty close to Kimi, maybe .235 behind. (Twitter: JonTT)

  15. Varun Murthy says:

    How does one send in the timing difference? Do we need to email it or just post a comment here?

  16. Richard M says:

    Since this season has been so crazy… I am going to go for Fisi out-qualifying Kimi!

    1. Richard M says:

      ETA he will be 0.09 secs quicker.

  17. Paul Love says:

    Dead heat. With fisi going pole since he did the time first.

    Then he’ll win the GP. Though Kimi will breakdown, nearly taking Fisi with him and signing his departure
    from Ferrari. …

    Or am I just dreaming….

  18. Ashley Grimshaw says:

    I recokn Fisi will be 0.158 behind Kimi… assuming we are being that precise!

  19. David S says:

    Fisi will be 2/10ths faster…..

  20. Dave Walker says:

    Hmm difficult one. Force India never had KERS right?

    Fisi will do well I think if he can get adjusted to the car setup and KERS quickly. The practice sessions will be vital.

    I’m going to hazard a guess and say Fisi will make Q2 and be 4 tenths of Raikkonen’s lap time. Raikkonen will make Q3.

  21. Daniel says:

    Hi James,

    I’m guessing that Fisichella will be .350 (three and a half tenths) off Raikonen’s best qualifying time at Monza…

  22. Chuck says:

    0,19 seconds slower than Kimi.

  23. Nathalie says:

    0.23 sec off

  24. Rob says:

    0.348 off Kimi`s Time

  25. Adam_Damonfan says:

    -0.250 seconds
    in other words, I think Fisi will set a qualifyimg lap 0.250 seconds faster than Kimi, due to being so buoyed up by racing at Monza in a Ferrari!

  26. Peter says:

    He will be 0.27 off Kimi.

  27. Tom Gower says:

    James, I think he will be -0.059 faster.

  28. Ben Parker says:

    Interesting find with regards to the survey James! I’m glad Fisi got the drive, and i’m sure he’s estactic.

    As far as your question goes, I think Fisichella will be only 0.122 behind Kimi.

  29. Alan says:

    0.1 secs (ie faster than Kimi).

  30. Moog says:

    Fisi will be faster than Kimi by 0.12 :)

  31. Rob A says:

    Hmm, I will gues 0.230 seconds slower than Kimi.

    I’m glad the tifosi are getting behind Fisi, I always thought he’d be the best Massa replacement (even before Schumi was announced) & he deserves this fine ending to his F1 racing career. So nice to see such a nice guy living out his dreams!

  32. Eric says:

    KERS will certainly be interesting at Monza. I reckon drivers will deploy it out of the lesmos onto the back straight in qualifying as well as the pit straight. In the race, I think they may save it all for the pit straight as overtaking into the parabolica is difficult. The timing might work out such that the KERS button could be held down for the entire pit straight and lead to some overtaking in turn 1.

    I say Fisi will be slower by 0.257.

  33. Spyros says:

    Much as I like Giancarlo and Ferrari, this is a new car for him, in a circuit that’s uniquely challenging anyway.

    I believe he will score points but let’s face it, if he did not have confidence in the car he had under him, he would not have shined in Belgium. I don’t doubt that he will get to grips with the Ferrari, eventually, certainly before the end of the season, but a Monza podium may be a bit to much to ask…

    …I hope he proves me wrong, though!

  34. Jay says:

    Considering he’s on good form right now and hopefully the whole ‘Italian driver at monza in a Ferrari’ will push him rather than cause him to crack under pressure. Though I regard Kimi to be the faster driver and since fisi won’t be too familiar with the F60…….. Say .328 of a second. However if he got even closer I wouldn’t be too suprised.

  35. timo says:

    0.392s with more fuel.

  36. Rahul Seth says:

    .378 ahead

  37. Kevin M says:

    I’m predicting he will be around .28 behind Raikkonen. Despite his good form, it’s a big ask to step into a totally different car. He should improve more during the race though.

  38. 0.287 sec

    I think Fisi has a goodchance here but Raikkonen won’t let him win!

  39. Steve Arnott says:

    Fisi will qualify _in front_ of Raikkonen by 0.069 seconds. Probably. Maybe.

  40. BrightMinds says:

    Fisi will qualify 0.270 seconds slower than Kimi.

  41. David says:

    I can see Fisi doing well but not being able to match the rejuvenated Kimi. My guess is 0.234 off Kimi’s quali time.

  42. Josh says:

    Raikkonen will be 0.125 faster than Giancarlo Fissichella.

  43. Michael Wilcox says:

    I estimate Giancarlo to be 0.038 seconds FASTER than Kimi.

  44. Ross Dixon says:


    1. Ross Dixon says:

      Slower than kimi

  45. artorwar says:

    I’m saying 0.213.
    Good to see there is a decent ammount of faith in Fisi. I hope he does well and ends his career on a high, good luck to the bloke. After the last race he has proved he has what it takes. I just hope the stress of moving team and learning a new M.O dosn’t shake him up too much.

  46. Jarek@Poland says:

    I can’t wait to see Monza fever again. It’s going to be an amazing race. Personally I think that Giancarlo won’t be as far off the pace as Luca was but at the same time he will struggle to get himself to the very front of the grid. Nevertheless, my best wishes for him, he deserves this drive imo. Good luck Giancarlo!

    My qualy difference prediction: +0.425

    I expect close qualifying.

    What do you think James? :)

  47. Dave Cameron says:

    I’ll guess he’ll be 0.359 seconds off of Kimi’s pace.

  48. Langer says:

    With Qualifying been so close this year, only a few tenths is a lot of grid places.

    I think 0.3 seconds behind Kimi.

  49. Alexx says:

    Hi James,

    my estimate is that Fisi will be 0.436 sec off Raikkonen’s time in Quali 3.


  50. Carl M says:

    I think Fisichella will qualify 6th and finish the race in 5th. He will be 0.268 seconds slower than Kimi in qualifying. Kimi will make the podium once again.

