Posted on June 5, 2009
Brawn likes the look of Ferrari | James Allen on F1 – The official James Allen website on F1

McLaren may have topped the times this afternoon in Istanbul, but Ross Brawn, who has been quite vocal in the run up to this weekend’s race, told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he thinks the steps Ferrari has brought to its car will be enough for them to give Brawn a real run for their money this weekend,

“I think so, ” he said. “They have improved so much and on top of that they have KERS, which on this track is probably worth an advantage of 2 to 3 tenths of a second. It took them a while to get it all together, but now the car is reliable and they are reaping the rewards.”
"Keep an eye out for the red ones, lad"

According to Felipe Massa, the team has a lighter weight diffuser, a new rear wing, new brake ducts and new wheel covers.

Brawn, incidentally, went on to tell Gazzetta that his current team is, “The best team I have ever worked with, there is an incredible bond between us.”

Ross isn’t given to making statements like that lightly. People are always trying to tempt him into making comparisons and he rarely bites.

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Brawn likes the look of Ferrari
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  1.   1. Posted By: Howard Hughes
        Date: June 5th, 2009 @ 2:48 pm 

    I like this. The endorsement of the team’s camaraderie from Brawn that is. Heart-warming tales are rather few and far between in F1, but this is one. I’m glad the cynicism and politicking seems to be left at the door when it comes to BrawnGP. It strikes me as an atmosphere you’d genuinely want to hang out in. Good on’ em.


  2.   2. Posted By: PaulL
        Date: June 5th, 2009 @ 3:00 pm 

    Out of interest, was it Brawn that designed the 88 Arrows? I know he worked for them, but somewhere I heard that he designed it, and that he was also with another team that won on debut way back yonder.


  3.   3. Posted By: menesis
        Date: June 5th, 2009 @ 8:09 pm 

  4.   4. Posted By: Fabio
        Date: June 5th, 2009 @ 9:03 pm 

    Massa has button in his sights.
    Time to show these new winners how its done.


  5.   5. Posted By: David Turnedge
        Date: June 6th, 2009 @ 12:02 am 

    A Ferrari 1-2 would be fantastic (it almost always is).

    But I (still) want Brawn, Button and the ex-Honda team to take both Championships!

    Brawn and Button are giants in the sport this year after their resolve to go the hard road with ex-Honda.

    I can’t wait to read the well researched book about the death of Honda and the birth Brawn. And the saving of Button’s F1 career.

    James, I hope you’re writing the book as we speak. A best seller, mate!


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