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3 minutes with Nico Rosberg
3 minutes with Nico Rosberg
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Williams driver Nico Rosberg is one of the main people to benefit from the appeal court decision into the legality of the diffusers. He believes that it will mean that the status quo in F1 will be maintained for a few more races, with Brawn, Toyota, Red Bull and Williams the top four teams. He has a car which appears to be consistently strong at all tracks, something you couldn’t say about last year’s car.

Rosberg has his tail up at the moment because he has been the pace-setter in practice, strong in qualifying and the races. His performance in Malaysia, where he got a great start and led strongly at the start has really put him on the map again. He has also spoken out strongly about the dangers of twilight racing and is starting to mature as a Grand Prix driver.

You must be delighted with the diffuser decision?
“Yes, pleased we can maintain the advantage. Brawn is quickest and Toyota second quickest and then it is close between us and Red Bull. I think Red Bull is ever so slightly ahead of us. It’s looking good for us at the moment, we have a good possibility to score some good points and maybe a podium with a bit of luck. We can be relatively far up the grid.”

How long do you think it will be before the other teams get their diffusers to work?
“It’s going to take many races for them to attempt to make their cars work with the diffuser and it’s not a fact that it’s going to be quicker. It’s not straightforward. It’s going to take a whole load of time. We need to go into the rest of the season thinking that we will develop very well and stay where we are and even move up, rather than take advantage now and be scared that we are going to be caught up.”

When you follow another car with a double diffuser does it make it harder to overtake, as people are saying?
“No, definitely not.”

Do you think Brawn will dominate the whole season?
“There is a very strong chance, yes. But the thing is that the development rate is massive because of these new rules, we can put a new part on the car and be quicker from one week to the next go two tenths quicker. It can go so quick. A few months down the road it may look different.”

You led strongly in Sepang, you must be very pleased?
“It was great and the performance was there after the start we were pulling away and showing strong pace, It didn’t go our way at the end with the weather, but we got some good points. I’m not disappointed.”

When will you use KERS?
“There is no date when it is coming. Not decided yet.”

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  1. Ben G says:

    Interesting what he says about overtaking – to me, he is possibly the best overtaker in the sport. Every time he gets a radio call saying “you need to pass”, he does it!

  2. Paul_W says:

    Rosberg has proven himself yet again this season. Would love to see the guy get a win under his belt.

  3. blech says:

    I always liked interviews with Rosberg. He sounds less bored with the questions and his answers aren’t the usual stock phrases and talking points you get to hear from many of the drivers.

    That said, so cars without the double decker aren’t easier to overtake? Well, the majority of those, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and half of BMW, use KERS, which is quite powerful when used tactically. It’s not very surprising that they aren’t easier to overtake.

  4. M__E says:

    When you follow another car with a double diffuser does it make it harder to overtake, as people are saying?

    “No, definitely not.”

    As IF he’s going to say “yeah! its a huge difference man – honestly were pissing in the face of the new over taking aero regulations!” :-)

  5. Boston F1 Fan says:

    - It’s also likely that he said that the diffuser does not make overtaking more difficult because he has a double-deck diffuser and doesn’t want it banned.

  6. Lee Gilbert says:

    It could also make him a lazy driver – needing a push!

    For me this season is huge for Nico – he has to deliver. His early promise has faded together with the Williams team and poor results have really hurt his rep. Now he has a car near the front of the grid – he has to make it count


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