  51. C.M. says:

    He will lose 0,333 to Räikkönen.

  52. Joel Morrison says:

    I think Fisi will do quite well. He has a history of being quick off the mark in a new car which is reasonably competitive (in terms of a race result).

    He’ll be 0.143 behind Kimi because qualifying isn’t his strongest area as a driver.

  53. Trevor says:

    The Italian fans seen naturally optimistic. I’m thinking about 1.25 seconds off of Raikkonen’s qualifying.

  54. John Lee says:

    0.2 Secs 3 places behind Raikkonen ^^ I have become a great fan of your writing so this guess is purely set to win the prize~!

  55. George says:

    I think it will be a tough job for Fisi to get on the podium, although points are possible. It’s difficult to say how good the Ferrari was at Spa as Kimi has such a great record there.

    I’ll go for 0.3 off Raikkonen’s pace (which stage of quali will you take the time from by the way?)

  56. James Bond says:

    I actually think that Fisi will be faster than Kimi… (probably will receive lighter car if he gets in top 10)
    So…. – 0,117 on Kimi’s time.. :)

  57. Geoff Eborn says:

    Fisi Qual lap 4/10ths faster than Raikkonen.

  58. Domhnall Morrissey says:

    Will the qualifying lap time be fuel corrected for the competition??

  59. Peter says:

    I reckon 0.152 seconds off Raikonnen’s time.

  60. Will Clark says:

    Kimi – fisi – 0.23 secs

  61. Andrew Eva says:

    Q3 quali time, well i think he will carry slightly more fuel than Kimi and be slightly off his pace so i predict he will be


  62. David says:

    What if Fisi outqualifies Raikkonen? I reckon Fisi will get into Q3, and end up 0.234s behind Kimi.

  63. Laurence H says:

    I’ll guess +0.256 seconds.

  64. shpalman says:

    I’m going to say +0.708. Fisico was about 2 seconds behind Alonso 2 years ago.

  65. Jamie Kirkland says:

    i think it will take fisi more than a few practice sessions to get to grips with the car, so he will be about 0.250 seconds off kimis pace

  66. Ed says:

    I think he will be 0.087 either side of Raikkonen!

  67. Jack says:

    I think he’ll do well, but I can’t see him threatening Kimi from the outset. My prediction is +0.395.

    PS. James, what if two people post the same (correct) prediction?

    1. James Allen says:

      I draw one out of a hat.

  68. Red Kimi says:

    Ferrari will want him to succeed so it i sup to him to get to Q3 from there I think they will make him light to give him a fighting chance…. He will be anxious to impress and the combination of his new KERS button with the crazy first chicane at Monza could lead to spills or thrills for Fisi

  69. eddyr says:

    Raikonnen- faster than Fisi by 0.125

  70. Pujan says:

    He’ll *just* be knocked out in q2 whilst Kimi will make the top 10. His time will be 0.470 off of kimi’s in q2. If he makes it to q3, he will be ahead by 0.075 but with a much lighter fuel load.

  71. Cabby says:

    Driving a Ferrari will give him wings ( ;-) ),
    so he will be just .089 slower than Kimi

  72. Jon says:

    Fisi will be on it, but I would guess a 10th off Kimi’s pace.

  73. Nic Maennling says:

    Very difficult to guess but I think Fisi will be 0.512 seconds behind Kimi.

    Forza Fisi !

  74. arale says:

    I guess in qualify Fisi will be 0.232s behind Kimi…

  75. Richard says:

    I think Ferrari, for all sorts of reasons, would be happy for Fisi to outperform Kimi. They’re sentimental, and will see Fisi as performing on behalf of Felipe; they don’t think Kimi has a realistic prospect of winning the drivers’ championship; there’s the Italianisation agenda; and if they still haven’t finalised the financial arrangements for Kimi to leave at the end of the season, Fisi outperforming him will help. So I could easily see them arranging things in favour of Fisi.

    When he’s quick, he’s very quick, but Kimi has got his oomph back. So I’d say Fisi quicker by 0.085s.

    But I’d be very interested to know what you think, James, about how much different Fisi will find the Ferrari, apart from him having to learn KERS.

    1. Brenda says:

      I actually agree with you on what you’ve said – with Badoer, they could not get past kimi even though they held his hands and gave him all that he needed – now, they are hoping fisi will decimate kimi judging by the title and article.

      they would most likely revert the set-up to suit fisi (if he does drive differently to kimi and what do you know – fisi will outperform kimi, just like massa has been up to the point of injury)…

      I dun rate Massa highly at all (I know that pisses his fans off) and feel the politics etc are just over the top with Ferrari, Massa and MS. These people have a history of doing these things and Kimi is just the opposite, so the Alonso to ferrari rumours are most likely to be true. Good luck to ferrari then, alonso and massa combo will be even more explosive than alonso-hamilton judging by their characters – now MS will relish making alonso (his old arch nemesis) look as bad aas kimi has looked through his disciple, massa.

  76. Tevin says:

    One tenth off. And I’ve already got ‘Edge of Greatness.’


  77. Ben says:

    Fisi will be 0.232 seconds quicker than Kimi!

  78. Ash says:

    +0.235 over Raikkonen

  79. Ronnie Mirza says:

    Fisi will be close to 0.454 sec off Kimi’s pace.

  80. Chris says:

    Fisi’s doing well if he’s within 0.4 of a second of Kimi’s qualifying time. As for an exact time, I guesstimate a time of 0.340 off Kimi’s time. :-)

  81. FordGT40 says:

    0.2 secs faster than Kimi. I think Fisi is going to be super motivated and I hope he proves to everyone his class.

  82. F1mario says:

    For Fisi to be faster than Kimi would require a miracle. New car, KERS and no testing. However I wish him well. He should be within half a sec off Kimi’s time.

    My prediction: .429s

    1. F1mario says:

      just one thing, who wins the book in case Fisi won’t make it to Q3?

