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Mallya takes on the heavyweights
Mallya takes on the heavyweights
Posted By:   |  20 Jun 2009   |  5:33 pm GMT  |  0 comments

A bit of light relief from Silverstone this evening.

I was passing the Force India motorhome when I spied a crowd inside all cheering. On closer inspection I found team boss Vijay Mallya with three darts in his hands taking on Bobby George, twice runner up in the Darts World Championships.

The pair were warming up because tonight Force India are hosting a darts evening for the media and guests. I would imagine that this is an evening on which Radio 5 Live commentator David Croft will come into his own as the ‘seven sausage a day’ Croft is an experienced darts commentator and has been known to chuck the odd ‘arra’ himself.

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  1. Howard Hughes says:

    Haha that’s ace. That guy’s worth billions and he’s chucking darts at a board. Class. God I love this site.

  2. Phil says:

    nice to have something “light and non-political” for a change

  3. Caron says:

    This reminds me of a high pressure workplace where one of the ways (the others being very questionably smutty banter and lots of tubs of chocolates) of relieving stress was to play Darts. I would be sitting at my desk scared to move as darts whizzed past my head.

  4. duhhh123 says:

    So how did Mallya do?

  5. ROBATCLAXBY says:

    ARRAs.! That’s the name of a racing team ennit?

  6. parrafone says:

    Haha, nice story James.

    I’m loving the commentary from David Croft and Anthony Davidson this year. Their commentary really beats anything currently on TV!

    They have such a great laugh together and Croft’s “sausage pit stop” story had me in giggles!

    KUTGW, James :-)

  7. Colin S says:

    What does David do with his seven sausages a day then?

  8. James Allen says:

    Eats them of course, he went into it in some detail on Saturday morning’s practice coverage on 5 Live. After I posted on this, he said that he was joking that he was going to get his lawyers on me, but I pointed out that as he had spent best part of 5 minutes taking about his tragic sausage addiction, he had brought it on himself!!

  9. Colin S says:

    Ah thank you. I missed that. I notice another site picked it up though and it’s possible that the seven sausages is going to stick now.


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