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Lewis Hamilton at a snail's pace
Lewis Hamilton at a snail's pace
Posted By:   |  28 Mar 2009   |  3:30 am GMT  |  5 comments

There are some great characters among the journalists in the press office. Frank Schneider of Bild newspaper, the German equivalent of the Sun, is one of them. He’s got spiky hair and wacky glasses, is pure tabloid and always in trouble with one of the teams.

Today the paper is likely to be in the dog house with McLaren Mercedes for this piece of Photoshop madness, “Hamilton and the silver snail” (as opposed to Silver Arrow) reflecting the fact that Lewis Hamilton is unlikely to feature in the top ten on the grid….

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  1. Stuart says:

    Any chance of a link?

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  2. Colin says:

    Love it! (And I’m a Mac fan.)

    Reminds me of My Favourite Martian.

    “Bild” will have deep pockets.

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  3. Andy Fov says:

    Not sure what the policy is on links, but you’ll find the pic at Bild.de – the Germans seem to use the words “sport” and “motorsport” which is useful.


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  4. peter says:

    guess he wasn’t so slow after all

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  5. Eric says:


    Did you see the race?

    How do I do this without spoilers?

    LH did not finish where he is now listed. Someone was given a penalty AFTER the race was over. One spot.

    Two cars in front of LH had an accident. Two Spots.

    A number bigger then 4 was the amount of cars that did not finish for one reason or another. For now we’ll use the imaginary 4 spots, but we know its more.

    STR and Force were slower in practice and Qual so I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see LH get past them. Four Spots.

    That makes 11 spots which LH /MercML made up with little to no effort. He started in 18th. That means he should have finished at least 8th with little to no effort.

    When you watch the race and see how many cars didn’t actually finish you’ll see that there is still much work to do for MercML.

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