  83. Nic Emanuele says:

    I just love the fact that history is repeating itself.. Back in 1982, Mario Andretti drove for Ferrari, replacing an injured Didier Peroni.. He managed to put the car on pole and finish 3rd in the race..

    So for that, I’m predicting a light Fisichella to qualify pole, ahead of Raikonnen by 0.578 seconds..

  84. Raunaq Sahu says:

    Of course, he’ll be better than Badoer, but I still think he doesn’t deserve a place in the Scuderia.

    Methinks Fisi will be slower than Kimi by 0.487 seconds.

  85. Joel Heaton says:

    Hmm, a great idea, James. Although even if I don’t win, I’m still planning on buying the book :P

    I reckon Fisi will be 0.124s behind Kimi.

    And I really hope he does well this weekend. I don’t expect him to win and I think a podium in his first race in a brand new car is a big ask, but I’m certain that he will score a handful of points at Monza. It will be so great to see it, and it would be mega if an Italian driver won the Italian grand prix in a Ferrari! :D

    1. James Allen says:

      Please do, it’s really great! If it works out that way and you want it signed let me know. Or you may want one of the rare, unsigned copies!

    2. Cliff says:

      If you get the chance, take a look at MS Driven to extremes and then read MS Edge of Greatness. I guarantee that you won’t put them down.

  86. Al H says:

    With a season’s experience of the car Kimi should be ahead but an Italian in a Ferrari, home crowd urging him on, straight off the back of one of the drives of his life.. I’m going Fisi ahead by 0.144

  87. I think Fisi will be off Kimi by 0.285 seconds

  88. Timbo says:

    I think he’ll be 0.243 slower than Kimi, but I won’t be surprised to see him out-qualify the Finn.

  89. Shane says:

    My guess, Fisi will be off Raikkonen by 0.078s

  90. Kyle Atkinson says:


    I think Fisi will end up 0.235 behind Kimi in qualifying.


  91. Sledge says:

    .035 off Kimi

  92. pew says:

    fisi will be 0.333 seconds slower than kimi

  93. Tobias says:

    I think Fisico will be +0.451 slower than Kimi.

  94. Thomas says:

    Fisi is Italian, driving at Monza in front of the tifosi…..in his first race for Ferrari.

    The Ferrari is a complicated car to understand and Fisi is not the greatest racing driver out there – certainly not in Kimi’s league (remember what Kimi did to him in Japan 2005?).

    I’ll go for 0.554 seconds behind Kimi (on a slightly lighter fuel load).

  95. Tejas says:

    with comments about Force India still being competitive it will be interesting to see the gap with Sutil as well..

    As for the question my guess is Fisi will be heavier on fuel.. and about 0.436 behind kimi…

  96. teamworkf1 says:

    Ooooooh i bet that Fisi was crying at Maranello!!! hehehe

    He won’t make it in to Q3. Too much to learn.

    I won’t say timing because i’m not interested in the book. Not you James, just the theme!
    It will be interesting and i’m sure ALL Italy will turn to watch F1 next weekend! enjoy!

  97. John says:

    I think he will be + 0.371 secs off raikkonen

  98. Ed says:


    Is this true pace, i.e, how close does fisi get in Q2? or will it be how close in Q3 when fuel loads and strategies could change the result?

    Also, on a different note, what is your official role on a race weekend? I know you do the press conferences post qualy and race but do you have an official role either FIA or otherwise?

    Also do you still keep in touch with the boys from ITV, like Martin Brundle and Teddy Kravitz?

    1. James Allen says:

      It’s the difference between them on the grid. If Fisi doesn’t make it to Q3, then it’s their times in Q2, if he does then it will be interesting to see what fuel strategies Ferrari gives them for Q3 and guessing that is part of the challenge here. As for my role, I work for quite a few media organisations, including the Financial Times, RAI TV Italy, ITV F1 website and I do the live text commentary on the official F1 app for the iphone. I’m very busy but, yes I do see Martin and Ted at every race.

      1. Cliff says:

        James, it’s a shame that you can’t add one more media organisation to your portfolio, such as the BBC on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Still,we live in hope!!

  99. Lee Gilbert says:

    Fisi will be 0.1 seconds FASTER than Kimi

  100. Andrew Derlien says:

    Fisi will be 0.020 seconds slower than Kimi

  101. AmandaG says:

    I think he’ll be 0.197 off in quali and about 0.54 in race pace.

  102. randy leach says:

    .089 behind kimi

  103. Shagrathian says:

    0.05 slower than Kimi.

  104. Gavin Cameron says:

    Fisi will be 0.242 behind Kimi.

  105. Grabyrdy says:

    You’re talking absolute time here, not fuel corrected ?

    So Fisi faster by 0.131 (on a slightly lighter load).

    or alternatively, slower by 0.098 (on a slightly heavier load).

  106. Relativity says:

    Fisi will be 0.623 secs behind Kimi on fuel corrected times. Ferrari could fuel him light to get him on pole for showboating so fuel corrected times should apply.

  107. David Koo says:

    0.128 second off Kimi’s in Q3.I think Ferrari will fuel Fisi lighter.

  108. Pay The Piper says:

    re KERS:
    Yes in qualifying they will try to deploy it twice, press it once out of the parabolica, up to the line. But rest of lap will be as per race, KERSing out of slow chicanes or perhaps even a Lesmo.

    They might not even get a full double-dip, battery capacity is rated 160%, would depend on how much they can harvest and replenish in the early braking zones, if they are struggling, they might only give it a coupla seconds boost on the outlap, to ensure 100% capacity for the timed lap..

    Drag squares, you are proportionately wasting limited KERS output if you deploy at high speed; you use it to get up to Vmax as quick as you can and carry that speed for longer, not use it to better clatter the rev-limiter half-way down the straight.
    (DC was ripping my knitting talking about deploying KERS going up the Kemmel straight).

