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F1 holds its breath
F1 holds its breath
Posted By:   |  26 Apr 2009   |  11:17 am GMT  |  0 comments

Well…..not literally but we have just witnessed a new world record on the start finish line here in Bahrain, as the record for holding your breath under water was just broken by escapologist David Merlini. Not something you see every day..

Don't try this at home....

Don't try this at home....

The new record stands at 21 minutes and 29 seconds. A tank of water was placed on the start finish line and Bernie Ecclestone led a delegation of team principals as well as the drivers, standing around waiting for the new record to be set.

The event was was staged by watchmaker Jacques Lemans, which has a deal with FOM to produce the official F1 watch.

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  1. lower-case david says:

    fia trialling some new ideas for “ze punishment” perhaps?

    ron and dave got off their marks, poor ol martin, waterboarded in a dank backroom in no.8 place de la concorde.

  2. dank says:

    Ahhh… Jonathan Legard randomly mentioned this in the commentary this afternoon, but never really explained what this had to do with the race.

    As for the feat itself: easy peasy. Maybe.

  3. LeighJW says:

    With the temperature on the grill it is lucky that Mr. Merlini wasn’t lightly poached.

  4. MartinWR says:

    Just hope he was successfully resuscitated afterwards.

  5. Jake says:

    Shame Bernie didnt have a go….:)

  6. Tomys says:

    I was watching it. Guards had to rescue him at 21:29 otherwise he would die!!! Crazy man but incredible achievement!


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