    As for Fisi, haven’t got a scooby …

    Kimi faster by 0.333333

    1. Martin says:

      To expand for those interested, the power required to increase top speed is a cubic function. If we assume 560 kW gives 312 km/h on the Kemmel straight then 620 kW gives 322.7 km/h.

      Power is a derived quantity – in a sense it doesn’t exist. The engine’s torque is what accelerates the car. Power is relevant to aerodynamic drag as the drag force is a function of velocity so it is more useful to talk about the power required to resist the drag force. Excess power to the drag force is used in the form of torque to accelerate the car to a higher speed, which increases the drag, reducing the available torque and the rate of acceleration to zero until the top speed is reached.

      If top speed is the sole aim then the gearing should be set so that the top speed occurs at the point of maximum power.

      There was the case during the race where Barrichello had Nakajima right behind him just after a pit stop. The Williams had the lowest top speed in qualifying and a trailing car will in effect smooth the wake around the lead car, reducing its drag and increasing the speed of the car that you want to pass. The gearing in the Brawn was such that it started to pull away from the Williams that was about car length behind it.

      1. shpalman says:

        Power is equal to torque multiplied by revs, including some numerical factors to sort out the units (1 rpm = 0.105 radians per second). During acceleration, power is the rate at which the car’s kinetic energy increases, and since kinetic energy is a function of speed squared, you will get a square-root dependence of speed with time (assuming gears are shifted such that the engine is always near the redline where the power output is close to the maximum) until the speed gets high enough that the drag becomes significant.

  109. Frederik says:

    Fisi Will be 0.687sec slower than Kimi.

  110. Guilherme Sampaio says:

    Fisichella will be 0.86 seconds slower than Kimi.

    James, you should make more contests like this one :D

    1. James Allen says:

      Judging from the response, I think you are right!

      1. Cabby says:


        It also shows how everybody wants Fisi to do well…

      2. Mr. Happy says:

        No, please don’t do that.

        I don’t want to sound like a party pooper but while a bit of fun like this is OK occasionally, there’s very little worth reading on this post, just loads of numbers.

        Don’t substitute quantity for quality.

        Fisi to go out in Q2, .351 secs slower than Kimi.

  111. Jonathan Dye says:

    This question is harder than it looks. Fisi was right there with Kimi through the entire race in Belgium, maybe even slightly quicker. In equal machinery you would have to guess they are going to be evenly matched, but the car is new to Fisi, but the Italian driver/car/circuit thing may be worth a few tenths for Fisi?!??!
    Its going to be a close one, particularly the way qualifying had been this year. Jenson was half a second off Rubens at Spa and that meant 10 places.
    Im going to guess Fisi will be +0.102

  112. Sam White says:

    0.278 slower than Kimi I reckon.

    Good luck to him though, Fisichella for the win!

  113. Jay says:

    + 0.363 seconds behind Kimi. -2 days in front of Badoer.

  114. Ray.C. says:

    0.027 quicker than Kimi.

    I’ll tip an upset regardless of fuel weights.

  115. Brian G says:

    .037 ahead of Kimi

  116. mp4-19b says:

    I reckon 0.752 seconds off Raikonnen’s time.

  117. Rik says:

    0.251 faster than Kimi, based on Ferrari giving him a lighter fuel load to put him on pole (and incidentally send a message to Kimi that he might do well to accept being bought out of his contract…)

  118. Juan says:

    0.486 off Kimi

  119. Benny says:

    I think it will be:




  120. monktonnik says:


    Which session are we talking about? Isn’t it unfair to expect us to guess the Q3 times as it may not be representative.

    1. monktonnik says:

      Ok, reading James answers above I would say +0.32s

      If you actually compare Fisi against Alonso, he often out qualified FA and was only rarely comprehensively thrashed. I think that a lack of knowledge with the car may hold him back, but not the same extent as Badoer.

      I have to say that I actually have the book, but a signed copy would still be nice!

      To anyone that hasn’t read it, get it, even if you are not a Schumacher fan it is a fascinating read!

  121. Francesco says:

    Fisi Qual lap 4/10ths faster than Raikkonen.

  122. swayze says:

    0.189 slower than Kimi

  123. Roberto says:

    He will be 0.485 off Raikkonen pace

  124. Hammad says:

    He’ll be .3 off Kimi

  125. Nikifor Đaković says:

    0,387 sec slower

  126. Ashley Gosling says:

    I’ll say 0.218 secs

  127. Hugo says:

    0.117 slower than Kimi

  128. Dave says:

    Fisi 0.437 off Kimi’s pace

  129. Steve W says:

    I reck Fisi will be 0.311 slower than Kimi.

  130. Geoff says:

    +0.800 Something will go wrong for him and he won’t get his last flying lap in.

  131. Mattij says:

    Fisi will go for light fuel load and Kimi several laps heavier. Fisi will be 0.085 faster. (But 2 places higher on grid.)

  132. Rudy Pyatt says:

    Assuming he doesn’t get too jacked up and make errors that keep him from coming through? Say, .15

  133. adam forrester says:

    0.189 slower

  134. Colin says:

    I’ll take Fisi at .791 faster than Kimi.

  135. sd says:

    I reckon Fisi will be close – say 0.19s behind Kimi.

  136. Patrickl says:

    I don’t think Fisi will make it into Q3.

    In Q2 I’d guess he would be around half a second behind Raikkonen.

  137. Andy says:

    I would say .125 or in a fraction 1/8th of a second slower. however I think he will have a bit less fuel.

    I would love to see Fisi win, what an amazing Swansong for him it would be

  138. Martin G says:

    Fuel adjusted Kimi will be quicker, but Fisi will be the hare, fueled light to go for pole. So I predict Fisi will be 0.85 sec quicker than Kimi in Q3.

    Kimi will have the race winning strategy and Fisi will be on the podium with Vetel.

    Maybe :)

  139. Joe says:

    Hi James

    That’s very kind of you to offer someone the chance to win your book. The thing is though that it’s highly unlikely they’ll be carryin the same fuel load!! So this isn’t about predicting how fast Fisi will be relative to Raikkonen!

    I would be very interested to know what your thoughts are, and Martin Brundle’s too actually, on whether Fisi will be quicker than Schumacher would have been in the Ferrari – that’s making the assumption that Michael had never had his bike accident and would have made a fully fit comeback.

    Obviously if he had come back in Valencia, then you would assume he would be more on the pace in Monza than if Monza was his comeback race, so let’s just say, for the sake of argument, we’re debating who would be quicker, Fisi or Schuey, if both driving the Ferrari on same weekend for the 1st time this season! What does everyone think??

    1. Grabyrdy says:

      I’ve always been a great fan of Fisi, but even I know that in a match with a 100% fit Schumi, and all other things being equal, there’d only be one winner.

      1. Joe says:

        Really? I’m not so sure. I mean, we all know that if Fisi and Schumacher were team mates in 2006 or before that Michael would have destroyed him, much like Alonso did to Fisi at Renault in 05-06. But now, after 3 years out of racing??

      2. Grabyrdy says:

        Blimey, you’re an even bigger fan of Fisi than I am. Let’s hope we both enjoy next weekend !

  140. Wolfgang says:

    0.075s slower than Kimi

  141. KAV says:

    He will be 0.315 seconds slower than Raikkonen :)

  142. Captain Soviet says:

    Fisi will be 0.168 seconds slower than Kimi.

  143. Silverstoned says:

    Fisi will be 0.433 slower than the Iceman

  144. I say Fisichella will be 0.1 ahead of Raikkonen.

  145. Philip Taylor says:

    Fisi to qualify 0.109s ahead of Kimi.

    Hopefully get an Italian on pole in Italy in an Italian car.

  146. Jason C says:

    I think 0.157. Which will be a major achievement in a new car switching mid-season. Good luck to him, I say.

    I hope he can win a race before the end of the year.

  147. The question really is: “How good is Fisi compared to Massa or Raikkonen?” Massa has beaten Kimi quite a few times this year and I think Fisi can do the same as he will be motivated enough to do so.

    I have had a look at how far apart the Ferrari Drivers have been this year on my blog (click on my name for the link) and it is about 1% between Massa and Raikkonen.

    My guess? He’ll beat Raikkonen by 3 tenths. But I say that purely from the heart as I want Fisi to do well!

  148. cmnxvi says:

    Fisi will be 0.317 slower than Kimi.

    1. cmnxvi says:

      with fuel corrected

  149. David says:

    Kimi will be quicker by .126

  150. SkyTom says:

    He will be 0.137 seconds slower than Kimi.

  151. Alexis says:

    I’ll go for 0.124 seconds FASTER

  152. Fabien says:

    Fisi will be 0.324 seconds slower than Kimi.

  153. Ferrari will want one of there cars on Pole, but it’s not to hot over the kerbs… so a light Fisi will take pole by 0.027 over the second placed car, and will be 0.373 quicker than Kimi.

  154. Laura M says:

    Fisi will be 0.323 behind Kimi’s time

  155. Glen D says:

    I think Fisi will be great in a Ferrari.

    I’ll go for Fisi being 0.052 slower than Kimi.

  156. Buck says:

    Fisi is good but has never been close to Kimi’s league (last week was about the cars). There is a lot of anti-Kimi sentiment these days…how soon people forget that Kimi is perhaps one of the fastest drivers of all time. (Remember his record-tying ten fastest laps in 2005 AND last year? And 2008 was in an “off” year.) He just doesn’t play the game as well off the track, probably because as an introverted Finn (double-whammy there) he doesn’t care to.

    Having said that, I think Fisi will be fuelled extremely light to put on a show for the Tifosi, and to perhaps hold up any of the other leaders in the race to keep Kimi in contention.

    Even then, fuel-correction aside,in an unfamiliar car and with all the pressure he simply won’t out-qualify Kimi. +.358

  157. Rob Pullar says:

    He will be 0.286 secs behind Kimi, but with more fuel.

  158. Raz says:

    I think he’ll be pretty close to kimi, having worked with Rob Smedley before back in Jordon.

    i’d say he’d be about 0.034 slower

  159. Jeremy says:

    my guess is 0.685

    he will struggle with the setup and be out in q2.

  160. sam says:

    i think 0.164 slower than Kimi.

    james, from inside the paddock, are people missing felipe massa???

    1. James Allen says:

      Some are, but F1 moves on very quickly..

  161. Paul Matthews says:

    0.187 off Kimi with a lighter fuel load

  162. jol says:

    I am absolutely certain that Fisichella will be exactly 0.513 seconds behind his team mate on the grid. Pity the Italians are setting their expectations so high. It might be a short honeymoon for Fisichella.

    Great blog – my favourite read online.

  163. john says:

    James the rules of the contest should be more precise.
    Someone just gives a single digit interval (like 0.1,0.2 secs),others give three digits.
    What is the correct format to give the time interval?
    Also do you mean Q3 time with different fuel loads or Q2 time when everybody is light?
    After these clarifications I´ll set my guess.

    1. James Allen says:

      No they shouldn’t. It’s up to you to guess. As for Q3, it’s part of the challenge to guess what fuel strategy Ferrari will put him on. All part of the fun!

  164. Joanna says:

    I’m really pleased for Fisi – he seems such a nice bloke. I just hope that he doesn’t lose it under the pressure of it all as we was wont to do in the past. He seems to have matured though and handled things nicely in Valencia, so I hope he does well – it’s an excellent opportunity for him.

    I’d say that he’ll be 0.156 behind Kimi.

    Good luck to him and thanks for the great challenge James!

  165. Paul says:

    0.15 ahead of Raikkonen

  166. Alex Goss says:

    I’m going to say exactly the same time…


  167. Babur Majid says:

    0.414 secs slower than Kimi

  168. EGC says:

    0,485 off kimi, equal fuel.

  169. Roland says:

    I reckon 0.595 off Raikkonen. Wishing him all the best though. Great blog James, please keep it up!

  170. Antoine says:

    I think Fisi will be quicker by .2

    He was fast in the Force India so why not?

  171. Ray says:

    Great site James! Finally some positive hype for a change.

    I hope I’m wrong but I think he will have some trouble adjusting to the Ferrari and will be .761 seconds behind Kimi.

  172. Michel S. says:

    The home crowd boost, vs the lack of testing experience, and Kimi feeling that he’d need to up his game. I’d say they will play it safe, and in low fuel Fisi would be 0.211s slower, and if he made it to Q3 he’d be 0.350s slower.

  173. paul says:

    it will be a intresting situation.

    Expanding on this. I think the top 4 will be the mclarens 1-4 and ferrari 2-3

    So taking it that fisi will be 3rd and kimi 2nd. I think the gap will be 0.013 behind.

  174. paul says:

    james. A couple of questions.
    1. When does the compertition close?
    2. What job is/was most fufilling for you and enjoy the most.
    >working as pit crew
    >The pitlane reporter.
    >Taking over as lead comentator
    >your current job within the fia.
    3. Were you still actively in the paddock when not working for tv and fia

    Cheers paul.

    1. James Allen says:

      Paul, I don’t work for the FIA. Not sure where you got that idea from!!

      I have enjoyed all the jobs I’ve done in F1.

      As for when the competition closes, I guess we should say before the cars run for the first time, so Midnight UK time on Thursday 10th September.

      1. Seb says:

        Aren’t you the one orchestrating the press conferences after qualifying and the race?

      2. Aaron James says:

        The press conferences are orchestrated by FOM TV.

  175. dan says:

    0.401 me thinks

  176. Bglendy says:

    The pressure will get to Fisi and he will be 1.111 seconds behind Kimi

  177. John Pugh says:

    I think Fisi’s time will be the 0.125 off Kimi’s. I think he will run light to get well up the grid in quali.

    Fisi already drives the widest car in Formula 1 (ask Jacques Villeneuve at Suzuka some years ago!) With KERS he will be almost impossible to pass.

    I think Ferrari’s strategy will be for Fisi to hold up the Red Bulls while Kimi romps off.

    I think Fisi will accept that strategy but his memory may suffer grievously if he gets through the first chicane first!

    It’s a lovely story to contemplate but I think Vettel could repeat last year’s performance.

    Can someone tie up Romain Grossjean and Jaime Algesuari until the rest of the pack leaves the grid? Just for their own protection!!

    I wouldn’t rate their chances of leaving the circuit intact if they took Fisi out with an over optimistic lunge down the inside into the first chicane.

  178. Gregory says:

    0.445 seconds behind Kimi

  179. I think 0.177, but, with an Italian in his first race for Ferrari at Monza…who knows.

  180. Misu says:

    James, it will be a pretty boring job to create a spreadsheet of the bets :)

    My tip is that Fisi will be about 0.150 sec slower than Raikkonen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Q2 gap and the fuel corrected Q3 time would be different.

  181. Werewolf says:

    Both Ferrari’s should easily make Q3 because of the accentuated KERS advantage at Monza but I suspect the Ferrari is going to be a very frisky beast in ultra-low downforce trim, which should significantly favour Raikkonen’s talents and genitalia.

    Fisichella will be fuelled lighter but I am guessing not sufficiently so to get pole, as this would totally compromise his race. I therefore offer a probable guarantee of a definite possibilty that Fisichella will be 0.033 secs behind Raikkonen!

  182. Steve Evans says:

    Fisi ahead by .016

  183. Kayleigh says:

    I think he’ll be better than Badoer (not really hard) but no where near Kimi….+0.7s off Kimi, fuel corrected of course :)

  184. Joe says:

    Hi James,

    Am I right in saying that the last Italian driver to win the Italian GP in a Ferrari was a guy called Ludivicio Scarfiotti in 1968 ??! Just seem to remember reading that some time ago.

    If I am, it should make for quite an emotional outpour from the tifosi – and Fisi! – if Fisi wins! I went in 2005 which was probably one of the worst years to go in recent years (still very much enjoyed it of course!) in terms of atmosphere and tifosi attendance for obvious reasons, but would love to be there this weekend!

    1. Joe says:

      Sorry, 1966 i meant, not 1968!

  185. John S says:

    I’m going to guess that he’ll be 0.131 secs slower than Kimi, and on a lighter fuel load. Fisi is a good driver, but he’s nowhere near as good as Raikkonen.

  186. John Glynn says:

    I reckon Fisi 0.436 behind Kimi. Great competition, James!

  187. HR says:


    Fisi quicker:

    So Kimi + .294

  188. Sean Taylor says:

    0.275 seconds behind Kimi.

  189. Fausto Cunha says:

    Monza is not a very demanding track in terms off difficulty for the driver so my guess is :

    Fisichella slower by 0.412

  190. Adam says:

    He will be 0.54s behind Kimi

  191. Chris says:

    Fisi will be 0.285 seconds slower than Raikkonen.

  192. michael c says:

    Kimi will arguably be spurred on – so Fisi say 0.35 seconds slower – and he would do well to be this close first time out

  193. Daniel Hoyes says:

    He’ll be 0.148 faster than Kimi!

    Great blog.

  194. Simon of Melbourne says:

    I think he will be 0.452 seconds behind Kimi…thought I’d try and pick an ‘exact’ figure.

  195. The Apricot says:

    Keep up the good work, this site remains, as expected, the best source of F1 commentary on the net.

    Kimi to be ahead of Fisi by 0.273 sec; Fisi to be fuelled heavier.

  196. Kester says:

    0.296 seconds behind.

  197. Kiwi says:

    I think that the expectations for Fisi are way too optimistic. Because of the testing ban, Fisi will only discover the car per se on Friday practice. I suspect he will initially be more or less 1.0 sec slower than Raikkonen during these practice sessions, if not more. During race qualifying, Fisi won’t make it to the 3d round, while KR will. I wish I could be wrong as I like the guy, but with no practice under his belt, he will need to discover almost everything anew during the race weekend, and this include not only a new car, but also different aerodynamis, a new team, the use of KERS, a different dashboard, differet engineers, different pit position, along with the huge prssure from everyone who expect him to do incredibly (and unrealistically) well. It should take him 2 or 3 races to be level with KR without beating him which may happen during the last two races.

  198. David says:

    Fisichella will be slower,(more fuel) by 0.135. I love an “underdog”. Go Fisichella live the dream!

  199. Ropeswing05 says:

    Fisi behind Kimi by .235

  200. Conor says:

    Fisi will be .437 off of kimis lap

  201. Andrew says:

    I reckon +0.214.


  202. Don Farrell says:


    I reckon Fisi will be +.459 slower than Kimi.

    Delighted Luca the milkcart / test driver doesn’t have a drive in the Ferrari for Monza!!!

    No wonder the Ferrari’s are so slow the past few years!!! ;)

  203. Warwick says:

    I think FIS will be +0.213 back from RAI.


  204. Colster says:

    Fisi will be 0.273 slower that the iceman.

  205. Michael Prestia says:

    Congrats to Fisi. Do Ferrari proud.

    As far as comparing times… Fisi will be .128 seconds slower than Kimi.

  206. Kimifan says:

    0.521 secs behind Kimi – the Ferrari is not an easy car to come to grips with.

  207. Martin says:

    Kimi has some history of notable performances at Monza when the car has been fast, topping qualifying in 2005 (with heavy fuel and an engine penalty that put him 11th) and 2006. However, his expectations are a bit lower for Monza due to the kerb-riding performance of the car.

    2007 suggests that one-stopping is the quickest way to run the race ignoring track position effects. My guess is that the F60 won’t be quick enough for pole with Fisi driving and therefore he’ll go for a one-stop strategy.

    I’ll go with 0.321 seconds as a gap in Q2 (Kimi quicker). To maximise the KERS benefit at the start through traction and braking into the chicane, I reckon Ferrari could well want to start Kimi on the soft tyres, so this may favour a two-stop for him, so I’ll go with a 1.105 second gap in Q3 if Fisi makes the cut.

    1. Joe says:

      Yes, I remember sitting there in the grandstand at Monza 2005, and when Kimi put it on pole with about 11 laps more fuel on board than JPM, I thought 2 things: This rule is so stupidly unfair on the driver and surely Montoya’s day’s are numbered…which they turned out to be!

  208. Jake Pattison says:

    Fisi 0.501 secs behind Kimi.

  209. Charan says:

    Fisi will be 0.512 slower

  210. Jon Wilde says:

    0.625 slower than Kimi, Mona is a confidence circuit. Fisi won’t be able to attack the kerbs the way he should because he won’t know the car.

    Plus the engine is very different to the Mercedes in terms of it’s power curve.

  211. KNF says:

    If we are talking about Q2, I predict that Fisi will be about 0.150s behind Kimi.

    Q3 with qualifying fuel, Ferrari will give Fisi a lighter load to get him to the front row (or pole), and he’ll be 0.220s faster than Kimi. Kimi might start in row 2 or 3 instead…

  212. Jim says:

    Kimi ahead by 0.667

  213. Agus says:

    Kimi 0.305 secs faster

  214. Pauly says:

    I think fisi will be 0.121 off of kimi’s pace at monza. Go fisi!

  215. Granddad says:

    slower than Kimi by .457 secs

    Go Lewis

  216. Nazgul says:

    Fisi .221 seconds behind Kimi.

  217. Henri Vermeulen says:

    0.158sec slower than Kimi!!!

  218. gogata says:

    Fisi behind by 0.278 sec.

  219. rasco says:

    fisi behind by .086, hope he wins though! :)

  220. adonis says:

    Kimi is not interested in beating Fisi, for he’ll be there for only the remaining races. Fisi will be faster by 0,1 seconds.

  221. David Brown says:

    Italian in a Ferrari at Monza, Bernie’s script dictates that he’ll just pip Kimi by 0.013. They’ll both be light and be 2nd and 3rd.

  222. Rhys Brigham says:

    Kimi will be ahead of Fisichella by about 0.227.

  223. Antoine says:

    Fisi will start slowly and will improve throughout the weekend,…

    I say 0.135 of Kimi

  224. me says:


    i expect it to be based on q3 / q2

    ( actually so many variables : )

  225. Mesut Felat says:

    Kimmi ahead by 0.285

  226. " for sure " says:

    Kimi + 0.317

  227. Leon says:

    +0.111s off Kimi.

  228. Suzy says:

    0.548 seconds slower than Kimi.

  229. Cliff says:

    Fisi slower by 0.3 seconds.

  230. Jonathan T says:

    0.224 secs slower than Kimi!

  231. Racing not politics says:

    Great competition James, when you say signed, will be signed by both you and MS?

    I think Fisi will be 0.185 slower than Kimi

  232. jose says:

    Like rob said to “bad” at spa. If he gets all the sections right, he’ll be 3/tenths off kimi.

  233. Robert says:

    I think fisico will be 0.086 seconds slower then kimi

  234. Cliff says:

    I reckon +0.513s to kimi’s time

  235. Alex Yarnell says:

    I think he’ll get quicker as the end of the season rolls out, but for Monza I think Fisi will be 0.308 slower than Kimi.

  236. Spike says:

    My prediction.
    Fisi will not make it into Q3. He will be 0.310 seconds behind Kimi in Q2.

  237. Rusty0256 says:

    0.236 slower than Kimi (P-8)

  238. MG says:

    +0.137 I think.

    Though I’d like him to be -0.137. Save that for the race result eh!

  239. David L says:

    Kimi not been able to get the best out of the ferrari in qualifying for a while. Fisi will be -0.023 (i.e. faster) than Kimi, but with less fuel.

  240. iceman says:

    I think Fisi will be 0.335 seconds behind Kimi, but fuel-corrected they will be pretty close.

  241. Michael P says:

    Fisi .124 slower

  242. Armando666 says:

    James i own the book and being a HUGE schumacher fan i have to say it is the best publication i have read, great work i’ve recommended it to all my mates and 3 of them have bought it already. I’d still like a signed copy though =)

    Anyway enough @ss kissing =)

    I’m going for 0.338 slower than kimi. Love to see him do well but i think new car etc he’ll be down a bit.

    Awesome competition by the way.

  243. Jojo says:

    0.313 behind Kimi

  244. Jimmy says:

    I don’t think Fisi’s ever been one to handle pressure very well and what could be more pressure inducing than being Italian and driving a Ferrari for the first time, at Monza? So I say he will fail to set a time, either the Ferrari giving up or him crashing.

  245. Gord says:

    I think Fisichella will be 0.382 seconds slower then Kimi.

  246. Ray (2) says:

    Hey James,

    Great game.

    My guess is Fisi will be 0.323 off Kimi’s time in whichever is the last qualifying session they both finish in (i.e. if Fisi goes out in Q2, that’ll be the time relative to Kimi’s).

    Just to add, if you wanna decider based on someone else having stated the same time, I also believe that if they both make Q3, Fisi will be fueled significantly lighter than Kimi, so the difference is actually greater than the time suggested.

  247. Sublimeuk says:

    0.523 secs slower. No disrespect to Fisi intended, but he will struggle initially with the new car. I’m still pleased he got the gig though!

  248. John T says:

    I’m sure Fisi will be ‘very appee’ just to be in the cockpit for the Scuderia. My guess is he will end up 0.647 off Kimi’s pace.

  249. Frenchie says:

    Kimi’s on fire and Fisichella will need time to adapt.

    In Q2, I expect Fisico to be slower by a mere 0.228 than KR.

  250. Josh Gant says:

    I don’t think Fisi will make Q3. Final gap between Fisi and Kimi will be +0.944.

  251. Luke Reid says:

    I’m guessing that Kimi will be 0.456 faster than Fisi in Q2 on light fuel. I would expect the Q3 difference to be 0.355
    (How’s that for Ferrari numbers?)

  252. Simon Bridgeford says:

    i reckon 0.318 slower than kimi

  253. Richard Dreyer says:

    I think Fisichella will be + 0.478 seconds behind Raikkonen.

  254. John Snow says:

    Loving this website and your competition idea!

    I’m going for 0.239 seconds behind Kimi

  255. Tek Ong says:

    I reckon Fisi will be slower by 0.213sec. :)

  256. Brian says:

    I say .300 off kimi’s time.

  257. Rocky says:

    +0.264 seconds to Raikkonen.

    I only say he will be behind, because it’s not possible for him to be ahead without having enough time in the red scarlet.

  258. shpalman says:

    Here in Como, 25 km north of Monza, the weather’s been dry and sunny for the past few days but the weekend’s forecast has started vaguely hinting of rain, maybe for Saturday. Probably nothing to worry about.

    1. James Allen says:

      Uh Oh! We all remember last year’s Monza..

      1. shpalman says:

        Well I don’t think it’s going to bucket down in quite the same way, but ilmeteo.it for example is now suggesting showers for qualifying and thunderstorms for the race.

  259. muckymuck says:

    I’m going to say Fisi will be 0.233 slower than Kimi.

    Thanks for the great blog James! First place i come to for F1 news.

  260. Adam says:

    I reckon provided they both get through to Q3 Fisi will be .053 off Kimi.

  261. ilias says:

    0.315 slower than kimi

  262. Gavin Cameron says:

    Will you post your guess after the competition has closed?

  263. Zhenya says:

    About +0.12.

  264. Yang says:

    Fisi .189 sec behind kimi.

  265. guy says:

    Fisi – i think +0.511 slower

  266. MarkY says:

    FISI -0.257 slower than RAI

  267. Joao Ramalhao says:

    Fisico will be 0.3 sec faster than Kimi.

  268. Daniel Gomes says:

    Fisico will most probably be 3 tenths off Raikkonen´s pace.

    To be more precise, 0.329 of a second.

  269. Ambrose says:

    Fisi 0.398 slower than Kimi

  270. Munaf von Rudloff says:

    I think Fisi will adapt well, but the ferrari is different to the Findia in that it has better developed aero and more drag though. adapting to KERS use won’t take long so i’m going to say 0.176 slower than Kimi in Q3

  271. Joni says:

    My prediction is that Fisi will be 0.467 slower than Kimi.

  272. Lee Harrison says:

    I’ll say +0.071

  273. Alan J. says:

    I think he should be around .237 behind on Raikonnen.

  274. Kirk says:

    I think Fisi will be 0.294s slower than Kimi.

  275. raffamuffin says:

    0.999 behind Raikonnen

  276. Runtao Zhou says:

    Well..Fisi will be +.280 slower and out of the edge of Q3.I will be totally surprise to see Fisi quicker than Kimi

  277. Prem says:

    Fisi will be .394 behind kimi

  278. Li Jihong(李骥鸿) says:

    Fisi may be .575 behind on Kimi

  279. Rob Thorpe says:

    Fisi will be 0.235 slower than Kimi!

  280. Antonis says:

    Dear James,

    my guess: Fisi will be 0.325 seconds behind Kimi.


  281. Edouard says:

    I woulsd say .158 of a second slower than Kimi

  282. Xie Xuan says:

    I guess Fisi will be 0.236 slower than Kimi.

  283. OntheBubble says:

    I predict Fisi will be 0.316 slower than Kimi

  284. Yujun Yang says:

    Fisi will be 0.469 slower than Kimi!

  285. Adrian Setterfield says:

    .601 slower than Kimi

  286. Stu says:

    0.622 seconds quicker than Kimi

    D’oh! I went for 0.322 seconds quicker than Kimi. Knew he wouldn’t get into Q3 :)

  287. Kiwi says:

    I’m quite proud of my little prediction…


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